What does she want?
What feeling is more positive than’ Lord’?
What benefits can Lord give her to make her so active?
George VI had some speculation in his heart.
This made his fingers tremble slightly when he was fiddling with the ruins, and when he saw the hidden rubble traces, he immediately concealed such a strange sound. He shouted-
"I found it!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Performance!
face/confront each other
"Gentleman" and "Wolf" are facing each other.
At this time, the "wolf" is no longer a "wolf" but a shirtless man, but the smell of the beast has not dissipated, on the contrary, it has become more and more rich.
Every time I look up, my teeth are like beasts.
"Not me!"
"I didn’t kill the bartender!"
"Wolf" growled that sound as if it were squeezed out of his throat.
"Gentleman" is some ugly face.
In his mind, this is a very good opportunity.
Take the opportunity of’ Wolf’
Now they are allied.
But it’s just an alliance
He needs a more powerful … dog!
Caught hold of the’ wolf’
Gentleman’ seems to be a plan to completely meet his needs.
More important than Eisenkol
There is a’ wolf’
To some extent, Eisenkol has no value to kill and get that thing.
So he concealed it.
He needs a deal.
He supported a snake, but he didn’t expect a wolf to be so rude.
"Wolf, we are friends."
"Gentleman" emphasizes.
"Friends don’t slander me."
"I didn’t kill the bartender."
"Wolf" yi tooth once again stressed.
"But you were left at the scene, and there were traces of wolf claws like the body of the bartender-I don’t know who else can stay except you."
"Gentleman" laughed
"Someone set me up!"
"Wolf" retorted.
The’ gentleman’ smiled more brilliantly.
"That’s right"
"Someone set you up."
"But who will believe it?"
"I will believe you. The snake may believe you, but what about others?"
"What will they think?"
The "gentleman" knows how to deal with the "wolf", but his impatience made him lose his heart, and now he is slowly regaining his impatience.
And the "gentleman" in my heart hates "pharmacist" and "farmer" more and more.
If it weren’t for these two bastards, how could he be so impatient?
He carefully trained his agents, and they were all killed and wounded.
The original site is even worse.
It can be said that there is no 30-year root method to return to its original peak.
It’s all these two bastards!
But …
If we can kill these two bastards and eat their territory, everything will be worth it.