If this warning is enough in other cases.
However, Harun control base is only a few hundred kilometers away from Gangufu control base.
That is, when Weibin’s warning was pushed to Xu tui here, Xu tui just saw 20 harsh firelights and came to Xu tui’s side in a semi-surrounded situation from different directions.
This is a sigh of relief. Twenty three-phase thermal explosive bombs are used to clean the floor!
Raymont was overjoyed when he saw this scene!
Twenty directional three-phase thermal explosive bombs attack in a semicircle, even if they explode one kilometer away, the explosion will be the core!
Don’t say it’s Xu tui or Liu Wei. If he’s not killed by bombing, he’ll get residual blood.
Even the seven guards have to be blown to death!
This support is really powerful!
Unconsciously, Raymont greatly praised the mythological master!
This wave of three-phase thermal explosion bombs to wash the ground to make the undead have to be seriously injured, and then Raymont will be able to avenge the murder of Yin!
Almost at the same time, Raymont is happy!
Raymont is not superficial!
Mainly so close-range three-phase thermal explosion bomb washing the ground.
When Raymont looked up, these three-phase thermal explosive bombs were about ten kilometers away from here.
It should be here in a flash.
"Stand back! Let’s back off. "Raymond drinks.
The ground was frozen, and Ganjeev also saw this coming. The fire of the nuclear bomb was first big.
But instead, I am afraid!
Fear is abnormal!
If Xu tui is shot, he will be frozen here at this time, but he can’t escape the fate of being shot to slag!
What the hell? Even he’s going to be killed.
Nyirabu was impatient and flew back on the spot. At the same time, he swore, "Harun, you bastard, are you going to kill the old together?"
Half-time Xu glanced back at the information pushed by Weibin. Twenty three-phase thermal explosive bombs have rapidly appeared several kilometers away.
Chapter one thousand and thirty-two Times have changed to fight back.
Xu tui telepathy reached its maximum at the moment when he received Weibin’s push information.
Xu tui telepathy has already passed five kilometers.
At present, the telepathic radius is as high as 5,600 meters.
It was almost a complete exhibition of telepathy. When I saw the fire of twenty three-phase thermal explosive bombs appearing in the line of sight, twenty three-phase thermal explosive bombs exploded into the telepathic range in a semi-circular shape.
When the flint allows to retreat and directly drives the light speed to distort, it gets a very short super-reaction time.
It’s short, but it’s enough.
Rapidly rising at the moment, the main force field of the spirit has been exhibited.
Almost at the same time, Xu retired behind AnXiaoXue, Step Clear Autumn, and Yang Huai, and their breathing became urgent.
Rao is that they have been through a great war, and at this time, 20 three-phase thermal explosion bombs are also very nervous.
Who can stop twenty three-phase thermal explosive bombs?
Ganjifu and a group of other captured stars are also confused.
This wave of nuclear bombs will be destroyed and they will not live.
At the same time, I was stunned and Nyirabu
Even if this wave is dead, Xu will retreat, but how many people in their comprehensive base can live?
"Colonel, I should be able to stop one or two." There is an indescribable heroism in Yan Lie’s voice
He was able to stop these three-phase thermal bombs, which could be suicide attacks.
"Get away from me. It’s just twenty."
Xu tui’s direct consciousness sound scolded 1: How long will 40 ground stings and at the same time, they will flash to 20 three-phase thermal explosive bombs.
This is the first time that Xu retreated to intercept a three-phase thermal explosion bomb remotely.
In an amazing scene, a three-phase thermal explosion bomb accelerates again, and each has a high degree of flexibility to evade.
Forty stab parts go one hit.
Xu back startled the first wave of interception failed.
Harlan control comprehensive base Harlan looked at the projection picture and sneered. "Is the most advanced long-range intelligent guidance technology of Bluestar that you can break casually?"
Mai Peng’ ao looked at this scene behind him and felt cold.
Out of control.
The situation is out of control.
Or at this moment, his control over extraterrestrial life has dropped to freezing point.