This brainwashing slogan is not so good. It’s still the same as the emperor
God loves the world so much that he gave them his only son, so that all who believe in him will not perish but have eternal life.
"Now, in addition to your mask of resisting external filth, God will return your hearts to the pure source and wash away all the dirt in the world at the beginning!"
The secret guards did not hesitate to reveal the truth in addition to the face mask immediately.
Yun Nie didn’t miss this opportunity to search for information, and quickly swept around, scanning faces with close field of vision into the database.
It took a second to compare, and I was immediately surprised to find that there were four or five "celebrities"
Yun Nie’s database has included a large number of news from various media in Woolf Empire. In the era of information, these news alone can cover 99% bigwigs.
These "celebrities" are from all walks of life, including military major generals, business elites and political rookies.
But these people represent a huge force to be reckoned with, and these people are still a small part of the secret guard group!
If you calculate the right strength again …
Yun Nie felt that he still looked down upon the two emperors.
No wonder people can compete with their old rivals. If the two sides really want to fight with each other, I’m afraid the imperial emperor really can’t say for sure that they can hold the wind.
What makes him wonder is how so many elites from all walks of life can be dead set on the second emperor. Is this cult really so powerful?
At this time, the shadow also reveals a pale and handsome face except the mask.
Yun Nie swept through the shadow and his face was a little strange.
"This is really … bad taste …"
Even if you have already seen the true face of the shadow, you will have a chilling feeling every time you look at Yun Nie.
If Red Dragon and Messiah can see the shadow in front of them, I’m afraid they will lose their manners on the spot.
Because ….. The shadow looks impressively the dead emperor is exactly the same!
That’s right! This shadow is a clone and it is also the clone of the great emperor!
I personally killed my eldest brother, and then I got a clone to kill the old emperor’s department … What kind of twisted psychology would do this?
Yun Nie while undercover this period of nature is already the shadow all checked upside down. It turns out that this guy is not only a clone, but also shows signs of excessive ripening and genetic modification.
Precise but rough genetic modification makes Shadow have a four-dimensional attribute that ordinary people are difficult to enterprise, so that it can control Shadow, a high-speed assassin-type strange mecha, but it also leaves great hidden dangers.
Shadow not only needs long-term inhibitory drugs, but also the body is already overwhelmed
According to Yun Nie’s analysis, I’m afraid the remaining life of the shadow has been less than one year, and the shadow itself is very clear about this.
Yun Nie has determined that the shadow body has no control means like "mini brain bomb" or "brain wave shackles"
Knowing that he would die, he was still loyal to the Emperor who caused all these tragedies. Yun Nie can attribute these manifestations of shadow to brainwashing "basic education"
Obviously, the shadow and these three views of secret guards have been brainwashed by the two emperors’ religion and reformed thoroughly.
However, as soon as Nie Yun made this conclusion, it was directly overturned.
Because … the idol shines …
"Believers accept the baptism of God and let their hearts return to your gods! He who believes in me will live forever! "
The two emperors’ arms and faces were covered in the black light of Shenhui with a self-centered smile.
Yun Nie looking at radiant with strange black giant statues in the heart of a storm!
His horror is not like a miraculous arrival scene in front of him, but in all directions in consciousness induction … Great spiritual strength!
The second emperor … Is a spiritual ability!
Didn’t you say that this guy hates mental abilities? What’s the situation now?
Peer repulsion?
Yun Nie can feel the spirit of the Second Emperor’s body being magnified by hundreds of times through that strange statue and then expanding the whole square.
"Come back! Minister! Believe … Those who believe in me will live forever … "
This unknown spiritual force influenced Yun Nie to feel that there was a voice in his heart constantly drilling into his mind, trying to make himself regard the second emperor in front of him as the only minister who believed in God and worshipped him.
Group spirit charm? !
I was shocked to see a group of people around me, their eyes became more and more fanatical, and they kept prostrating themselves as if they could not wait to show their loyalty. A group of secret Wei Nieyun finally knew that they still looked down upon people’s brainwashing methods.
No wonder you can’t even detect it yourself. It’s invisible brainwashing on the spiritual level!
Obviously, the second emperor can control these secret guards and make them die hard. It is not religious brainwashing or personal charm but this long-term "spiritual brainwashing"!
What regular pilgrimage is simply to worry about the loss of skill effect and to pull people back to make up for the skill effect!