"Brother Zhou is also here."
See Zhou Jia bearer face pan excited nasty pull behind two young people way
"You two come and meet Elder Mo and Uncle Zhou."
"Elder Mo!"
"Uncle Zhou!"
Young people’s voice is crisp and faint, with a little disregard for their age, all of them are around seventeen and all of them are seven.
"New entry brother?" Molikou
"Yes" Brother Le nodded.
"I have some connections with these two young elders, so I just helped Diandao and arranged to work here for nothing else."
"Please ask your predecessors to give more advice sometimes."
Don’t leave the broom. One of them quickly took it and cleaned it diligently.
"There’s not much going on here. Just be careful not to spoil it."
Zhou Jia withdrew his eyes and felt somewhat disappointed.
Once upon a time
He is still extremely uncomfortable with others calling him uncle and uncle.
After all, you are getting older and no longer young.
Shaking his head, he focused on a volume in his hand.
Detailed discussion on source and quality!
This is a volume introducing the source materials, including supersource materials, and some of them caught his attention.
Market boundary?
World fragments …
For so many years, Xuantianmeng has not only made progress in martial arts, but also explored the mysteries of the market world
Chapter 2 Practice
It’s not very clear what is supergenetic Zhoujia, knowing that it comes from the debris of the falling market world.