A few people here are calculating Su Wan Su Wan, but they have no idea that she is sitting in an Anguo Houfu carriage all the way back to Anguo Houfu.

Now she can’t say how good she is. She doesn’t know that all the guests in Huiwangfu already know that the imperial edict annulled her marriage. This is all a big mouth. He Zhen said it. She is eager to let everyone know that Qingling County is not Princess Xiang now. She is Princess Xiang. […]

He also knows that there may be no conflict between loving Nan Yunqing and loving practice, but it is a threshold after all. If he has to choose one, he will definitely choose to practice, and he can live well without Nan Yunqing in his life.

But no one asked him to choose between them. If he didn’t want to choose between them, his head was completely caught in the door. Why should he take the initiative to choose between them when he has a great chance to have both? If Nan Yunqing is accompanied in his later life, he will […]

Xiao Bao rolled over and said to me, "Where can I sleep? I’m used to staying up all night. I can’t sleep without reading a novel at night."

I ha ha laughs "what novel are you reading? Recommend one? " Yida said, "Oh, I’m reading a novel called" I’m a competitive villain ",which is quite well written and updated by LOL every day." I was surprised. "Really? Then I’ll have a good look when I find a time. " Then I stopped bothering […]

The waves blinked and said, "You see, I’m a burly man, of course I’m from the north."

Yu-fang mei eat a smile "big? Tiger’s back and bear’s back? Mr. Hai really looks like himself-you are very humorous! " The waves said, "Miss Mei must be a southerner because she is small and exquisite." Mei Yufang said, "Yes, it’s still Shanmei coming out of the mountains." The waves laughed. "No wonder Miss Mei’s […]

The extremely ice-free spring was suddenly robbed by the mysterious man of the blood-glow and the blood-peak. First, it was a face of anger, and then it looked at the # # # poison statue, but the green ghost did not know when he had left the dust cloud. He smiled and jumped away from Yunlong Mountain, and his peripheral viewers had not yet reacted from the shock.

Seizing the cold in front of Tianshi Zun is different from taking food from the tiger’s mouth, but it has succeeded. Who is this person? Poison statue’s eyes fluctuate "again". At this time, poison statue’s gnashing of teeth is intriguing. Soon, poison statue didn’t give up her mind, and the qi moved like mercury, and […]