"Master, master, you wake up.
And then cut the meat to make it look fat and thin. "
Goethe said while also readjusting the ingredients.
Instant-boiled mutton is delicious, so you have to dip more.
Just like peace talks.
It’s never wrong to be more patient.
Especially before you seem to have the initiative, don’t worry
Whether this initiative is true or seemingly
We have to hold it steady
Go to the palace?
That’s ok.
I’m not 100% sure that Goethe refused to go to a place close to the mad king.
Who knows what’s in it?
If you are not careful.
That’s capsizing in the gutter
Zhao Dingsi looked at Goethe’s eating and drinking, and he snorted gently.
"I won’t let you go to the palace. He will definitely come on the second day of February."
"Because Yan Midsummer?"
Goethe asked 1
Although it is a question, Goethe is quite sure.
Yan Zhongxia and Zhao Dingsi look a little complicated and don’t look like lovers in the news, but now the emperor definitely doesn’t know that the other party will kill Yan Zhongxia if they regard Zhao Dingsi as a forbidden mentality.
And he has just revealed his identity.
Then the emperor will definitely come.
Goethe knew
Zhao Dingsi knows better.
Or this is what she’s going to do.
But slightly changed a.
She wanted to decorate it herself.
Now it is an extra helper like Goethe.
"Well, because of you."
Zhao Dingsi replied.
Said the face with a smile.
That kind of shallow smile is like a girl’s shyness
"It’s good to have you."
Zhao Dingsi said gently
Goethe also smiled.
"Yes, let’s talk about it."
"About what?"
Zhao Dingsi is playing dumb.
"You won’t get rid of me just because of a mutton hotpot, will you?"
"Of course, you can’t expect you to take yourself."
"Let’s be practical."
Goethe said and rubbed his middle finger and forefinger with his thumb.
"Hum me?"
"You want to be beautiful."
"[Baoka], occult sciences, gold and silver treasures, and official positions."
"Even if you want’ Sword Fairy’, I can give you everything that Li Qiubai used to have."
Zhao Dingsi cold hum a directly after said
"[Baoka], hermetic"
Goethe chose two things.
"How much?"
Zhao Dingsi showed her heroic spirit as a long princess and was not afraid of Goethe’s lion’s big mouth.
"How much do you have?"
"I have as much as you want."
Zhao Dingsi replied that it was called a flat.
Is [Baoka] precious?
But if you want to make Baoka, you have to pass the test.
And the cost is unbearable every time.
Goethe is willing to [Baoka] and Zhao Dingsi dares to give it.
Because this Zhao Dingsi seems to be dying.
Goethe’s life is exhausted. Isn’t that [Baoka] still her?