Gorgeous, colorful, full of copper smell, Jin Shanshan, silver bright, dazzling light filled the whole white world.
Gu Qingshan was dragged into the void and kept moving in a distant direction.
He’s extremely fast, but he’s flexible enough to bypass the six fragments that are all over the virtual space and plunge directly into some ignorant world.
At first glance, the earth was densely covered with black skeletons, and they were walking with their eyes full.
From time to time, some new black skeletons crawled out of the ground to join his skeleton ranks.
A huge black body was nailed to the ground with a huge bronze column.
When Gu Qingshan entered this world, the sound of a huge corpse immediately sounded in his heart.
"I have temporarily imprisoned everything around the world gate, but it won’t last long."
"Gu Qingshan is running out of time. If you can’t keep all history on its original track, I won’t be able to keep the whole world near the gate. Everything in the long history will be completely destroyed and everyone will die!"
Gu Qingshan couldn’t help saying, "What should I do?"
Let everything go according to the original track, which is my goal and the key to get the sixth seal.
However, Renee Doyle has broken away from the boss, and her strength has been strong before, and now it is an endless game.
She also summoned some powerful monsters in the hidden virtual space.
-she still controls the end.
The two sides are fighting fiercely.
What is this situation like to let everything go back to the original track?
The huge corpse said, "Most of my strength has come to delay the arrival of the world. There is only a limited place to help you-"
"Gu Qingshan, you have the last three minutes"
"After three minutes, if everything can’t go back to its original historical track, then everything is over!"
Chapter five hundred and sixteen In a hurry
Three minutes!
What can I do in three minutes?