This is a good skill.
The output frequency of two weapons attacking at the same time will be much higher!
It is a good skill for Xu Tianhua to get the fear of war. It can greatly increase the attack power, abnormal state resistance, defense and vitality, which is a good supplement for Xu Tianhua.
Since I met an old friend,
That must be treated well.
Hang Yu called Pang to prepare all kinds of dining tables.
Have a few glasses of beer in the spirit world, and everyone will get acquainted.
"On the one hand, I came here to say hello to you, on the other hand, I want to ask you for help."
"Lao Xu sure enough, what’s the matter without going to the Three Treasures Hall?" Hang Yu said, "We can help our comrades by fighting side by side for many times, and we will definitely not refuse hope. It’s not too much trouble."
Luo Yuanzheng said for Xu Tianhua, "Xu’s team coming to Jiangcheng will be responsible for investigating and chasing the intruders from the spiritual world. Three people fled at a time. According to the latest news and clues, they fled into the maze, a mysterious relic."
Hang Yu understood when he heard this.
It turned out that the former dark elf swordsmen, succubus witches and vampire Skynet executives obviously attached great importance to these spiritual invaders before they brought Xu Tianhua such powerful foreign aid to help.
Skynet has locked the approximate position of three people.
Then it must be Xu Tianhua who leads the team himself.
Xu Tianhua made a special trip to visit Hang Yu, mostly because he wanted to ask Hang Yu to help him. After all, this time it was too difficult, even though Skynet was full of talents, it was still difficult to reassure people.
Xu Tianhua understands Hangyu’s ability.
Kuang Hangyu raised a spiritual person.
Of course, Xu Tianhua won’t reveal such a thing.
Hang Yu fell into thinking, "It’s not easy. Those three guys are not as strong as usual, and the maze remains are also quite strange. This kind of action is risky."
It’s not that Hang Yu doesn’t have the guts.
The main reason is that Hang Yu doesn’t want to get into trouble for himself.
"I won’t let you suffer whether you succeed or not," added Xu Tianhua Bai Hangyu’s character institute. "I hope you will consider it carefully."
Choose hang Yu’s hand
Xu Tianhua doesn’t want Hangyu to be stiff.
If Hangyu refuses, he will not insist on borrowing a dog from Hangyu.
"Ok, I’ll go with you!"
Hang Yu’s answer inspired Xu Tianhua and Luo Yuanzheng.
"Good, good, this matter is settled!"
Xu Tianhua and Luo Yuanzheng were in a good mood and immediately Hangyu and Su Zhengcheng pushed a cup for a change and ate and drank for half an hour.
All four of them chatted very heartily.
However, Skynet is busy.
Two Skynet bosses can’t stay long.
Hang Yu didn’t talk about materials until Su Zhengcheng left.
"How about the four materials of impact drill amethyst, bamboo shoots, flashing secret silver and refined gold ore, and packing two hundred green crystals for you?" Su Zhengcheng said, "I couldn’t have sold this friendship price if I hadn’t looked at my own share."
Hang Yu didn’t make a counter-offer, "Thank you very much!"
This is indeed a friendly price!
Four copies are all blue materials.
At present, the output of blue materials is very low, with an average of only 50 green crystals per piece, so the price is not high.
"You’re welcome. If there is anything that can help, you can come out with me. If you can help, you will never refuse." Su Zhengcheng patted his chest and was very once upon a time in america. "We are a family after we are married!"
Why does this sound strange?
Is the old goods a hint?
Su Zhengcheng at the same time some worry "what do you want to promise Xu Tianhua? You don’t have to wade into this muddy water to hunt down the invaders in the spirit world. It’s too dangerous! "
He values Hangyu very much now.
I don’t want anything to happen to Hangyu.
Hang Yu calmly said, "Don’t worry, it’s okay."
He can resist most dangers with a dog and a small white base.
What’s more, Hangyu has installed a positioning stone at home, so if it doesn’t work, he will pull a scroll and send it, which is also his confidence.
Hang Yu is also a little interested in the spiritual world of these three secret witches and hermits.
Chapter 32 We were raped!
Subway entrance
Hang Yu brought the little white dog.
He glanced at the crowd. "Is that all?"
"There are twenty of us!" Xu Tianhua said, "It’s more than enough to have you, Xiao Bai and two dog help me."