Gao He didn’t dare to neglect his luggage, but he didn’t dare to move it to his left hand and take out a cane in his right hand to show it to researcher Xu.
However, it is obvious that researcher Xu’s attention is not crutches. She has been carrying this weapon for some time. She designed the energy filling system herself. Of course, she knows how heavy that thing is. After the ammunition of the high crane and the circulating cooling system, she can still easily carry this power with one hand, but let researcher Xu have some admiration.
"These things will wait until I get to the test site to say where I live!" The beauty glanced at Gaohe with a little admiration in her eyes and didn’t look at it again.
When she settled down, Gao He didn’t do much physical exercise, but he vaguely felt like sweating. It seems that researchers are still under pressure to face such beautiful women. It’s strange how they don’t feel this way when they face beautiful women. Well, it seems that I have always regarded beautiful women as men! But now that I think about it, it seems that beautiful women are also very good!
What for? Gao He shook his head and threw his thoughts out. What’s wrong with him? Before I think of this, it seems that I didn’t have the urge to estrus until every spring. Now it seems that human beings don’t have this ability!
Seeing researcher Xu again is already a testing ground. This time, the testing weapons are not only the weapons of the fourth team in front of Gaohe crutches, but also the testing scope.
Although there are many weapons experts at the scene, the members of the fourth team don’t give all the weapons to Gao He for maintenance and confirmation. Watching Gao He skillfully dismantle and clean those weapons easily and smoothly, even those self-proclaimed experts are ashamed. Although they are theoretical weapons experts, they really want to operate weapons, which is much worse than these professional soldiers who play with guns all the year round.
Researcher Xu has been paying attention to Gao He’s own design of the runner energy filling system, which is so heavy that it is impossible to install it in the army. But this guy actually made the impossible possible, and according to the arrangement, his crutch weapon is the key point. The key point must be to do everything possible to improve it, and there is another classic design in his own design history, thanks to this guy.
It seems that the recent breakthroughs are really related to this guy. First, the parents asked him to fill the energy system, and then this guy discovered that the energy spar has made her famous throughout the academic world. If she was not affiliated with the military, those universities and research institutions would probably step through the threshold to dig her up.
When I first came, I asked Gao He to give her a direction. Although it was a joke, she really hoped that this guy could come up with something to surprise her. Unfortunately, there is still a huge difference between imagination and reality.
Looking at Gao He’s skilled maintenance of firearms for them, it is estimated that the test horse will be Xu Beauty’s convergence. Looking at the members of the fourth squad, they will test their weapons one by one.
Looking for a close-up watch, researcher Xu slowly approached Gaohe, and Gaohe was attentively watching the players one by one. The researchers gave directions and waited quietly for shooting and continuous firing temperature tests according to their requirements.
Suddenly I heard a wonderful voice, "I heard that you were seriously injured some time ago. Does it matter?" Gao He turned around and saw researcher Xu’s face.
"It’s okay!" Gao He answered quickly, fearing that his slow answer would make researcher Xu angry and funny. Looking at her beautiful face, Gao He resisted the urge to touch it gently and was not skinned by his parents.
"How do you know?" I just asked and suddenly felt stupid. Won’t parents tell me? This also asked me to change my mind quickly, "Thank you, I have recovered from nothing major."
It suddenly occurred to me that researcher Xu would be interested in it.
"I have something here for you to study and show it to you after the test!" Gao He lured Xu Meiren like this.
Chapter 35 Rare materials ()
Researcher Xu didn’t notice the change of Gao He’s tone at this time. She said something to him consciously and said thank you. She wasn’t at ease when we met for a joke.
The crutch was the last one to be tested, and everyone else had finished the test, only Gaohe was left. At this time, parents and researcher Xu stepped aside and recorded their own brains.
It’s common sense that some crutches are meaningless. What weapon designer doesn’t know the six barrels of gatling style? The tester in charge of commanding Gao Hecao directly asked him to shoot continuously.
Before the test, Gao He was affixed with a lot of probes to test his physical condition. All other personnel were treated in this way. Gao He himself didn’t find it strange that when testing weapons, he stopped by to test the effects of weapons on the messenger’s body.
There are three targets at each distance of 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters. The requirement for Gaohe is to smash these targets with crutches. This requirement is too simple. Gaohe successfully completed them in less than three minutes, and those targets can be regarded as being smashed bit by bit by a homogeneous sledgehammer.
Gao He’s marksmanship seems to have been seen by the fourth team members and parents. Everyone else has a look of elite special forces. If Gao He holds an ordinary energy assault gun, they may not have such an expression, but they all really know that what Gao He has in his hand, called crutches, can weigh more than 20 kilograms, but Gao He can still shoot with one arm so stably and accurately, which is extremely unusual.
No matter how long the distance is 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters and 600 meters, the range is only over 300 meters. Even if the crane is tough, it can achieve the accuracy of 200 meters. Although it almost doesn’t hit the target, it is not as thorough as the previous crushing.
The range and power test has come to an end. Because the barrel is shorter, the charging can speed up each firing energy. There are ordinary energy assault guns, one-third to one-half, and the power of a single gun is of course smaller, but it must be repeated and short enough. No weapon can destroy the crutches in Gao He’s hand.
The persistence of weapon shooting is also a problem that needs to be considered for this super-burst weapon in Gao He’s hand. The continuous shooting needs to consume energy boxes and the charging part of the mechanical part of the gun body is a test. Now it is required to let Gao He test the performance of some parts when the energy boxes are full.
Gaohe has never fired a one-time shot with a full energy box since he got the crutches. According to theoretical calculation, filling 100 standard energy boxes according to the current energy can support crutches to shoot continuously for 100 to 120 minutes, which is a huge test for almost all parts of the gun body.
It may not be possible to keep shooting for such a long time in actual combat, but who knows what will happen after that? It took Gao Heji ten minutes to get out of that illusion. No one can guarantee that he won’t touch anything more powerful. What’s worse, it seems that the crutches are aimed at people with so-called "special functions".
This time, there is no target to ask the crane to keep shooting in one direction, which is quite labor-consuming. After that, the crutch can be fixed in an automatic system to pull the trigger. I don’t know what parents think, but it is still necessary to hold the crane.
In the fourth team, other people have left the test site and don’t know what to do. There are a few weapons experts and parents, researcher Xu. More than a dozen people are around Gao He to see him. It seems that he is chatting with crutches and writing on the mountain in the distance, not to mention that the font shot by Gao He’s crutches is not bad. It seems that he can see some other weapons experts who are used to Gao He’s abnormal marksmanship. They all sit there and look at a high crane in front of them and can’t name the instrument.
At this stage, the crutches were very normal and there was no problem. This situation lasted for an hour. Everyone seemed to be very satisfied with the performance of this weapon, but finally there was a problem.
The most exposed thing is that the hand of the circulating cooling system crane has slowly felt that the whole gun body has been heated, and it is getting hotter and hotter, and the heating speed is obviously accelerated after more than an hour.
Then there was a problem in the mechanical runner part, which caused the overall expansion due to heat. These materials expanded with heat and contracted with cold. Even though technology has developed into the interstellar era, it has not been completely solved. The runner part slowed down and the firing rate dropped due to the expansion of materials.
However, the change of firing rate has not affected the energy filling system. Gao He can see the reading of the energy detector not far from the front of the white barrel, indicating that the output energy of each shot is still a constant value of the error range. Such excellent performance makes Gao He look at the beautiful scholar Xu with special respect.
Relative to the parents who are responsible for some of his designs, there are problems in the cooling system and the mechanical runner. It’s true that there is no surface, and the firing rate drops quickly, which leads to the reduction of energy output. At the same time, the circulating cooling system is brought into play again, which quickly lowers the temperature of the gun body and improves the overall performance of the crutch again.
Strictly speaking, due to the problem of cooling system, the rate of fire dropped for five minutes and then returned to normal, followed by shooting until the gun became hot again for half an hour. The last rate of fire dropped for five minutes and finally returned to normal. One hundred energy boxes supported crutches to shoot continuously for 120 minutes, which was quite close to the theoretical calculation value.
So whether the achievement theory is the mechanical part of the gun body or the energy filling part can already be regarded as a satisfactory achievement, but judging from the parents’ expressions and researcher Xu’s face, it is obvious that they are still somewhat dissatisfied, and the parents are very interested in what it feels like when Gao He makes the gun body warm during the process.
I told my parents what I felt during the shooting. Parents recorded it in detail. Not only parents, but also several weapons experts, including researcher Xu, recorded it carefully. However, Gao He thought that everyone was responsible for weapons testing. These should not be the problem, and they did not consider it in depth.
"You go back first and I’ll find you later!" Parents don’t know what they are busy with at this time, but they don’t continue to pay attention to Gao He’s meaning. Let him rest casually. Researcher Xu seems to have forgotten that Gao He didn’t speak. Gao He is a little angry with his parents. This practice of kicking down the bridge has severely put away his crutches and stepped away.
"By the way, if you are asked to continue shooting now, how long do you think you can support it?" When the parent Gao He was leaving, he suddenly turned his head and asked him a question. This Gao He stretched out his hand and tried his joints and muscles. He was very confident and replied arrogantly, "It’s no problem to test the full energy box again!" He also looked at his parents eagerly and hoped that he would explain.
Parents didn’t pay attention to the flying eye of Gao He, who went straight to his machine to record what Gao He couldn’t leave.
Just now, the parent’s question, Gao He, is not bragging. If it is a flat-armed Gao He, even if his physical strength is twice as good as it is now, it is impossible to support it for two hours in a row. However, the crutch design and the heightening crane shooting positions have always been supported by the elbow of the curved arm on the waist side for such a long time.
Shortly after Gao He left, his parents asked, "Have you recorded the camel’s body data?" One of the weapons experts nearby quickly gave the parents a positive answer and quickly gave them a document.
After reading it, the parents frowned and handed it to Xu Meimei, a researcher next to Xu, who also took it and scanned it carefully. The same expression appeared on her face.
"There are not many people who are too demanding physically and physically." The weapon expert next to him was a little disappointed and reported to his parents.
Parents also slowly nodded, "I don’t know if the design can strengthen and lower the requirements of this messenger" and turned to look at researcher Xu. "What can you do? Otherwise, this design will become a semi-robot exclusive, and it will be hard to say then."
Xu Meiren can also shake her head. At that time, she is also helpless. It is really difficult for the military to suddenly give this.