In the past, even if she envied that man all her life, the man around her had never been so jealous. It seemed that if she were to show the slightest kindness to that man in front of him, he would feel a surge of anger, and even he himself would be frightened.

She is poisoned, and every time I see her, she will be poisoned deeper than the previous one. The nangongshan che closed his eyes and pinched his eyebrows. He stopped looking at her heart and others stopped thinking about these things. "What happened?" He took a slightly impatient look at the doctor too much. "This […]

Wang Dashuai stood there for a long time and suddenly seemed to have made any major decision. He wiped his head and pulled a chair in a cold sweat. His eyes blurred every word. "Okay, I bet, I bet …"

"good!" That’s what Wu Tian wants. He can still get your two million dollars without sending you away. This is the means. Wu Tian turned and looked at the security guard. The security guard nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie and called, "Come alone to Package 8. There is work here!" "received! The horse is coming! […]