Now the army of workers and peasants has easily defeated more than 200,000 troops of the Imperial Army and besieged the surrounding cities in three ways.
This is a record that even the revolutionary army has not achieved.
At first, the actual revolutionary army was almost as successful as those rebels, and then it was besieged and suppressed, which was not at all reassured by the empire.
However, it is precisely because they are not relieved that every time they encircle and encircle them, the imperial army is not strong and there are not many, and they have not been completely wiped out.
And many people who wanted to resist the empire went to them one after another, so they gradually grew stronger.
The former Najenda should also go to them and then drive more people to join the revolutionary army and finally overthrow the empire and establish the New Deal.
However, now the workers and peasants’ army has emerged.
In addition, according to the latest news, the imperial army has increased investment in various technologies in the hope of making more powerful weapons to counter the artillery units of the workers and peasants.
"Well …"
Seven nights nodded again.
The development of this world is a little crooked. There should be all the technology, but the army is still the master of cold weapons, and only a few elite troops will install guns.
But no equipment doesn’t mean they can’t make it.
Guns and artillery, which require the empire to increase investment, are believed to be able to be finalized and mass-produced soon, although the quality may not reach the level of workers and peasants.
The workers and peasants’ army is full of seven-night technology, which can be said to be mature equipment that can stand the test of actual combat.
Empire is not so easy in this respect. Although the technology is available, the industrial base is relatively weak, and there will be many problems at first.
But it’s no good letting them develop, which will cause a lot of trouble to the workers and peasants’ army
Or let the workers and peasants have stronger weapons here.
"Well, just studying centimani has given me a little experience, so I’ll try to make more powerful weapons."
Seven nights have a decision.
It’s a little strange to hear this.
"centimani? Imperial tools? Do you want to make an emperor? "
"There was once an emperor who thought the same thing, but it was a pity that he eventually made some courtiers."
"He is him, I am me, he has no skills, I have."
All smiles for seven nights.
Come on, you’ve learned something after studying so many imperial tools.
It is not only the technology of making imperial wares, but also the combination of science and theology. Even if the final product is not imperial wares, it will not be weaker than imperial wares.
It will be much stronger.
And manufacturing and even mass-producing a batch of weapons that can suppress the imperial army can ensure the superiority of the workers and peasants to the greatest extent.
For example, army
It is not so easy for the other side to catch up if the army can maintain its technological superiority.
Moreover, even after mastering the system, even if the imperial army develops artillery that is put into actual combat, it will still be suppressed by the army in the wind.
But the army is not so easy to train.
I gave up this idea for seven nights and planned to make something else.
But when I think about it, I feel very troublesome.
Just lie on the floor and lament.
"Ah! I just shot fuel air explosive and blew it all the way! "
But if you really want to talk, sending a bone directly to the heart of a minister is already half the battle.
But this is the world’s people. Let’s not worry too much about pursuing freedom war.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen Maybe …
In the shower
I have been bathing with Febrie for seven nights, and today is no exception.
Sit behind the little girl and wash her hair.
The little girl is playing with pink gung-tai, one of the few things she brought from that world.
The body has no growth psychology, but it grows up gradually.
"Na Seven Nights"
"Didn’t you teach me and Mine to sense natural energy before?"
Seven nights nodded.
This is also the subject he has been studying, trying to train ordinary people into capable people, like him, who can make natural energy capable
But it’s a pity that only Misaka Mikoto has succeeded so far.
Moreover, it was too easy to succeed, so I didn’t accept his advice, but I heard about a concept and then tried it and succeeded.
What experience does this method give seven nights?
It can’t be said that a few little girls can try it casually and then succeed casually, can it?
A girl like Misaka Mikoto is, after all, a minority or extremely rare. In some words, she is a genius once in a hundred years?
Let’s not talk about it
Generally speaking, the seven-night study has not been really successful so far.
No one, whether it’s Wansi Bao, Zuotian Tears, Mine or Febrie, has succeeded yet.
And Mine and Febrie have been trying for several years.
Although I was ignorant because I was young, and I didn’t work as hard as Zuotian Tears for three days of fishing and two days of drying nets.
But in the last two years, Mine has worked hard.
"But why do you suddenly say this?"