I’m sorry. Why don’t you come with a full stomach? Terrible.
"Cotton for three months" Yan to a hug her way
Sue cotton one leng a long time have no reaction to come over.
"Ah …" I didn’t know what he said until I was picked up by Yan Gui.
"The king has been confused by you recently." Yan Gui is almost biting his teeth.
"Report …" Su Mian knew that he wouldn’t let go and didn’t struggle, whether it was a child or she or he had hurt her?
When they entered the room, there was a blush sound soon.
Green ink and exquisite out of the house face is red.
"This … only three months …" Green ink hesitated.
"Don’t think about it. It’s okay. Report knows." Linglong took her to the distance.
The newcomer will stay in the palace, and the prince will not move. What are the taboos here?
Your report loves the Lord dearly. That’s the first copy. How can it make the Lord suffer?
An hour later, Su Mian pouted and lay on the couch. "The sovereign is weak."
Yan Guizheng sat up and was very anxious to overwhelm her again.
"Sue cotton! You have to push your luck. After a few months, you will have a baby and see if the king will not toss you to death! " I am afraid that she will feel bad and hurt the child, but she will get a bad sentence! I can’t stand being a man.
Su Mian giggled for the first time. His first name is her.
"Wang Ye is not angry, is he too weak to help me dress?" Su Mian’s little hand hooked Yan Gui’s clothes and spoiled.
"Wang is powerless, if you don’t wear it yourself?" Yan to squint at her Gherardini way
"Report God’s divine power is not all terrible. Report …" Su Mian became more delicate.
Yan Gui’s fire kept her down and dressed her inside.
Su Mianyan sat for dinner, and it was getting dark. She didn’t remember that Zhou was in a bad mood after pregnancy, and many things didn’t bother to think about having a square mammy anyway.
The next morning, after Yan returned to the government, Su Mian got up and didn’t come to get dressed. He saw the green ink outside saying, "The main Zhou family is here."
"Well, wait," Su Mian said lazily.
She changed into a lake green skirt and beige belt, combed her hair in a single bun and inserted a white jade hairpin to fix her hair.
"Tell them to come in and wait on my dinner." Isn’t that what Baba is doing since he came so early?
Sue cotton said with a smile
Jin Zhou soon came in, but they didn’t dare to look up together, but something went wrong, saying, "Greet the princess."
"Greet Princess Su."
Su Mianshou paused at the corner of his mouth to evoke a faint smile for a long time. I haven’t heard the name Su Fangfei for a long time. Who is it again? Oh, it’s Qin Zhoushi
This is also Zhou.
Su Mian won’t do it or cry.
She sat by indigo naturalis.
Indigo didn’t wake her, saying, "Let’s drink a small bowl of longan and jujube soup first. Dr. Liang said that we should replenish qi and blood." Then she filled a bowl.
"Well, it’s quite good." Su Mian took a sip and nodded.
It’s smooth, sweet and delicious.
Kim and Zhou have been squatting for a long time, and they are already trembling. Kim’s face is very ugly, and she can’t wait to tear up Zhou.
Zhou is really feel Sue cotton Canada is not a side princess?
"Kim?" Su mian called one
"Male and female concubine" Kim busy should way.
"Would you like to serve me?" Sue cotton gave her a look and laughed
"Maids and concubines are willing to" Kim got up and took the little girl to the basin to clean her hands, and then put a soft waxy cake to Su Mian.
This table is full of princess’s favorite food, no doubt, no need to speculate.
Sue cotton is not difficult. She just took a bite and nodded gently.
And that Zhou eventually squatted and dared not get up and dare not speak again.
"Today’s breakfast is very good to reward them." Su Mian took the indigo naturalis’s last bite and handed it to gargle, then smiled.
"If the Lord eats well, it’s their blessing. Handmaiden will be rewarded soon," said indigo naturalis.