Gorgeous fireworks bloomed in the crystallization of "city" and several arrows flew down in the city …
Countless crystalline creatures fly high at this moment, or several crystalline powders are scattered on the ground.
"Continue bombing"
The bombardment of the crossbow hasn’t stopped yet. More arrows are flying from a distance. They fall into the street and blow up several crystallized creatures one after another. It’s like going crazy. They are running around the ground doing all kinds of meaningful actions.
Some arrows are not aimed at the streets, but at those buildings. After the explosion, huge buildings also have gaps.
"Is that … solid?" Scholars see that the inside of the building that has been blown out of the gap is still pure crystal, and there is nothing like it.
Boom! Boom Boom!’ More arrows flew one after another, and their buildings bombed several gaps in succession. The cylindrical building also shook, and after the last bombing, it gave off a series of cracks and collapses.
"It seems to be solid." Blood fog looked at the building and scattered crystal fragments. "There is nothing in it."
"Whatever it is! Keep bombing! Kill them all! Kill them! Their world creates earthquakes and destruction! " Scorpion seems to be very excited, constantly yelling excitedly.
But the bombing has stopped at this time.
"What? What’s not gonna blow up? Kill them quickly! I want to see them disappear! " Scorpion continued to shout.
"There aren’t many crossbows left," said the bug. "But they haven’t responded to the explosion …"
Mechanical water strider climbed to the ground along the building wall, and now they saw a desolate scene. The ground was full of cracks and fragments, and a large number of incomplete and amorphous biological bodies were everywhere, and there were many gaps in the surrounding buildings.
But none of these things responded. They were bombed in situ, and there was no sign of counterattack.
"Did we make a mistake at first?" The scholar said, "This is another kind of creature. Is there no connection between the city and the environment?"
"Even if there is no connection with the environment, they should find out," said the bug. "But … forget it and study it first."
Said water strider quickly dragged away a crystal creature whose body was generally intact and still alive from the ground before running, and then ran in the direction outside the city.
When water strider was running, scholars looked at the back and found that a large group of crystallized creatures rushed to the scene of the explosion from other parts of the city. They cleaned up the bodies and ran around as if looking for the murderer
However, water strider has already run out of the city to the former smooth crystallization plain, and then the explosion wheezes the insects to study the crystallization creatures dragged forward …
The research lasted for a long time, but it was still dark. Those crystallized creatures didn’t chase the city, so the research could be carried out smoothly …
"The research has come to a conclusion." All the creatures in the cockpit fell asleep except the scholar, but the bug published its research.
This kind of crystal organism that moves back and forth repeatedly is not an environment and does not belong to a cellular organism. It is a creature made of fine crystals. They have similar characteristics to the environment, that is, changing physical characteristics
"They can change into other creatures according to the eating object," said the bug. "That’s why they have so many shapes."
"Can even this be studied?" The scholar said, "I still can’t understand the things in it …"
"Because of the previous research, it is very similar to the environment, but it is obviously a homologous species, but the later evolution is like … Skeleton and Raptors," said the bug. "This kind of biological habit is similar to the division of labor species, but its thinking structure is very small, but it can share information with its neighbors, so it acts like the former."
"That is to say, they are not connected with the environmental roots?" The scholar said, "Did we just make a … division of species nest?"
"It’s not actually connected," said the bug. "Those buildings are not made by this creature. They can’t build buildings …"
Said the explosive wheeze bug point a picture picture shows the … Before the city.
"Although those crystalline creatures cleaned up their own similar bodies … but they ignored the destroyed buildings and didn’t try to repair or do nothing, but continued to move back and forth across the street …" The exploding bug said, "They didn’t care about the buildings at all …"
"Do you mean those buildings are made in the environment?" The scholar said