It is this veteran who wants to make up lessons for Li He, but at this time, he shows a face of early elder brother gawking at the door in wait for a while.

"hey!" The woman who picked the curtain came in and shouted softly "Ah?" Zhao Ji just came to my mind. The woman seems to have been teased by Zhao Ji’s stupidity. Bowing her head and covering her mouth is a smile for a while. Zhao Ji, who has just returned to the soul, is once […]

It turns out that these old classmates are not worthy of getting along with Sun Zhiping, and they are worthy of making friends with him and are qualified.

Sun Zhiping went on to say, "Zhang Junjie is not only the biggest gangster in Nanxi, but also the most powerful gangster in Nanxi’s history. Everyone knows that Hu Yonghua?" Is he awesome? But he is far from mastering Nanxi. Zhang Junjie is much more powerful than him, and he has almost incorporated the entire […]

Danny, you need to hit the opposing line more. Mike (Deng Liwei), you need to run more. Don’t hesitate to make a decisive move when the opportunity comes.

"Jeff (Foster), you should pay attention to the supplementary defense, especially the flank defense, so Roy can’t easily break through, you know?" O ‘Brien talked endlessly and talked a lot. Li Cheng listened very carefully. He wanted a chance to prove himself and verify the "top basketball system". The half-time game once again entered the […]

However, seeing that it is black and blue, Molin also knows that it has suffered a lot. It seems that Zhong Man’s hands are very black

"Say something …" Zhong Man patted Ah Huan’s head and made it tremble. "I … I’m Ah Huan, a monster in the everglades, and my witchcraft is to change human form …" Ah Huan gushed about it. Ah Huan said that he led a group of monsters to attack villages near the Everglades after being […]