But now he’s looking at his teammates’ faces … that’s confusion. That’s unbelievable. What is it? How come… We’re two goals behind? How did all this happen? Confusion is nothing, but it is disappointing, but there is not much fighting spirit in confusion.
They think about the score and the goal just now, but they don’t think about playing hard.
Can we still win?
Lampard is confused, but he can firmly say to everyone, "It’s just two goals. There’s nothing for us to get back!"
Chelsea coach’s seat
Ranieri sat in his seat with his head in his hands, and his gray hair clung to his front temples, and his hair was blown apart by the wind, but he had time to pay attention to whether his image would be affected.
Three goals …
The opponent defeated his team with three goals on the 13th. He didn’t expect the game to become like this.
"I scored one goal in the whole game, and the other team scored three in several attacks." He can’t imagine what he can do now.
He didn’t know
Ranieri also showed a little confusion, which was the same as that of many Chelsea players. He watched the game continue, and the team was in a very unfavorable situation, and he often made mistakes, but he still did nothing.
Zhang Tiehan has returned to the defensive position.
In the frontcourt, the significance is not great. At this time, even if the coach doesn’t wake up, he knows what the team should do, that is, defend and try to defend the advantage of two goals. In hand, it is necessary to stabilize the defense and not give the other team a chance. In a few minutes, the team will win.
That’s why they came to Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea’s attacks were blocked by Wigan Athletic’s tight defense. They could go back and forth to their feet near the midfield and didn’t know where to face such a strong defense. They could pass back and forth to find opportunities. When they failed again and again, it passed quickly.
The fourth official injury stoppage time card-three minutes
Chelsea fans are quite dissatisfied. They think that the stoppage time is too short. Wigan Athletic spent a lot of time celebrating the goal. If those hours are counted back, it should be 10 minutes.
Wigan fans, on the contrary, think it is best to play directly. Three minutes is too much, and one minute is unacceptable.
They can’t wait to celebrate the victory.
Two minutes passed quickly, and Chelsea almost attacked the Wigan Athletic Forbidden Area. Lampard’s long-range shot was blocked. Glenshire got the ball and cut it, and then another long-range shot was made. bulykin stopped the ball and it was out of the baseline.
The referee gave Chelsea a corner kick.
"Also corner kick? It’s been three minutes! " Wigan fans’ disgruntled hissing was quickly covered up by Chelsea fans’ shouting.
Lampard sent a corner kick, Terry grabbed the point and successfully headed the goal. The goal was hit by goalkeeper Phelan’s hands. Glen Johnson met the ball and grabbed the ball and hit the Wigan Athletic player to bounce off the baseline.
"Is it time for the game?" Wigan fans shouted
Many commentators played the game, only to see the referee point to the corner flagpole again. Alfie laughed. "It seems that the referee wants to give Chelsea a little face." After all, a corner kick between the two goals is not enough.
Lampard took another corner kick and Terry grabbed the spot in front of the door. At this time, a figure rose from the ground at his side. Viteri jumped half a head and the lean black hair cleared the ball directly to the midfield.
Alfie joked, "It’s Zhang! He’s a great header. Cudicini is here. If Wigan athletic has a midfielder, it’s a good chance to expand the score. "
"But it’s time for the game."
As Alfie said, the referee blew his whistle with his hands held high.
"Beep-beep-"With the three whistle, all Wigan fans got up and reveled, and all Wigan athletic players embraced each other crazily.
"A game! In the League Cup, Chelsea and Wigan Athletic finally lost to Wigan Athletic 1-3 at home! "
Chapter 60 Becoming famous in World War I
Wigan fans can’t help liking the game on the spot. They are all partying, and Wigan athletic players are also excited to hug each other. This moment is like a dream for many people.
We won?
We beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge?
Is this true?
Many Wigan people still can’t believe it. Maybe it’s easier for them to accept the reality that when the game is played, Chelsea fans will leave in turn. They don’t want to stay here and watch their opponents revel sadly.
The commentator Alfie also said excitedly, "The game is over! Wigan Athletic defeated Fulham in the League Cup and Chelsea in this round. The bitter rivals in West London were eliminated by the same League One team. They are Wigan Athletic from Manchester! "
"One-to-three at Stamford Bridge, no Premier League team can do this, but Wigan Athletic did it, and their performance in the game was perfect!"
If you just turned on the camera and saw the final score of a game, you would be surprised. Maybe you would think that Chelsea didn’t care about the Carling Cup, but in fact they almost sent a first team.
"But Chelsea lost the game and lost two goals one to three. It’s even more surprising that Wigan Athletic scored three goals by a young man, that is, Zhang, who was only ten years old!"
"I want to watch this game. No one will doubt that this young man will congratulate him in the future! He became famous at Stamford Bridge! "
At this time, Zhang Tiehan, praised by Alfie, was lifted up by his teammates. His hands and feet were struggling, but it was difficult to resist even with the strength of more than a dozen teammates.
Teammates carried Zhang Tiehan straight to the Wigan fans’ stands and then threw him in the middle, dropped him again and again.
Wigan fans also cheered!
"Good job! I actually scored three haha. I am a fan of yours from today. Can you say what it feels like to score goals here! " Bulykin exaggerated and joked and shouted.
Others should also be with-
"Yes! Tell me about it! "
"We are big stars! Tell me how you feel. I’ve been discounted by your performance. "
"Many people are cheering for you, and I love you too!"
A group of people are screaming, and many people are happy outside, saying that there is a man of iron who is being held in the middle. His limbs are twisted, but he can’t get rid of more than a dozen people’s arms. He can scream and shout, "Let me go! I am not a criminal! Let me go! " But teammates ignore them and will not miss this opportunity to "whole" Zhang Tiehan.
They are really celebrating, but they are too jealous!
Three goals! Three goals!
A hat trick is enviable enough, not to mention a hat trick at Stamford Bridge, which means not just a goal but a real honor.
With the Russians in Chelsea, it is not what it used to be. It is very strong in both the League and the Champions League. Now this Chelsea has been compared with Manchester United by many fans. It can score three goals at Stamford Bridge, not to mention the ancients, but it is definitely a phoenix feather water chestnut.
With this, Zhang man of iron can be the focus of English media all day.