"Come on, let’s have a good talk about it and discuss a proposition. Kneeling over there is a better woman, right? I heard Liao Huchen talk about the new deputy leader of Wulin, right? What kind of title is this? It’s a little strange. I’ll give you an imperial mandate later, which is also a reward. "
Wait until Zheng Guobao got up and sat in the middle of Wanli Day and sat down with his sister Zheng Re-nan holding Zhu Changxun to sit aside before the Queen Mother. This Zheng Re-nan said nothing, and her mother-in-law was too nervous to speak for herself. Instead, she didn’t make sense. After studying for a long time, Ning Zhong looked at Ning Zhong and felt a little embarrassed. The other party was a young woman who couldn’t fight martial arts, and she was much younger than herself. However, a pair of eyes made Ning Zhong feel that the other party was under pressure from poverty and power to make herself afraid to face it directly.
"What a double female Ning Ning cream. When your father Ning Guzhu gave the old emperor a headache, he said that he was more difficult to deal with than Nanbo Beilu, and you were unambiguous. They were married, but they could confuse my brother with the southeast and northwest. Now it’s really bad to say that it’s not convenient for you to listen. Come with me to the next room and I’ll ask you something."
Zheng Re-nan said to Zheng Guobao at the same time, "Brother doesn’t have to be afraid of you, but her sister also knows that it won’t be difficult. She is our woman, and you can talk a few sweet words without your loss."
Now that Zhu Changluo is dead and Zhu Changxun is in front of her, it will be the biggest beneficiary in this incident, no matter how you look at Zheng Guifei in the future. However, it seems that her eyes are red, swollen and haggard every day, and she cries about her sister. Zheng Guobao believes that Zheng Re-nan’s grief is a little stronger than that of Wang Gongfei’s mother these days. This is a natural actress. Even the emperor Wanli will not see that the more fierce Zheng Re-nan cries, the sweeter her smile will be, but her sister is excellent. If the emperor sees that she is also excellent as a brother, will she still be mixed up?
Zheng Re-nan’s front foot just left Zheng Guobao’s knees for the second time. "I dereliction of duty actually let such a mediocrity as Ping Yizhi mix into the hospital and became a temple doctor, which eventually led to the premature death of the temple. This is all my fault. Please ask the heavenly family to give me a death to redeem myself."
Wanli was silent for a moment. "Brother, I said that when no one is there, we are relatives, not subjects. Let’s have something to say." He waited for Zheng Guobao to sit firmly before staring Zheng Guobao in the eye and asked, "Brother, I ask myself if I have a heart-to-heart relationship with you and if the man is not thin. I know very well about the idea of men, but I can’t help it. In fact, it’s not a bad thing. The court can save me a lot of effort. There is no need to get down to business. I promise you that I won’t pursue it regardless
Zheng Guobao’s face doesn’t change color. "I only have to die to prove my innocence, so please ask Tian Jiacheng."
"Brother, you’re exaggerating." Wanli saw that the other party’s eyes were firm and he didn’t like to be false. Let’s just believe that "it’s true that you are involved in the mouth and I have to ask you personally."
"Heaven home this mouth is taken out by the East Factory. If I hand over Ping Yizhi to the minister, I can take out a copy. It is the first step for the queen to instigate Ping Yizhi to murder the temple and frame my brother and sister for killing two birds with one stone. If you want to make it bigger, it can be said that the queen Ping Yizhi is a fragrant church member. They colluded with a group of partisans in the court to subvert my big country and kill the temple. There are many sinister means behind it."
"Yes, I also understand this truth. People fall into the hands of the factory guards. They have to say whatever they want them to say. They just have to ask my brother face to face for peace of mind. I don’t like that boy. His birth is a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. You know, I once thought about denying him, but it’s not for outsiders to murder this case after all. It’s also impossible for Liao Huchen to arrest you. It seems to be a mother’s meaning. Actually, I want to try and see if my brother will obey the order."
Wanli, of course, wouldn’t have thought that he couldn’t hide these fine layouts from his bedside wife, and the dead around Zheng Niangniang also put the emperor’s abacus on Zheng Guobao for the first time. It was that Wanli was pretending to be sick, not really sick, but even Zheng Guobao didn’t know it. It seems that not only Wanli Zheng Niangniang himself has tried to test his brother’s mind. If Zheng Guobao wants to take advantage of Wanli’s illness and rely on the other side or simply rebel by himself, then waiting for him will also be doomed.
"Tian Jiaying saw that Wan Li’s minister was ashamed to be inferior to me, and Daxing was the only one who had the owner’s loyalty. Tianjia said slowly that it was aimed at taking me, but I also had the courtesy of kowtowing to him."
"Brother, come on, if I really give you these if men don’t eat me? Even if you really do it, I will imprison you, and it won’t hurt your life. But if you are willing to go back to Beijing as instructed and meet me in the palace, it can be seen that your conscience is ashamed. It’s a whale, a dog slave. I treat him so well that he wants to rebel and set up a new king. If there is still some nostalgia for me, he dare not enter the palace today, which proves that there is a ghost in his heart. This time, I must make his dead body worse than that of Liu Jin! "
Chapter four hundred and thirty He ()
Even if there is evidence to prove that Zhang Whale has spread the state and colluded with women, he will not be killed by the family. The evidence is conclusive. Wanli also held it high and gently put it. If Zhang Whale himself was not too domineering and openly contradicted Shen Shixing, it would be a few words of training. Since then, Wanli gradually felt that Zhang Whale was too bossy and had lost his position, but he also wanted to dismiss him and let him go home to support the elderly.
At this time, Luo Sigong reported an important news. It is not as simple as sending money to Bozhou. According to the information from the Royal Guards, there are hundreds of people in Beijing, and they have actively engaged in various small-scale activities in the capital, which is not surprising. After all, Bozhou does not have the strength to declare war with the court, and it is reasonable to send people to take a silver bullet offensive to soften the attitude towards Bozhou.
From the aspect of the Royal Guards, I know that the activities of these people are far more than just dredging the festival. It is said that even Yang Yinglong’s new son-in-law has personally arrived in the capital, and his life is full of strange knowledge. He can toss the famous daughters in Yang Yinglong, and several of them have been tossed to their own homes by him. It is also an anecdote that he has recruited a husband and a wife. According to the materials handed over by the Royal Guards, it seems to be a strange political idea of his own.
That is to say, to further expand the power of the original cabinet, the size of the court is greatly limited, and it is up to the cabinet ministers to make another code, which means that the so-called constitutional monarchy requires him to abide by it. That is to say, the idea of constitutional monarchy has really been accepted by the world, and the emperor has become an honor symbol in the past. He is responsible for stamping and agreeing to everything, but he is not qualified to say that he is close to property even if he disagrees. Instead, he will hand over a large number of industries and allocate them to the royal family on an annual basis. All local vassals will make their own way out, and the court will no longer
It is said that this kind of propaganda is not limited to ordinary people, but has spread to the official scene. There are a large number of national imperial college students and scholars. Juren echoed the mouthpiece of the imperial court, but it was on the opposite side of the imperial court, and there was evidence that Long Xiang had contacted senior officials in the Ministry to sell his idea. More importantly, many officials were very suspicious and did not report this kind of talks on the contrary. They began to transport their hands to shield Yang Yinglong Jingshi from preaching this kind of argument that the property should be destroyed, and then others were not afraid to control it. It was said that there was no point in linking Wanli, but it was not very credible to say that the man who entered the palace had a wooden stick in his hand, but he could take it with him afterwards.
He saw that this idea was actually accepted and recognized by many ministers. These people tried to make this constitutional monarchy really work with the help of the emperor. There were Guo Jian Zi called the export number to occupy the Guo Jian and the Confucian Temple. With this idea, the minister was not sure how many Wanli he had, and he simply played a trick to lure the snake out of the hole. Li Taihou originally wanted to grab the son to his palace or give it to his pleasing daughter-in-law to take care of him. I didn’t expect Empress Zheng to openly defy her. When he brought people here to settle accounts, he realized that all this was a Wanli plan. He wanted to try out how many people were willing to support Long Xiang in this virtual reality honor pavilion, and how many people wanted to take the opportunity to realize regional self-control
This kind of temptation can’t be separated from Li Taihou’s cooperation. If she tells the truth or insists on intervening, then Wanli didn’t hide it. After all, the queen mother still knows that this matter is significant. Later, the big explosion of Wang Gong Factory made Li Taihou see that these people have done their utmost to make such a catastrophe to ask the emperor to compromise. Although she was not born high, she is not stupid. What natural disasters must be established? It was an opportunity to force the palace to usurp the throne. At that time, the Queen Mother was also in a state of terror. If Wanli really fell ill and could not see things, it was really difficult for these civil servants to force the palace to be a woman. Once a constitutional monarchy was formed, what else did the Queen Mother have?
Therefore, it’s a whale’s request to announce Lu Wang’s coming to Beijing. She also agrees with Zhang Whale and others that it seems that Wanli Li Taihou lost his mother and Jia Daishan monks sent Lingyin Temple back to Laoshan to send Taoist priests. The queen mother took the opportunity to set up a child emperor who listened to her words, but she didn’t expect that this matter was really sacrificed. Instead, Lu Wang Chitose.
"What if King Lu Chitose really went to Beijing to be the Empress Dowager?"
"If that’s the case, Fengyang Mansion will either ban the captaincy by one more circle or the mother will give birth to one less child." Wanli said this with a cold expression on his face and no emotion. Obviously, he has no affection for the brother Lu Wang, and he won’t mind the killer. It’s no wonder that many of these ministers clamored to restrict you this time, but they refused to take advantage of Wanli’s serious illness to pick up Lu Wang and come back to San Francisco. Obviously, this dry man has secretly made a choice to recognize or Lu Wang is more suitable for Jiangshan Chengtian Wanli. It’s hard to doubt that his brother San Francisco is unwilling to be
"Of course, I also promised my mother two things in exchange. The first is that if my brother Songshan refuses to obey the decree, the queen mother can dispose of my brother. The second is that my sister Yongning has lost her husband. You know that my mother means that she is not going to let her keep it, but the princess remarries and there is a precedent. You have to do something about it."
Zheng Guobao smiled bitterly and knew that he had to compromise that part of Liu Cheng’s political balance. In exchange for the Queen Mother’s careful support for this test, it was still worth his sister’s attention. She also knew that this was a great opportunity to be a queen and let her son accede to the throne in the future. She would certainly not refuse this kind of deal. She would secretly send someone to inform herself that it was the second thing to be right about herself, but it was much more difficult than the first thing to find a face for the princess. What if it’s fun or bad luck? Besides, how easy is it to find a reliable leader and satisfy the princess?
"Yongning is in no hurry in advance. Let’s do the right thing, be loyal, rape, good and evil first, and then we will know that Xiao Zhang’s companion can carry the seal but can’t walk away. It can be seen that the competent three cabinet elders can also plead guilty and can’t get out of those letters attached to the imperial court. Li Shida and other three people have negative grace and actually believe those stories. Can I really not except them? Or that Yang thief nine head worm really has the confusing intelligence to make the three court veterans willing to listen to his rumors and believe what the virtual reality is. "
Zheng Guobao thought that Mr. Zhang left with the seal, and most of them were protected by the emperor. Otherwise, how could the East Factory not find him? After destroying Zhang Whale this time, this Zhang companion will even become a new star. However, he should not be an enemy of Zhang Whale Cong. He didn’t even intend to give Wanli science a virtual reality. He stopped and said, "These people are crazy, and secondly, the dragon can let Yang Yinglong promise all his daughters to him. It is not surprising that some old ministers are blinded by him." It is necessary to guard against the old eunuch dog jumping over the wall. The soldiers in the Beijing camp are as ignorant as the rebels. "
"Brother, rest assured that I have sent a confidant to Liaodong to order Ning Yuanbo to send troops to Beijing. Thousands of tigers and tigers who are loyal to the Li family are enough to deal with this group of rebels. This time, my brother’s return to Beijing can also be regarded as a signal. I am also ready to start cleaning up these rebels and thieves. If the man has already negotiated, this battle will be commanded by my brother. I wonder if my brother has the courage?"
Zheng Guobao got up and left his seat. "I dare not disobey the orders of the heavenly family. I have never led the troops and led the team. I am afraid that there will be negative grace to delay the event, so it will be more embarrassing to see you."
"aye? What are you afraid of? It’s just some local tile dogs. If you don’t take their swords with one blow, what should you do in the future? Chang Luo’s untimely death will definitely be a constant death in the future. He can’t leave your uncle to help you. If you don’t accumulate more credit now, you won’t be able to help him in the future. You don’t have to say anything about Zheng Guobao’s orders! "
Chapter four hundred and thirty-nine East Factory (1)
"Zhang Dugong, if you hesitate to go again, you’ll be left with a dead end." Dong Jizhi Factory looked at walking around like a cat on hot bricks. Zhang Whale Dragon Xiang urged again. "Wanli is really awake or not. After Zheng Guobao entered the palace, he didn’t tell the news that he was beheaded or handed over to the three legal departments. The queen mother also ignored you and did not let go of the palace police. Now they are going to start work. What’s the calculation? In my opinion, if the first hand is strong and the second hand suffers, we will enter the Forbidden City and force Wanli to write a letter of abdication. Everything is still saved or we will die. "
Zhang whale has been pacing back and forth like a caged beast since he came back from the Prince’s Uncle’s Mansion. He has come here for nothing. He just took a step. If you go to the palace with Luo Sigong and cry bitterly before Long Live, the big deal is that you are sent to Nanjing to grow a generation of vegetables. If you don’t wake up, you can sit down and talk about each other. It may not be impossible to take a step back without a solution. The Zheng family won’t talk to themselves about the worst way. If you really wake up, you will also find that you are disobedient.
The queen mother’s great change in her attitude also made Zhang whale jumpy. She always felt that this was a very bad sign. She went to Weihui Mansion to secretly contact the eunuch of King Lu, just like a mud cow never came back. At last, several scouts fled back and reported that there were already soldiers stationed around Luhui Mansion, including two new battalions of Weihui Mansion, Luoyang Golden Knife Gate Loyalty Camp and many people with different identities. At the same time, Henan Province still had some signs of mysterious armed forces activities. I want to transfer my left home in Songshan to Beijing, and as a result, I was killed at the Twelve Taibao Gate in Zuo Lengchan for 20 nights. I hung up at the left door with a spear lined up one by one. I heard that the left home is busy with the funeral, and the morale of a battalion is already low, which is unbearable. Secondly, it is a long way to go. In recent years, the border army’s combat power has increased greatly, and it is unrealistic for women to fight with the border army ten times and lose nine times. It is not realistic to want them to help.
Zhang whale wants to make a desperate effort to gain the strength at hand, but also wants to plead guilty to heaven and beg for death. He can’t make up his mind which way is the right choice. In the end, he can’t sit there and sigh and do nothing, but he can’t make decisions for Zhang whale.
"Long Xu, it’s not as simple as you think. We have a group of people in our hands, but few of them are in charge. The money we have is too small. There are not ten thousand people in the three camps in the capital, not just the Royal Guards. What are we going to do with these people?"
Long Xiang doesn’t believe that "these people are not fake, but they can’t mobilize at the moment. Let’s take the Forbidden City first, which is equivalent to taking the head of the enemy coach in Wan Ma’s army. No matter how many big military forces there are, we will get the imperial edict and be afraid of not stabilizing the situation." Aren’t you wasting your time like this? "
"I have a well-prepared local army in the East Factory, and it’s easy to defend with high walls and thick walls. If loyalists really come to attack, they can also resist a burst of need by relying on this high wall … If Heaven reminds me of my past benefits or the Queen Mother can think of leaving me, no one can balance the Zheng brothers and sisters, and maybe there is still a chance. Otherwise, Long Xuma will take us away from the capital and I will go to the new king. I am familiar with the system of great love and laws. The most important thing is that I know how you broadcast a state to stand on its own two feet. The lack of people like me is how to train spies Did you broadcast the state draft girl? I’m telling you, it’s a rule to have 3 thousand makeup in the harem. What day is it without it? Without me, you can’t do anything. Just say castration, which is also a technical job. People who don’t understand must be deadly. "
If Long Xiang’s heart really wants to escape, I will also take Li Shida and other ministries and halls. At least they are civil servants, and they can be a little bit. "Our broadcasting state is a dish cooking system, but it is only because of special circumstances that life tenure is temporarily implemented. Sooner or later, it will be replaced by an electoral system."
"There is no day? There is no day when things don’t go wrong. Who does everyone listen to? The country can’t be ruled by the emperor, and the sky can’t be ruled by the sun. It’s all the same as the Mongols call it Khan. If there is no emperor, how did you come from? I’m telling you, the name of the dragon and the horse is not right. Everything must have rules. If there are no rules, it will be a disaster. For long live, the most terrible enemy does not come from outside, but from the fact that there is no East Factory to visit Baiguan, and if someone wants to rebel, it will be a big event. "
When Long Xiang heard the word rebellion, he suddenly felt that the old eunuch’s speech was not unreasonable. Although he had knowledge and insight beyond this era, he also set up the Military Intelligence Statistics Department of the Social Security Bureau in Bozhou, but the clerks were all natives in Bozhou, who didn’t even know how to read words and didn’t have a good brain. These people were a little behind. Maybe the old eunuch was not as good as he thought.
He asked, "If you want to go, you must think of a way to go. If so many people want to travel all the way back to Bozhou, they can’t do it. We can’t run away from the imperial army."
"This old slave has also thought about it." At this time, Zhang Whale has taken this Xu as the new master’s mouth and claimed to be an old slave. "Let’s play around relying on the East Factory to dig trenches and keep our East Factory a large number of ammunition and money. With these things, we can keep him for ten days and a half months. At this time, we can run out of the old slave’s place. There are still some things that can be left out of the capital. I promise to get to Bozhou smoothly along the way .. What matters is that he will come and visit those properties.
Long Xiang listened to his idea that the gecko broke its tail, although it was not as good as taking the Forbidden City directly, but it could be used to make itself in power. "In that case, please ask Zhang Du to send someone to invite Li Shida, Yu Shenxing and other bosses to take them with you."
Zhang Whale said, "Even if it doesn’t work, where can these bosses married with children get away? Besides, they have too many clan brothers. I think it’s more convenient for us to go."
"Zhang Dugong rest assured that these people have been persuaded by me that it is a good thing to benefit the country and the people to realize the great cause of a small clan. What can’t be sacrificed? You can rest assured that everyone can give up those foreign things and follow us to Bozhou to do something big. "
Zhang Whale saw that he insisted on sending someone to invite him. Suddenly, there was a burst of noise outside and someone rushed in. "It’s not good to supervise the public affairs. A team blocked the yamen of our East Factory."
Zhang whale "is blocked?" Who dares to block the gate of our East Factory? Have you forgotten how to write the word "dead"? Go and listen. Whose family has eaten the bear heart leopard? "
"We inquired about it. It’s Ningyuan Bo’s family in Liaodong who led the team. It’s Ningyuan Bo. It’s said that it’s an imperial edict to come and get you."
"Nonsense. He’s a group of Liaodong border troops who want to go to Beijing for rebellion and take me? This point is that Zheng Guifei’s brother and sister are going to usurp the rebellion and ordered to go to the military wall to hold it for me. No one is allowed to come in. We have to fight this group of thieves to the end. "
Chapter four hundred and forty East Factory (2)
Outside the East Factory, the Li family members have lined up their positions to prepare for the storm. These desperate members are the Liaodong battlefield and the straight women Mongols. They have seen the blood and played the main role. Whether it is killing Wang Gao or plotting to kill the straight women, Baylor has defeated Tumen Khan several times. The core force is that these desperate members Li family members dominate Liaodong. It is this lean and capable armed force that relies on it.
There were 6,000 original Li family members, and then the Tieling silver mine was mined. The Li family’s pockets became richer and richer, and the number of family members doubled to 12,000. Looking at the martial arts body of the country, it is also second to none. Today, this family member seems to have thousands of people with a murderous look. That veteran soldier came out in the sea of blood. The old army has a unique murderous look, and the East Factory has its own strengths. Maybe if it is a fight, a Li family member will not be able to top it.
"Dragon xu you broadcast state soldiers? If you really fight later, I’m afraid it’s still up to you to play the leading role of Bozhou soldiers. To tell the truth, the old slaves are all Jianghu kungfu. These military officers can’t afford to play. I’m afraid it’s a bit of a doorway to practice the new army in Bozhou, and I have to be more careful. "
Long Xiang saw the border forces assume momentum in the mind also some nervous "not to say that the army decayed like a beggar is no fighting capacity? It’s still a group of bears, and the soft voice is pushed down. How can these troops seem to be fierce today? It’s that Bozhou has trained a new army. They don’t seem to occupy the wind key, but I can’t find it now. What can I do with a few bodyguards around me? "
He didn’t bring all the 300 guards with him, but for the sake of concealment, most of them were scattered in several secret contact points in the capital, waiting for the temporary launch when the uprising started. But I didn’t expect that these people would come alive as soon as they arrived in the world of flowers and flowers in the capital, compared with the rich state of Bozhou.
Goodbye, Junwei Wulian thought that Bozhou was bitter and cold, and the enemy country also had a life-and-death ending. Many people moved their minds. Later, they simply fled to fend for themselves. When Long Xiang wanted someone, they sent someone to greet them. Actually, less than 30 people gathered, and 90% of them went. This kind of thing was too shameful. Zhang Xiang said that the first order of discipline of Bozhou troops was far from being forbidden, so where could he be transferred?
"Zhang Dugong, the problem of adjusting soldiers, is this the case? If I play the state soldiers, even if the effect is not good, now it can be said that the Liaodong army deliberately rebelled against the state soldiers. It is difficult for Zhang Dugong to borrow foreign soldiers to rebel morale. Besides, it is not convenient for the state people to listen to your capital. I think it is better to ensure the command efficiency. By the way, I heard that there are many martial arts experts in the East Factory, so it is better to let them go to assassinate the enemy coach and stab them to death. These Liaodong soldiers are bound to be chaotic, and maybe we can take the opportunity to kill a lot
Zhang Whale secretly scolded Bozhou people for being unreliable, saying that they were really fighting, but even the troops could not be sent out after the fight. What the hell is this money? He shook his head. "It seems that you are also an unknown soldier. If it is so easy to assassinate, why do you still train? Although the Li family members are not desperate to rush forward when the Lord is fighting, there is no shortage of personal guards around them. Those martial arts experts have to be cut into meat sauce if they can’t even see their faces. So, if you have a good opinion, you should keep it for yourself. "
I ventured to explore the probe and saw a few young people with the front of the dinking team who were cursing themselves fiercely. "You see, this is the Li family’s several husbands, such as Li Ruzi, Li Ruzhang and Li Rumei, who sent three husbands and thousands of dinks in one breath. Li Chengliang looked like an old slave." At this time, he felt desperate in his heart. It is estimated that this time it was a narrow escape. These Liaodong dinks were able to go to Beijing so quickly. It was Zheng Guobao who sent a secret letter back to Beijing before returning to Beijing.
I didn’t realize that such a large army had gone to Beijing. It must be that there was something wrong with the East Factory Department. Before reconsidering, Zheng Guobao was able to hide from his eyes and ears and directly appeared outside the government gate. Moreover, the East Factory had an undercover factory, which defended itself. Since entering the East Factory, those people should have nothing to do with the Royal Guards. I didn’t expect that people around him should have traitors. He has now almost believed that people look like the undercover of the Royal Guards.
Even more serious than this is the attitude of God towards himself. If he was skeptical about Wanli’s awakening before, now he can conclude that God’s so-called serious illness can’t be seen as a trap designed in advance, which can also explain why Li Jiabing went to Beijing to be a diligent king so quickly. This plot has become a conspiracy target this time. It seems that this time it is really going to be retribution.
He denied that his own department could resist these fierce border troops, and even denied that the East Factory was qualified to wrestle with the court. Now the only thing he can do is to expect these people to hold on for a while and leave themselves a big escape. Now that they are no longer in their own place, Bozhou is a retreat. I hope that natives like Yang Yinglong can handle it easily and keep their prosperity.
"Are you going to rebel when you surround the East Factory with a large group of men?" After clearing your throat, Zhang Whale yelled at many people for many years. This prestige still has "You don’t want to continue Hu Fei when you get to the capital in Liaodong. You have nothing to do without the support of your uncle. I tell you that if you are stubborn, your father will not be able to keep your head."
Li Ruzi and others are used to bullying, and vicious people take killing people seriously. The only army that is not afraid of civil servants in the dynasty may be their Li family. How can they rest assured? Vomitted "niang old yan goods you still that how shout what? I’m telling you, our buddy went to Beijing this time under the imperial edict of Long Live to catch anti-thieves, you little east factory. Is that a ball thing? I’m telling you, we don’t care if I put my words here today. We’ll shoot whoever dares to take care of your business. Listen to me, we’re here to catch a whale, not kill anyone. You just leave the door open and we won’t be bombarded if you don’t hang out with a whale for a while. "
A whale knows that it’s going to be bad at the moment. This help Liaodong soldiers always dare to be bold and malicious. This time, with the support of the imperial edict, it’s even more extreme. If there is really the support of the prince’s maternal uncle, maybe they really dare to fire at the capital city. "You … you are simply the opposite of the imperial edict." If there is no imperial edict, you are anti-thieves. I have the Queen Mother’s imperial decree in my hand. The children are rebels. When the three battalions of counter-insurgency troops arrive, they can count them. Give me all the firearms in our East Factory. Whoever dares to attack will kill me. "
The equipment in the hands of the East Factory Fan is also excellent. He took away a large number of firearms and ammunition when he left last time. Zheng Guobao now has insufficient equipment at hand, but he can barely support the contrast equipment. The fans are really trapped. If they fight against the chaotic army, they can get a reward. If they fight against the chaotic army in the imperial court, they will help the dead and destroy their eyes. It is hard to say whether they are loyal or traitor. If they fight this battle, they can get a spirit.
Chapter four hundred and forty-one East Factory (3)
Those Li guding didn’t take the opportunity to attack, but slowly lined up the team to open the battle line and lined up the rows of tigers crouching guns, posing as if they were going to shoot the East Factory. This kind of gun was Qi Jiguang’s favorite in those days. Although the gun body was small, it was convenient to carry, which was also very suitable for dealing with the East Factory. Rumei Li shouted, "What’s with this broken thing?" Later, when my uncle comes, I will simply set fire to win and burn them all into a roast chicken to see if they are still hard. "