"Jeff (Foster), you should pay attention to the supplementary defense, especially the flank defense, so Roy can’t easily break through, you know?"
O ‘Brien talked endlessly and talked a lot. Li Cheng listened very carefully. He wanted a chance to prove himself and verify the "top basketball system".
The half-time game once again entered the pioneer rhythm, and the weak little Deng Liwei was beaten into a sieve. O’ Brien looked very ugly. He looked at the suit and tie and shook his head.
Now this pedestrian line is very weak, and the only advantage is the depth of the frontcourt.
And Qiqi is their biggest shortcoming and shooting guard.
Daniels is a breakthrough with no three-point ability. Unfortunately, this guy is still injured. Deng Liwei Jr. is a soft egg. His organizational ability of approaching Bird is even more illusory. O’ Brien hopes that these two guys can fit together
The second position of the team is a huge loophole and has no advantages and disadvantages. How can it not be blown up? Although Granger tried his best, he failed to help the team get ahead.
Even Kobe Bryant can’t help the team get into the playoffs on his own. Is it Granger?
In the seventh minute of the last quarter, the Pacers’ Trailblazers’ score difference came to 11 points again. Seeing that the team is about to have a losing streak, seeing that its team is about to have a double-digit losing streak, can O ‘Brien not worry? Although he racked his brains and couldn’t think of a solution to the problem, he still had to struggle, right?
O ‘Brien called a time-out. He was going to replace Deng Liwei Jr., who was sleepwalking because he was screened?
"The coach asked Li to try again!" Granger took a swig of Gatorade and wrote in O ‘Brien’s ear.
O ‘Brien gave Granger a puzzled look and then nodded his head. Anyway, now he can’t think of any solution to this scene. It is better to let Li Cheng go to gangsters and complete the boss’s entrustment!
"oh! Shit, that China guy was changed again. Is O ‘Brien out of his mind? Is he ready for a losing streak? I bet this guy’s coaching career lasts until the end of the season at most, "complained Mark Boyle."
Seeing that Li Cheng was changed again, Shh sounded again. "What is this? The sick man of East Asia has been changed again? "
"Damn that pretty boy, he’s going to help us win a losing streak."
"The playoffs are expected again this season."
In fact, this is also O ‘Brien’s move. If there is even a little way, he will not agree to change Li Cheng.
At the beginning of this season, Indiana fans still regarded their team as a playoff team, but now their fantasy bubble has finally burst, so they can figure it out but let it go.
At one time, this Pacer was as hard as Detroit and as deep as Dallas. They were all teams in the league and didn’t want to face their opponents. But now? In the face of the situation, I actually changed my ability to speak of China people
The negative emotions of the fans turned into boos and gave them to Li Cheng.
In the face of this, Li Cheng smiled indifferently. After winning the "Basketball Top System", he seemed to be reborn and his heart experienced a nirvana.
Outlaw saw Li Cheng again. He smiled and walked beside Li Cheng. "Hey! There you go again! The skin itches again. Are you looking for abuse again? I advise you to go back to your mother’s arms and nurse! The nba is really not for you. You are softer than that guy (Deng Liwei Jr.)! "
Li Cheng directly took outlaw’s provocation as anger. He didn’t look at the latter and went straight over.
"oh! How dare you be so arrogant? I hope you dare to catch the ball later. I want to educate you well. "
Jamal Tinsley controlled the ball steadily over the half-court, playing streetball. He was born with superb ball control ability. He was watching his teammates move. Basketball was like an obedient elf in his hand.
A shake shook Jack’s defensive right hand and sent the ball forward to Granger’s hand.
Nowadays, the most stable scoring point for the Pacers is that almost every attack ball of the Pacers passes through Granger’s hands.
After holding the ball on the flank, Granger shrank and squeezed Roy, and soon he was double-teamed. He just saw Li Cheng running in the corner of his eye, and he didn’t hesitate to throw the ball to Li Cheng.
"The ball to China people again? After that, the developer added another rebound. "
"Shit, he doesn’t seem to have prepared the ball! Does he want to come by himself? "
Like thousands of bees flying with their wings at the same time, Li Cheng didn’t frown-he was planning to complete this attack
"hey! Soft egg, do you dare to shoot? " Outlaw’s provocation once again entered Li Cheng’s ear.
Li Cheng sneered, "Can you stop me if I vote here?"
Xu Huang turned and leaned back, and Li Cheng made a shot that people all over the world couldn’t think of-leaning jump shot.
Otterlogan didn’t expect Li Cheng to take a jump shot, but he wasn’t worried. He knew that it was impossible for the China man to make this extremely difficult shot.
"Shit is shit. How dare he throw back a jumper?"
"This China man must be crazy. What is in his head!"
O ‘Brien smiled wryly. "How could I have thought of putting this China man away? You can’t carve rotten wood! "
Mark Boyce is yelling into the microphone, "Even if we lose, we can’t accept this method. This China man made such a choice when the team was so difficult. He doesn’t deserve to be a pacer."
However, Li Cheng confidently looked at the ball that flew to the basket. He just confidently watched the basketball draw a beautiful arc in the middle and then … fell into the basket and made a beautiful wave in the basket.
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The third chapter is expected to win
With the basketball lightly falling into the basket, there was a short silence in Cances Arena.
"The goal? Once again, the Chinese in the field hit a shot with a jump shot. "Mark Boyle was the first to react. He said flatly, actually, he absolutely didn’t believe that the China man scored the goal by strength, and he was a commentator. It’s hard to say it.
"Shit! This ball actually scored? "
"You still don’t allow that pretty boy to have any luck?"
"I bet he got the ball in."
The fans didn’t buy Li Cheng’s goal, but at least they didn’t hiss anymore.
After Li Cheng scored, his expression turned back. Although his expression did not change, his heart was like a spring breeze. "Basketball Top System" really brought him changes, and his strength really increased a lot.