Therefore, Vice President Jiang’s words in the factory are still very good.
Ji Shu was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to do it without spending a penny.
"But our factory is a state-owned factory after all, and you know that the advertising form can’t be too detached when you go out from the second factory, or you must conform to the spirit of seriousness and liveliness."
Deputy director Jiang told me to put out the creative flame in Ji Shuxin again.
But advertising is better than nothing.
Busy JiShu nodded "thank you, ginger, deputy master! We’re tentatively scheduled to open in five days, and I’ll bring you a copy of the menu and what materials, just how to write it and see the meaning of the factory magazine. "
"No problem, Ji Shu. You know it’s good to advance and retreat."
Vice President Jiang smiled and saw that Ji Shu was somewhat disappointed and said, "Although you can’t play freely, at least you can bring some guests, but I suggest you don’t expect too much."
Jishu nodded.
Lin Cuilan also said, "Do you know how many people are really looking at people? Many people in this factory print it to clean the table. Don’t count on it. "
"I know this! Thank you, Master Lin and Deputy Master Jiang for your help! "
When I got home late, Ji Shu took a shower and lay in bed.
After moving to Master Lin’s house, Ji Chang’s little darling slept in the living room, and Ji Tian and Liu Caijuan slept in a separate room for Ji Shu.
Ji Shu didn’t tell Liu Caijuan how much she wanted a room of her own, but Liu Caijuan did it. This kindness is just her own mother, right?
Ji Shu lay in a soft but tough stretch bed thinking about what he had seen all day today.
Tech is, after all, a place in our own class, and we can’t be too stiff with students. She took care of this floor and abruptly suppressed the fire.
Now, as night falls, the dry evening breeze caresses the faint golden curtains, but it stirs up the fire again.
She changed
Generation forbearance is so powerless as if cowardice were written into the bone marrow; Anger in this generation is so exciting that you can hear your heart roar.
"Since your school magazine doesn’t advertise for me, I’ll get a newspaper myself?"
She clenched her fist.
You have something to say.
Ji Shu couldn’t bear it.
There is also a big fat chapter that will be released at 11 pm. Go to bed early, babies, and watch it the next day! Love you!
Chapter 116 Chapter 116
Lao Zhang, the curator of the library, is an old man of science and technology
He is a veteran soldier who has been transferred to civilian jobs. After he retired from the army for physical reasons, he was placed in the Polytechnic University and became the curator of the library.
In this era, many post leaders are half-way monks.
Lao Zhang is diligent, dressed neatly every day and walks like a flag-raising guard of honor.
Ji Shu, a new employee of the library, arrived on time just at 6: 30 a.m.
Every day, the library staff will arrive half an hour ago and open at 7 o’clock to make preparations.
Ji Shu greeted Lao Zhang. "Good morning, curator Zhang!"
Lao Zhang smiled and said, "Good, good!"
He made a cup of tea and walked to the student activity center with an enamel cup.
Lao Zhang has always respected college students. He thinks that college students are the greatest, and Tianjiao also respects the students of the Student Union.
He came here today because he has something to entrust to the student union.
President Cao of the student union is just a senior student, but he is more than a serious leader. He has a special office in the student activity center.
Lao Zhang knocked at the door and saw that President Cao’s desk was piled with files, which was more than the curator of this library.
"Xiao Cao, I said last time that our library needed a school newspaper to publish our weekly catalogue of newly arrived pictures. This is a suggestion from the students in the suggestion book. I think it’s very good. What do you think?"
President Cao got up with a smile on his face and bent down to pick up the kettle at his feet.
He shook the brand-new red kettle and found that there was no water. He frowned and shouted at the top of his voice, "There is no hot water! What the hell! "
The tone is extremely impatient.
Then he said to Lao Zhang, "curator Zhang, our student union has already held a meeting to discuss this matter, but we just need some classics, and maybe we need to give them to our school newspaper from the library classics."
Lao Zhang took the tea urn and took a sip of strong tea. "The library classics must be in the blade! The computer research institute is about to introduce a foreign database with us, and the database money should be saved. "
"Does curator Zhang mean that this would rather be organized for foreigners than for our students?"
"I didn’t mean it, XiaoCao. Do you know what modernization needs to be reformed now …"
"Zhang curator, why don’t you go to the headmaster or the rich man here and apply for a little more classics? Our school newspaper also needs more classics. I’m really sorry. "
President Cao came over to hold curator Zhang’s hand. "Besides, those people in the Computer Research Institute are all foreigners. You should always keep your eyes open!"
Zhang curator spirit not dozen 1 come high tone "XiaoCao you are a student, why are you so … so …"
Lao Zhang is searching for the right words. President Cao is still smiling. "You don’t know that I have stayed in school, so we are colleagues. I will also be in charge of students after work. We will get along well with the library as always!"
Lao Zhang opened his mouth and stared at his eyes. His throat seemed to be stuck by a fishbone. Some words could not be swallowed and spit out.