Li Qiushui’s eyes are affectionate, Wu Xingyun’s eyes are moved, and Li Canghai directly holds Yu Tian. "Big brother, you are so kind to the sea!"

Imperial day smiled for hand decoration is not very seriously. The shopkeeper smiled and said with praise, "This public eye is really good. Three girls are beautiful and beautiful, and it’s just right to take this gold hairpin." Yutian threw an ingot of gold and said, "Let’s go!" Wang Jiantong looked at the corners of […]

Jun Moying patted her on the shoulder, and one second before, she fell gently. Her eyes suddenly shot sharply at Redjade, and the sound was so cold that a trace of Yinzhi was dangerous in the dark night. "Is the saint going to obstruct me?"

Paused his thin lips gradually with a cold arc "how saint really have no feelings for the nangongshan too? Or did you generously give him happiness and choose to help him a lot? " Redjade’s face changed, and the corners of her mouth began to smoke awkwardly. Why doesn’t this smelly emperor have any manners? […]

Accustomed to the sunshine, Yan Liang looked at him for a while, but he grew taller again, and now he is almost as tall as her.

"Why are you here?" Saw his one eye Yan cool attitude is still cold. "I’ll pick you up when I know you’re coming out today." Looking at Yan Liangshuo’s face is somewhat sad. "Master, are they out?" She didn’t know anything about the others. "The fourth martial brother has come out, and the master brother […]

Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "I don’t know how many years it will take you to go west to learn the scriptures. I can’t wait. You must pay for the boat first." Otherwise I won’t let you go. "

Tang Priest had no choice but to ask the Monkey King what he meant. "Master," said the Monkey King, "this boatman is obviously an evil spirit that prevents us from going west. Now, as long as you let me subdue the evil spirit, we will be able to solve this problem." Zhang Wendao: "Don’t say […]

The waves blinked and said, "You see, I’m a burly man, of course I’m from the north."

Yu-fang mei eat a smile "big? Tiger’s back and bear’s back? Mr. Hai really looks like himself-you are very humorous! " The waves said, "Miss Mei must be a southerner because she is small and exquisite." Mei Yufang said, "Yes, it’s still Shanmei coming out of the mountains." The waves laughed. "No wonder Miss Mei’s […]