But no one asked him to choose between them. If he didn’t want to choose between them, his head was completely caught in the door. Why should he take the initiative to choose between them when he has a great chance to have both? If Nan Yunqing is accompanied in his later life, he will be at least twice as full, wonderful and happy!
The problem now is that he doesn’t know what Nan Yunqing thinks, or even whether Nan Yunqing likes him. He only knows that Nan Yunqing will trust him without reservation, but what does that have to do with liking? Trust can only make two people friends, but can’t live together.
He can barely see that Nan Yunqing is relaxed and comfortable when he is with him, but he can’t really infer the deeper meaning.
In fact, he doesn’t have to get an answer right away, but at least he gives some signs. Being with such a super beautiful woman, the relationship between them is obviously good, and he likes her, but it’s really uncomfortable to talk about irrelevant topics like ordinary friends … (to be continued. . )

Chapter six hundred and twenty-three confession (today, yesterday has been more)
In the eyes of Xiao Wen, Nan Yunqing is a perfect woman. In fact, in the eyes of many people in the celestial world, Nan Yunqing is a perfect woman. She has chinese odyssey’s appearance, a high scary identity, and the strength that ranks first in the whole barren ancient gods, but she is friendly to others; Her mind is extremely tough, and she also has the wisdom and ability to do things that match her appearance …
The only thing that can be picky is that her skin is wheat color, but that kind of healthy skin represents greater charm in the eyes of many people. She even led a trend, making many people feel that wheat-colored skin is better and more perfect than white skin.
She is not even a woman who can arouse the desire of men and women, because she is so perfect.
Xiao Wen likes him and wants to be with him, mainly because of her inner nature and the ups and downs they have experienced together.
This is a real wife candidate, and it is the perfect type …
"Miss Nan, is there still no movement in your Doggi?" Walking, Xiao asked that he couldn’t be so stuffy anymore, and suddenly asked.
Nan Yunqing didn’t turn her head. She walked forward and whispered, "Well. This is not bad now. In the past two months, I have thought of many things that I never thought of at all. "
"Oh, what is it?" Xiao asked curiously.
Nan Yunqing didn’t know what she was thinking, so she suddenly smiled. Its delicate and charming made the whole world become like a dream at the moment, and Xiao Wen was heartbroken. Now Nan Yunqing has nothing to worry about, and she is more relaxed when she is with him. There are indeed many more smiles than before, but every time she smiles, Xiao Wen still has a feeling of earning it.
There was a pause. It seems that after a certain determination, Nan Yunqing turned to ask Xiao, stopped and said seriously, "Thank you."
Xiao asked some people who couldn’t keep up with Nan Yunqing’s train of thought, but he immediately smiled and said, "You’re welcome with me."
"Why don’t you sit here for a while?" Nan Yunqing suddenly said.
Then they sat down against the sunset on the grass by the lake. Nan Yunqing put his arms around his knees, and Xiao Wen crossed his legs. Two people’s shoulders are about a punch apart. At this moment, Xiao Wen didn’t realize what Nan Yunqing really wanted to talk to him about.
Looking at the sunset on the horizon, Nan Yunqing naturally said, "Xiao asked."
"hmm." Xiao asked should be a cry. But the heart is a little strange, because Nan Yunqing seldom calls his name.
"Your ideal is to practice, to the end of the road of practice, then have you ever thought about it? If this road really has an end. What will you feel when you realize your ideal? " Nan Yunqing whispered.
"You can have a try."
Two people get along very freely, Xiao asked also don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing, or what will happen if you refuse Nan Yunqing’s proposal. Some reactions are the most natural.
He thought carefully for a while, then smiled and said, "I’m done." If there is such a day, I will definitely feel that the whole person is empty, especially idle. I don’t know what to do, and I even feel that my heart is not settled. "
Nan Yunqing nodded his head. Then he said, "In fact, I have always felt this way since I killed Emperor Xuanyuan."
Xiao asked is not surprised, isn’t it? Nan Yunqing is obsessed with one thought. Since this idea is broken, isn’t it the ultimate ideal of life? He has never figured out Nan Yunqing’s state of mind, and now he has been awakened. Is this how Nan Yunqing came over more than a month ago? Although it is good to realize the ultimate ideal, the state of being unsettled in the heart afterwards will make people very uncomfortable.
Xiao Wen didn’t answer, but Nan Yunqing went on: "I used to be as obsessed with practice as you are, and now I want to pick it up again, but I find it difficult to adjust my mood. Maybe it was my previous obsession with killing Xuanyuan Emperor that consumed too much effort. Moreover, even if you pick it up again in the future, you can’t be as persistent as you were at first. Although I helped in Xianmeng some time ago, it was difficult to really get involved. It seems that I can’t afford much interest in everything until now. "
Xiao asked whether Nan Yunqing’s state was happy or too happy, so he had to say, "That’s all right, just take a rest."
"well. So during this time, I thought a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally think about, including the past. Then thinking about it, I suddenly realized a problem. "
Xiao Wen, a qualified listener, asked at the right time, "What’s the problem?"
"There are three most important people in my life, my father, Emperor Xuanyuan, and the other is you."
Xiao Wen-ke didn’t expect Nan Yunqing to say such a thing at all. He was surprised and subconsciously said, "There’s me? !”
He is actually quite mature and stable now, but this maturity and stability will always weaken in front of Nan Yunqing.
"hmm." Nan Yunqing must be authentic.
Xiao asked not carefully thought for a moment, and the more he thought about it, the more he recognized this statement from Nan Yunqing. Although Nan Yunqing’s life is very long, it can be simply divided into three stages according to the important people around her. In the first stage, she grew up under the protection of Nan Yu. In the second stage, Nan Yu was killed by Emperor Xuanyuan, and she began to cling to one thought, which is also the longest stage of her life. In the third stage, I went to the lower bound with Xiao Wen, started an alternative journey to improve my strength, and finally killed Xuanyuan Emperor with the help of Xiao Wen, until now.
Xiao Wen has really experienced a lot of things with Nan Yunqing. If his life is divided in the same way, there is actually only one most important person in his life, and that is Nan Yunqing. From this perspective, it is enough to show that Xiao Wen is also very important in Nan Yunqing’s life.
Thinking about thinking, a sense of accomplishment arises spontaneously, and Xiao Wen’s vanity has also been greatly satisfied. To tell the truth, vanity is something he rarely produces, only in front of some important people.
Feelings, I have such a big influence on her? Xiao asked silly thinking …
On the other hand, Nan Yunqing added: "After realizing this problem, I began to carefully recall all the things I experienced with you, even those things you experienced alone when we were not together. Then I feel that you are really a person worthy of appreciation. "
"Uh …"
Listening to Nan Yunqing praise him face to face, Xiao asked "Er" and almost blushed on the spot. But even if my face is not red, I feel quite uncomfortable and a little hot.
"I’m serious." Nan Yunqing said in a more serious tone.
"…" Xiao asked this time really blushed.
Seeing Xiao Wen’s embarrassment, Nan Yunqing smiled and continued: "I said that you are worthy of appreciation from the previous point of view. At that time, I didn’t have any extra thoughts to look at you from other angles. During this time, when I look at you from the present perspective, I feel that you are actually a person who makes me feel warm, and I will be very comfortable when you are around. "
Nan Yunqing’s calm words were introduced to Xiao Wen’s ears like Lei Yin, and they rumbled in his mind, and his heart suddenly jumped wildly, like a drum.