Everyone takes turns drinking. You have a big bowl, I have a big bowl, and all four people have already drunk a dozen bowls. How much is half a catty in each bowl? Almost ten catties have been drunk.
Miaochangfeng secretly watch out to see Wei Qingtou emit hot white steam more and more deeply, knowing that he is working hard to evaporate hard liquor and sweat, and thinking to himself, "This man is not weak in his work, so it is difficult for him to drink this altar of wine."
Look at Wu Hong, who is drinking in another way. He is playing with an iron gall in his hand while rubbing it with his hands. It turns out that he is practicing kung fu outside the home. He has to fight hard to drink more and more. His usual habit is to drink a round of wine, punch once and then drink as much as he can. Now, he can’t fight with people to play with iron gall, so he uses his strength to hear iron gall ringing and sparks flying from time to time. The rubbing strength of his hands is really shocking.
Look at each other, but Miao Changfeng can see their tricks, but they can’t see Miao Changfeng and Liu Kang Kung Fu. Seeing that they are smiling, they drank a bowl and a bowl. Wu Hong and Wei Qing were secretly surprised and thought, "If you don’t lose to them, drink up this altar wine quickly."
But even so, drinking urgent wine is the most harmful to your health. Even if Wei Qing is so accomplished, you must evaporate the wine you drink for a moment before you can drink it again.
Miao Changfeng suddenly said, "A bowl of wine is not enough. Brother Liu, I’ll share this half-altar wine with you. Let’s drink it all at once!" Liu Kang said, "Good Brother Miao, I respect you first!" Raise the jar, palm the bottom of the jar and shoot the wine from the jar mouth like a fountain. Miao Changfeng sits opposite and opens his mouth like a whale swallowing siphon to suck the wine into his mouth.

How many times have those people seen this drinking method? At this moment, they couldn’t help but look at it. Wu Hong suddenly stamped his feet and said, "Fourth brother, drink quickly!" Wei Qing picked up the jar and poured it into his mouth.
MiaoChangFeng laughed, "I have already drank half! Jiang Taigong sealing gods, don’t forget yourself, "Liu Kang said," It’s only fair for us to gamble with others. "Throw the jar to Miao Changfeng’s altar and turn in a direction. At the bottom of his altar, Miao Changfeng followed suit and took a shot of" Jiuquan "to spray Liu Kang and drank it.
Miao Changfeng flipped the jar and it was already a trickle. Miao Changfeng smiled and said, "Sorry, we drank it all!"
Although Wei Qing tried his best to fill the jar with wine, he still didn’t finish it. Moreover, this "gambling on wine" was agreed that even if he could drink all the wine in the jar, he still lost to others.
Wei Qing was so embarrassed that Wu Hong said, "Fourth brother, forget it."
Suddenly, I heard someone make a ha ha and say, "Ha Han Xiong Lao Wu, so you’ve all met here. Hey, Wei Laosi, what are you doing?"
In came a tall man in his fifties. He came in facing Han Peng. He glanced sideways and suddenly saw Wei Qing holding a big jar. He was surprised.
Wu Hong hurriedly made a wink to the man and said with a wry smile, "Brother Zong, we are not as good at gambling with these two friends as people."
The "eldest brother" looked at Miao and Liu and said, "These two friends are-"
Wu Hong said, "This Mr. Liu and this Mr. Miao are both good friends of Han Dage."
Miao Changfeng said coldly, "I dare not climb."
Han Peng’s face seemed frightened when he came in, but he didn’t speak. At this time, he forced himself to smile and said, "This Miao Xiong is my younger brother who just met new friends today."
This man surnamed Zong has a deep experience in Jianghu, and his mind is already discerning. "These two people and Han Peng must not be friends on the same line." When he laughed, he said, "Nice to meet you. Hey, hey, let me join in and propose a toast to two friends!"
When it comes to the word "toast", Wei Qing suddenly caught the jar in his hand and left his palm to split it and quickly threw it in.
Listen to "pong" an altar seems to give a sharp axe to split the wine from the half pouring. The man has already grabbed two bowls filled with wine one by one, and his arms vibrated and two bowls filled with wine flew towards Miaochangfeng and Liu Kangfei respectively.
As the man flew out of the sea bowl, he said, "I’m an acute impatient man. Don’t take it personally!"
Before the sea bowl flew, Liu Kang erected a chopstick and turned it round and round at the bottom of the bowl. He opened his mouth and drank it.
Miao Changfeng is another way to connect. Seeing that he shares the palm of his hand equally is like a suction bowl falling towards his palm, but he didn’t drink it immediately.
The man’s chopping altar is divided into equal sizes from the fall, and there is no split fragment on both sides. Even the sword chopping can’t keep it so complete, which damages the wine in the altar. After the man took two sea bowls, the remaining wine still poured.
Miao Changfeng said, "I’ll propose a toast to you if you come without indecent assault!" " Liu Kang said, "Don’t spoil the wine!"
During the speech, the two men shot a palm and two palms at the same time, and squeezed the altar on both sides. When the "pong" exploded, the pieces fell like rain. The man waved his sleeve and wrapped all the pieces in a sneer. "Friends, do you want to compete with me in hidden weapons?"
Miao Changfeng took that palm and flew out of a sea bowl at the same time. It landed squarely in their table, and the leftover wine just fell into the bowl. It turned out that it was their two palm forces that squeezed the poured wine into a "wine column" just towards the center of the table and filled the sea bowl. Miao Changfeng just laughed, "My friend, you misunderstood that we were just paying homage. Come and drink!"
The man was surprised and thought to himself, "This surname Liu Gong may not be as good as my surname Miao, but it looks like my surname Miao is rare. Is he the famous Jianghu ranger Miao Changfeng?"
He thought that joining hands with Wu Hong and others may not necessarily take advantage of it, so it is better to do it beautifully. Then he laughed and said, "Well, I’ll drink this bowl of wine with you, and we’ll see you later." Wu Hong, Wei Qing and other four people followed him to the restaurant, and Wei Bu looked back at Han Peng on the stairs as if to say hello to him, but also as if they were glaring at him.
The bartender shouted, "guest officer, you haven’t paid for the drinks yet!" The man shook his sleeve and a pile of fragments fell back and flew out of a big silver embedded counter and said, "I also paid for the drinks at that table."
Miao Changfeng said, "Why should I drink your wine?" Han Peng saw that they were putting a stone in their hearts for fear that Miao Changfeng would cause trouble again and said, "That elder brother Wu is a younger brother’s friend, even if he is the younger brother’s host."
Wu Hong laughed outside and said, "That’s right, Han Dage. You are really a good friend!"
Forty-two Back to Yangzhou Birthday
When the oars come, someone looks like an old peach root and a peach leaf song fan. The flying flowers and moths are beautiful, and the spring is getting farther and farther. Tingzhou has added a few crows, doves and miles. Yangzhou Sansheng Du Mu said before.
-Jiang Baishi