Zhou Jia followed closely by performing the nine steps to climb the stairs, listening to the wind’s special blessing and turning into a wisp of black smoke.
Compared with Qian Xiaoyun, his posture is much stiff, but his strength is strong enough and his speed is not slow to speak directly.
"I’ll stop the corpses and you get something."
Rushed to the building near Zhou Jia and motioned for Qian Xiaoyun, then took a deep breath and cut the sword toward the front wall.
Shield shock!
There is no shield, but the sword in his hand is like a shield.
In the loud noise, the wall in front of me directly broke away from the shackles and slammed forward, flying straight for several meters before falling heavily.
Behind a group of walkers directly crushed to the ground.
Roar like thunder, sound waves sweep wildly
A supercilious zombie growled and ran out of the darkness, and if there was any substantial spiritual terror sound wave, it slammed into Zhou Jia’s place.
The ground cracked stones and flew.
A layer of sound waves collided with each other.
Zhou Jia pointed to the ground with the tip of a giant sword in his hand, and the body stood in front of him like a door panel, with vigorous strength and energy around him.
"shua shua!"
A head of a corpse rushed out of the dark and roared.
Their flesh is pale, but they are as tight as cowhide. Even a tank can be torn apart by them.
Zhou Jia was wrapped in a group of corpses, so he didn’t dodge his eyes and broke out with strength.
Double shield against!
"Click Cha …"
The corpse rushed in and flew out directly, scratching its fingers and breaking them on the spot.
Whirlwind chop!
Holding the hilt with both hands, Zhou Jia’s arm made a force of more than 400 kilograms, and the epee swept the foot, and the giant sword also turned with it.
"Shout …"
"Whoo …"
The choice of blade stirs up the roaring strong wind
From a distance, he looks like a giant humanoid gyro spinning rapidly in the field, and a head of corpses is cut off by it one after another.
Unfortunately, being involved in it is a direct killing.
The gyro does not rotate in the same place, but moves while rotating, and the gyro rotates in that direction where there are the most corpses.
Everywhere I passed, the wall collapsed and the body collapsed, and the enemy was everywhere.
The strong wind turned into a tornado.
Lei Lei chop!
Accompanied by a low-drinking tornado, a sudden gathering of epees, with tremendous acceleration and terrorist forces, was severely chopped towards the ground.
Fiona Fang dozens of feet collapsed in the earth, and dozens of near-walkers were directly shocked by huge shock force, and even a supercilious zombie died on the spot.