Chapter two hundred and forty Goodbye lost
Cold and dark days …
Hot and sunny days …
Here is a world where you can see both sides of the scenery at the same time. Because of its special operation mode, one side of the world is always in darkness and the other side is always in light. The two extremes are abnormal, and this wonderful world … Lin has not noticed it for a long time.
Besides, it’s not easy to get here. It’s because of an accidental delivery outside the area that Lin Cai and some virtual people captain arrived at this place.
Later, Lin also tried not to send it to the area, but she couldn’t get to this place
So this place has always had a few troops …
A captain
"How long have you lived here?"
There are continuous towering mountains at the junction of dark and light. Here is a place that is not so hot or so cold. Now it still looks at the sky and sighs strangely.
Looking at the sky that will never change, Xu Min, once the captain, turned around and walked back.
Mountain range, it has established a small base, hemispherical house, planting plant farm, where almost all life is available.
The captain knocked on the door of the house and walked into the room. He raised his hand and greeted a group of imaginary people at the door of the house. "Aha, it’s you, hahaha, crowded here to meet me all day. Oh, it’s you. How is Charlie? I’m fine. Oh … "
The captain greeted them and walked back to the hall of the house, then lay down a bed in the hall, and soon it fell asleep.
He looked very tired, although he didn’t do anything … so he didn’t notice a fluffy ball and looked at him beside him.
Lin recognized this captain … It’s not easy to maintain the current state. Before that, it greeted the virtual people, but it made stone statues.
It seems that it built those statues to keep itself’ rational’. Lin found that virtual people, a creature, would be unbearable if they were allowed to live alone, although they always said they needed to be alone.
In particular, this alien environment is lonely enough to drive a virtual citizen crazy, and it only makes those statues and greets them occasionally, which makes it seem that many people live here.
But actually this captain is not alone.
Its last hand is evidence. Before the captain was attacked by the creatures here, he still wanted to explore everywhere, but after the attack, he became much better and kept shrinking. This place didn’t move much.
Even if it builds those statues that deceive itself, it will go crazy sooner or later. Lin wants to see when it will reach its spiritual limit.
Having said that, Lin is not mainly looking for it. There are many other things here, such as finding another creature.
Fly to the dark side of the lost star and fly over the white jelly plain to reach the place where the creature lives … the virtual bus cub.
Lin is mainly looking for it.
The cub in Yinxu Min’s cue ball research institute is the only one who can deliver the creature. If something happens to it, all delivery will be interrupted.
Although the previous square didn’t attack it, it still felt a little dangerous.
Suolin wants to see the cubs here, if only it could deliver them.
But this cub is different from there. It seems to grow very slowly.
The fluffy ball has reached a hole in the jelly where it lives, and you can see that it is still sleeping inside …
This cub grows quite slowly, and the one in the research institute has become spherical now, but this one has never grown, but its tentacles have become more and more, and it has become somewhat like an octopus.
But the most important thing is that it won’t send or make a feeder.
And Xu Min’s cue ball cubs will make a feeder very early …
Qianlin speculated that it was because the young were imprisoned and abused in the virtual people’s place that it wanted to use the transporter to summon its companions. Life here is very good and there is no need for wave energy to make the transporter. If it continues to wait, it may grow to the point where it is necessary to make a virtual trip.
Then it may take a very long time …