The extremely ice-free spring was suddenly robbed by the mysterious man of the blood-glow and the blood-peak. First, it was a face of anger, and then it looked at the # # # poison statue, but the green ghost did not know when he had left the dust cloud. He smiled and jumped away from Yunlong Mountain, and his peripheral viewers had not yet reacted from the shock.

Seizing the cold in front of Tianshi Zun is different from taking food from the tiger’s mouth, but it has succeeded. Who is this person? Poison statue’s eyes fluctuate "again". At this time, poison statue’s gnashing of teeth is intriguing. Soon, poison statue didn’t give up her mind, and the qi moved like mercury, and […]

However, seeing that it is black and blue, Molin also knows that it has suffered a lot. It seems that Zhong Man’s hands are very black

"Say something …" Zhong Man patted Ah Huan’s head and made it tremble. "I … I’m Ah Huan, a monster in the everglades, and my witchcraft is to change human form …" Ah Huan gushed about it. Ah Huan said that he led a group of monsters to attack villages near the Everglades after being […]