"Say something …" Zhong Man patted Ah Huan’s head and made it tremble.
"I … I’m Ah Huan, a monster in the everglades, and my witchcraft is to change human form …" Ah Huan gushed about it.
Ah Huan said that he led a group of monsters to attack villages near the Everglades after being ordered by the Snake Nine Yous to turn into a forest. In each attack, the monsters left some alive, and Ah Huan deliberately appeared in the most conspicuous position and shouted for the living to see.
In this way, the monsters created a series of attacks during the period of Molin Everglades, which also made the word "Molin" become the name of the devil when the people in the Everglades smelled it.
Hearing Ah Huan talk about those brutal attacks, Molin hates her teeth and itches. I can’t wait to rush over and cramp and peel it until it’s recruited. Molin’s fist clenched tightly and rattled because of too much force.
"Forgive me, I was ordered to do it!" O Huan will finish everything and see Mo Lin’s livid face, knowing that things are not good, jump for mercy.
"Did you personally kill the koo people?" I’ve been quietly listening to Ah Huan’s call for Mo Ren to ask in a calm tone
Ah Huan froze, thumped his head and cried, "Don’t Mohist love me for a chance?"
Mo Ren shook his head. "Mo Ren really loves to attack, but to achieve our dream, we have to punish violence first. Since you didn’t give those kooks a chance and we repaid them with good deeds, what can we do to repay those who helped us?"
Ah Huan turned pale and looked around in fear. Suddenly, he saw Mo Lin rolling and crawling to his feet, hugging Mo Lin’s legs and pleading.
Molin shook his head and said, "I can’t help you."
Ah Huan’s face turned livid and said, "If you don’t save me, I’ll tell you your secret!" It’s obviously frustrated and wants to pull someone to die with it.
"Go ahead," said Mo Lin, becoming calm.
"He’s really red dragon reincarnation! He is really! " O Huan turned and shouted at Mo Ren.
The faces of the people in the room changed slightly, especially the three people who had never seen Mo Lin. They all looked at Mo Lin with great interest and looked back and forth as if he had something interesting.
Mo Ren waved his hand and said, "It’s crazy. Pull it and give it a good time."
Zhong Man picked up Ah Huan, and when he opened his mouth, he shouted, he reached out and put his hand on his neck. His hand was like a sword, and this gentle touch cut off Ah Huan’s words and made a sob.
With Ah Huan struggling or being dragged out by Zhong Man, the room was silent, and the ink writers’ eyes glanced over Mo Lin’s face intentionally, probably to see his reaction.
"Mo Lin, you don’t listen to its nonsense. Monsters want to counterattack. We humans want to bully and coerce the seven big family brothers. Those so-called red dragon reincarnations are just rumors." Mo Ren’s eyes cut Mo Lin’s face like a knife and saw his face calm as usual. Finally, he slowly said
"It’s so ridiculous that even a three-year-old child won’t believe it," Mo Lin said calmly. He finally didn’t lie directly because he had a deep-rooted reverence for Mo Ren.
This reverence comes from the spiritual education of Mohism since childhood, and also from the passion for the giant Mo Qilin of the previous generation. Although these emotions are complicated like a mess, Molin insists on his choice.
"You are a good boy. You have worked hard for a while these days. Go home and have a good rest for a few days." Mo Ren said gently.
"Xie Ju" Mo Lin bowed deeply.
Walking out of the Mohist Tower, I saw a bleak village scene due to the coming of winter, and the ink forest seemed like a lifetime ago.
A snowflake fell from the sky, and then the snowflakes fluttered on the roof, and the trees and the earth snowed more and more heavily, and soon a thin layer of snow was laid on the ground.
Looking at the snow scene in front of the Mo Lin Mo Tower, I could hardly bear to step out and destroy the whole piece of white.
"It’s like a piece of white bread." Someone said lazily behind him.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to prepare the domain name.
Mo Lin looked back and saw that the obese ink man had just seen a fruit from his pocket, wiped it in his mouth and chewed it up.
"What a strange metaphor …" Ink Lin heart way
"Hello, my name is Nie Renlong." Obese Mohist chewed the fruit in twos and threes, and took out two from his pocket to pass one of them to Mo Lin, which was very kind and said.
"Thank you" Molin thought he was very interesting and accepted his kindness. He wiped his skirt and put it in his mouth and took a bite.
"What a sweet fruit!" A stream of sweet ink filled his mouth and he could not help admiring.
Nie Renlong pouted, "No matter how sweet you are, I can give you one."
"He is willing to give you a fruit, which is already a friend of yours. I have known him for more than ten years, and I have eaten a fruit from him." A young man turned out from behind Nie Renlong. It was Zhong Man.
Seeing Zhongman Molin busy saluting, he said, "Thank you for helping me find out the truth."
"Duty is not appreciated" Zhong Man smiled slightly. He was not much older than Mo Lin. He always raised his mouth slightly with a relaxed expression, which made people feel very close.
"We all almost died. Thank you. How can we invite you to dinner?" Behind Zhong Man, two people came out to talk. It was the handsome young ink writer, and beside him was the other elegant silent ink writer.
Seeing Mo Lin looking straight over, the ink man added, "What are you looking at? It’s always a man!"