It turned out that the sword he taught was not ours, so the evil karma was also. "
He also said to the teeth, "Anyone who meets us in the future can enter the array to finish the disaster."
Tooth got the decree to Lu Peng to pay the humanitarian "Japan broke the Wanxian array, and everyone entered the array to see the fate of the male and female."
Many people heard that be in heaven didn’t watch.
Lingqing returned to Wanxian Array and replied to the leader of Tongtian. The leader took a look at the arrival and led the Taoist priest to say, "Then wait for another day and get ready with peace of mind."
"Yes!" Wanxian Qiqi should way
See the tongtian hierarch close your eyes and wander around. The immortals are each preparing for Lingqing, and they are also preparing for Lingdao people in the corner of Guatai.
Previously, when the Virgin gave herself a magic weapon to Taoist Ling and others for self-defense, only one sword was left, which was brushed away by Kong Xuan’s five-color divine light in the whole fairy array.
Fortunately, Lingqing was ready to give her the wonderful tree of Merit, Golden Wheel and Wanbao.
Now Wan Xian array is more dangerous than Zhu Xian array, and it is naturally impossible for him to take it back at this time.
So at this time, the two treasures are still in the hands of the Virgin.
And he still has treasures in his hand, such as Wan Hua Fu Chen, Xing He Tu, Imperial Spirit Whip, Mixed Yuan Zan, Yehuo Honglian, Wan Baojian, Yin Yang Furnace, etc.
The most important thing is that Qing Di Jiuchongque has been no less powerful than some powerful innate Lingbao since he was refined into Linghuang Daoguo.
Previously, I was able to resist Pangu Zan’s attack when I was in the array of immortals.
Although it was made by the cloud, although it was killed after a blow.
But it also shows its power.
In addition, he also has six soul banners given by the Tongtian leader.
With the arrival of the leader, he took back the green ping sword and purple hammer from the hands of Notre Dame Dolly and Notre Dame Turtle.
After all, if you don’t have a magic weapon, it’s his sage’s honour and method to join hands with the four saints to get out of several rounds.
However, he didn’t want to leave the six souls, and Ling Qing didn’t return them.
He tidied up a magic weapon and finally took out this triangular banner.
At this time, the six banners are still like this.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty-one A total of ten thousand immortals
According to the suggestion of Lingqing and others, the leader of Tongtian decided to directly open the Wanxian Array for the final battle.
So these six soul banners are just around the corner.
Ling Qing is going to write taboo at the end of the banner with a pen that will wipe the dust.
I was about to put pen to paper when I suddenly had a thoughtful eyebrow eye.
Even though he was not prepared when he got the six banners, he thought about who to write at the end of these six banners.
It turned out that he was thinking of writing four names, namely, Guang Cheng, Chi Jing, Yu Ding Zhenren and Dao Xing Tian Zun, on condition of anonymity.
After all, they took away the four swords of Zhu Xian and it was time for them to be there.
Don’t blame yourself for being unkind if their own refined treasures are too aggressive.
However, at this time, a thought cannot be so.
During the Japanese War, it must have been the leader of Tongtian against the four saints
Although it is already known that it can’t be beaten, if the leader of Tongtian drags the four saints for a long time, the more obvious this advantage will be for the interception of Wanxian.
Therefore, Lingqing thought about it and wrote four saints’ names.
What harm did the six souls’ banners do to them, but they were sacrificed by the leader of Tongtian. Even the four saints could not be unprepared to treat them as things.
If he shakes this banner at the key moment, he can also delay them for a while, which will make the leader of Tongtian occupy the wind for a while.
Then he wrote two more names, but he didn’t like one of the four.
Yu Zhuxian’s four swords, he touched his arms, and gave up the plan of Zhu Xianarray when it was a big deal.
Although Zhu Xian Jian array is the most powerful attack magic weapon in his hand, it takes too much effort to sacrifice and refine this treasure.
However, he has been careful to deal with it today, and things have been going through many twists and turns, which has also made him angry.
After all, it is time to fight impudently.
This reminds him of the experience of the Lich Wars.
It’s just a matter of calculation. In the end, it’s time to fight for a day.
Put away the six soul banners, close your eyes and wait for the day.
Tong people listened to Wan Xian array, one by one, their hearts itched and they couldn’t wait to see it.