"Then try as much as possible. You are ready to pay for it. Fill your pockets first, and then don’t have money." Qi also said nothing.
"We’ll see"
This fierce war has broken out again.
When we came, we didn’t get the ball as easily as the first one. They followed us until half time, and we led by 7-6, but one point was easily surpassed.
At half-time, we were all in high spirits, just like soldiers going to the battlefield. Of course, half-time decided whether the game would win or lose.
First of all, Ying scored a dunk (the score was 86), but was quickly surpassed by Hyun by 3 points, but this time it was tied by Xin fen.
The last point is very important. Everyone will win, but I ran all over the half-court with the ball and stopped me when I was about to shoot. I could try to run there, but he chased me there, but I wouldn’t bend me so fast. I ran left and then right, and finally I got a point.
In this way, at the end of the game, we won by a score of 1-9. During the whole game, we waved a lot of sports cells and lay down.
"Hey, so-and-so, are your pockets ready?"
"Cut air what is not money? Master can afford it. "
We laughed when we heard this sentence. I don’t know if he knows how to say it later.
In this way, we went to the most luxurious and delicious restaurant in the city to eat. Qi ordered a lot of expensive and delicious food and ate it again. We looked at the raving man who had just exported it. He looked distressed. It seems that his wallet is running out.
"Qi Ke, don’t fool him. I think his pocket has been flattened by half." Ying Shi can’t see the past. Speak for someone and see someone grateful. Look at Ying.
"Let’s go, Ying," I also said.
"Yeah, well, the ice has said that, so let’s come again next time." Don’t forget to say something shocking to someone before you go.
"Hehehe" saw someone smirking there and saw Qi, so who dares to come with him again? Every time, you have to have your pockets bulging and flat.
In this way, today, someone is holding his wallet and feeling distressed there.
Chapter 16 Banquet? !
Today is Sunday, because I promised my parents that I would go home at least one day a week. I was just about to go out. Xin, Ying and Qi got up early and didn’t know where to go. Maybe they went home, maybe they went to play, and what’s more, they went shopping. I don’t know or want to know. They all know how to be careful.
I walked into the garage and told Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen that I wouldn’t come back today. Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen were a couple who were hired by us to help the housekeeper in the villa. Besides, there were no servants. I saw that they were very kind, so I respected them. After that, I left Ferrari and headed home.
"Europe, you’re here. You know how much Mommy misses you." As soon as I entered the door, Mommy dragged me and crawled on the sofa to listen to her complaints.
"K Mommy, stop you. If you do this again, I’m leaving."
"All right, I won’t bother you. You talk to Daddy and cook for you." Then he winked at Daddy and turned to the kitchen. It seems that there’s another plot, but don’t look at Mommy. She cooks like that, but it’s super good, but it’s a little worse than me.
"Bing, are you free tonight?" Daddy asked me
"Well, it’s not."
"oh? So that … "
"What’s the matter?"
"Well, do you know that uncle Duanmu?"
"Uncle Duanmu?"
"The one who used to come to our house when I was a child."
"Oh," I said urgently
"His son’s birthday is today, and his family held a banquet tonight. I want you to go with us and meet some people."
"Can you refuse?"
"You know," dad said with a heavy voice, but he just couldn’t refuse anyway.
"Oh, okay, I’ll go, but I’ll leave soon."
"It’s good to have you."
"Come on, Europe, let’s eat. Mommy made your favorite coke chicken wings."
"Wow, it smells good," he said, sitting at the table for dinner.
After eating, I walked into grandma’s front house and looked at the little things in the room as if they were intact, as if every little thing came to my mind.
"Can I come in?"
"Come in and bring Mommy."
"Don’t be sad. I believe grandma wants to see you happy. Go back to your room, have a wash and go to the party together."
"Oh" so I walked out of the room.
Please look forward to what will happen at the party.