Seizing the cold in front of Tianshi Zun is different from taking food from the tiger’s mouth, but it has succeeded. Who is this person? Poison statue’s eyes fluctuate "again". At this time, poison statue’s gnashing of teeth is intriguing. Soon, poison statue didn’t give up her mind, and the qi moved like mercury, and surrounded the surrounding area. She believed that Zhang Tao could not disappear before her eyes without rhyme or reason.
The true qi sweeps the earthworms in the surrounding land bit by bit, and they are all discovered by the poison statue, but just don’t find any breath in Zhang Tao’s eyes. There is a surprise in his eyes. The "mysterious man" thinks that Zhang Tao’s hair turns white and he can hide from his eyes and ears. The eyes of the poison cloud are inexplicable.
Zhang Tao cross his legs in the Mishu Tower and sits in disregard of the changes outside. Although Sunday’s nature can digest the cold of the world, the extremely frozen spring is not so simply absorbed.
Zhang Tao will also call up the frost feather. Anyway, the frost feather also needs a lot of power to help the advanced Zhang Tao. Of course, he is willing to help.
The extremely ice-free spring seems to have intelligent life. Zhang Tao’s body keeps flowing, and Zhang Taoli’s layers of blockade nets gradually narrow the movable range of the extremely ice-free spring.
The fight between trapped animals is just a futile struggle. At this time, Zhang Tao’s skin is full of water droplets, and these water droplets are sending out amazing cold. The cold is like dancing fairies, and the frost feathers are like inhaling smoke.
"Cold spirit crystal out!" Zhang Tao’s eyes are frozen. Although he is trapped by himself, he needs a lot of true qi when he wants to refine thoroughly. Zhang Tao is afraid that he will be weak and directly takes out his own trump card. Since you are cold in the world, I will deal with you with him. It is so inevitable that you can be tamed.
If not, the cold spirit essence crystal seems to feel something terrible struggling to resist when it comes to an extremely ice-free spring, but the double cooperation between Zhang Tao and cold spirit essence crystal gradually loses its resistance ability.
"Very good!" Zhang Tao strengthened refining while the iron was hot. I still remember that when I absorbed cold crystal, I helped ice for nine days. At this moment, ice is both water and ice.
Extremely ice-free springs! It was originally a cold thing, but it kept the fluctuation and shape of water. I have to sigh the magic of nature! At this time, the cold crystal and the extremely frozen spring are intertwined. It seems that the ice hockey exudes liquid attachment, just like the silver gauze gently rippling around the ice hockey, just like the planet and the ring.
"Let’s get together like this. You are all cold in the world!" Zhang Tao’s face gave me a smile, and the water droplets on her skin gradually disappeared. A strange smell emanated from Zhang Tao’s body, and it was like a mist aura being dispersed by this smell.
In this way, the extremely ice-free spring and the cold crystal just stay in Zhang Tao’s body, and a refreshing chill spreads from all parts of the body
Gently spit out a mouthful of polluted air, which is actually cold. If the outside world is just such a breath, the water surface can be frozen.
"Nine-level martial artist!" Zhang Tao is holding his right fist and feeling the powerful strength of his body. This kind of pleasure is like a wild horse galloping on the prairie and singing happily. "Now what I need is to understand the innate state. I already have enough strength." If I don’t understand the realm of innate masters, it’s just a nine-level martial artist to continue to increase my strength. It’s like a baby who has billions of wealth but doesn’t know how to make roots meaningless.
"At this time, if I move the aura of heaven and earth, maybe I can compete with the master of the innate level of the Five Qi Chao Yuan, right? I don’t know what will happen if the body is extremely frozen and the cold crystal is made? " Zhang Tao stretched a # # # body at this time only to find that the frost feather once again entered the ice cocoon, obviously it evolved again.
"Progress Frost Feather I will also become stronger. I am really looking forward to seeing you next time." Zhang Tao walked out of the Mishu Tower. At this time, Yunlong Mountain was still carefully observing around in the middle of the night to make sure that no one was there before Zhang Taocai entered the depths of the forest.
"This time, I have sinned against poison. Regardless of high strength, it is urgent." Zhang Tao took wood blade and jumped into the forest.
The Yunlong Mountain incident in Haoran University has come to an end, but the matter of seizing the extremely frozen spring has been heated up. Actually, someone poisoned the tiger and pulled out the beard before the statue, and it was not only that, but also successful.
Four innate masters and one Tianshi Zun! With so many strong people standing around, can you still get the sacredness of retreating in the cold?
When Dong Dao and Yu Song speculated every day, several witnesses revealed amazing information. Although they didn’t see the man, they saw that he was silver and white-haired
These four words come out, others may not know who they are, but the expression of Tianyuecheng people is wonderful. Yu Song has a big mouth. "No?" Isn’t this incredible?
Dong Dao sighed, "What that man’s apprentice did really can’t be judged by common sense."
In the institution of higher learning, it is also more shocking than Meng Huagu’s lofty interpretation of listening to the cold Qin Huanran’s poem, and the Wangs’ sisters Mo Lengfeng’s department were shocked by this news.
Mo Lengfeng leaned against the corner of the mouth in front of the stone room with a radian. "You are such a guy."
The Wangs’ sisters’ personality is the most troublesome. They immediately screamed and grabbed Qin Huanran Weiyang and others and kept asking, "Do you guess Zhang Tao?"
If others say yes, they will ask Zhang Tao, though powerful, how can Tianshi Zun and four innate masters rob the world of cold?
If others say it’s not, they will ask, "Silver hair is like Zhang Tao"? The people in Tonghuage are the ones who believe that Zhang Tao can create miracles, and they are overjoyed.
And Sun Yueqing and Shi Yun’s beautiful faces are full of complex and faint worries, and they have been flying for nine days. Bold. "
Although the disappearance of the extremely frozen spring led to the loss of the training place in the institute, Haoran University did not seem to panic as expected, and the top ten masters were also a so-called touch.