I saw about a dozen Joan Hua brothers and sisters who are always laughing and avoiding good brothers and sisters.
And now they are laughing and coming back.
There’s still a broken message to hand back.
"This harvest is really good."
"Yes, I really didn’t expect that I should have published the first volume of the Jade Book of Incense Burning. It’s just like Qingyun Gate Taiji Xuanqingdao and Tianyin Temple Great Brahma Prajna. Of course, the most important thing is that this achievement method is very rare … I’m already going to take it as a minor … Oh, I’m really sorry to admire the head."
"I’m so envious that unlike me, I just burst a magic weapon and exchanged it for 2 W. Alas, I managed to save a little money, but I didn’t have Su Zhangren’s righteousness. I even agreed that the interest on my loan was not high."
Everyone’s faces are filled with satisfaction.
Obviously, everyone has gained a lot this time.
It means laughing and suddenly seeing the gate waiting for me, not teasing.
A few people’s faces froze, revealing that they secretly ordered takeout in the middle of the night and were embarrassed by their roommates.
I’m not teasing and smiling and asking, "What are you doing?"
"Well …"
I was trying to see if this screen name could be embarrassed to laugh and say, "Come out for a walk after a long night’s sleep …"
I’m not trying to "explode two pieces of equipment and skills?"
"This …"
A few people, look at me. I’ll look at you.
Put that face with an embarrassed smile.
Embarrassed, "I’m sorry to tease my little brother, but it’s really … someone else gave me this opportunity to share me. It’s already a great debt to others. I’m really embarrassed to tell others about this again. You should understand my idea, right?"
"Yes, yes, I’m told that people are interested in taking me. If I don’t poke things all over the place, it will really show that I’m too incompetent."
"If I really found welfare here, I would definitely take my little teacher younger brother with me, but now that others are taking me, I really can’t pull people again … I’m sorry to think about it."
"Besides, teacher younger brother, you really don’t have the access limit. Don’t blame brother for that."
Everyone has explained.
After all, we practice together during the day and work together, but at night they run out and secretly cook …
It really doesn’t make sense
"No wonder I’m the slowest in the clan."
I didn’t tease you, so I suddenly realized my progress. Whether I can catch up with my brothers and sisters is a matter of qualification.
But now it’s white …
Emotion is a matter of personal connections.
In the end, whether an old player finds a way casually is better than this little newcomer. He has not mastered the essence of "Limited" OL yet.
Chapter 627 New planning
It’s not intentional to hide it before
It’s true that people invite themselves to the dining table, and the most important thing to pay attention to is whether guests take guests or not …
The same is true of reincarnation.
"So you were invited to a new reincarnation to experience?"
In fact, I didn’t tease you when I heard the word reincarnation. I don’t feel betrayed anymore