The magic tactic is Xiao Wenxiu’s Thirteen True Magic Tactics. However, it seems that the inferno does not understand the laws of heaven and earth, but directly compares the gourd painting gourd ladle, and the magic tactic is mostly handed down from ancient times. There are also a few people who are close to each other.
Then it’s gone, and there’s nothing in the underworld; The difference between Dan Dao and the celestial world is very different, so it must be refined with medicine. And there is no attack effect, such as Xiao Wen’s drawing Se in the air and painting it on his body, which can only be classified as tactic practice; There is also no animal way, there are only monsters in the underworld, and monsters are completely equal to human beings, and there is no way to establish a blood mark between them; There are arrays, but mainly in the aspect of prohibition, at this point. Purple Yan also has to admit that the underworld is really going to lose to the celestial world; As for the ghost road, people in the underworld should actually be called "fairy road" and benefit from the celestial world. It’s a pity that ZiYan is the only one in the whole underworld who has succeeded so far, and Xiao Wen has been taken captive …
Then Purple Yan solemnly reminded Xiao to ask, but don’t look down upon women in the underworld. In contrast, the overall combat power of women in the underworld may be far greater than that in the celestial world. This is because. There are countless techniques in the underworld that are only suitable for women to practice. And the power is no less than the achievement method that those men practice. In the underworld, there will even be men who give birth to such feelings: why am I not a woman? It’s not because women are beautiful or anything, but because women do have innate advantages when they practice a lot of martial arts.
In fact, Purple Yan can’t belong to a woman in the underworld without asking Xiao. The reason is too simple. Isn’t Purple Yan the best proof?
In his life, among the people with good relationships, the two most powerful are all women. One is Nan Yunqing, and the other is Zi Yan.
Look down on women?
Even if everyone can. Xiao Wen won’t!
Purple Yan has been talking to Xiao about it all the time, while 90,000 people are eating and drinking without regard to the image …
Unconsciously, a table full of dishes is only clean dishes, and 90 thousand finally burps.
"How enjoyable!" Ninety thousand girls threw themselves into the back of the chair, narrowing their eyes and comfortable tunnel.
Xiao asked couldn’t help but take a glance at the ninety thousand tummy, only to see that it had bulged slightly, which made people want to stretch out their hands and pat it …
Purple Yan looked at 90 thousand’s happiness and shook her head, then said, "Let’s have a rest, and then we’ll leave."
"Where to go next?" Xiao asked.
"I don’t know how my old friends are now, so naturally I have to ask around first."
"Do you want us to follow?"
"Let’s get familiar with the situation with me first." Purple Yan way.
"ok." Xiao asked to nod.
Taking advantage of 90 thousand’s rest, Xiao asked for concentration, and finally mobilized stone paintings and boundary forces, and suddenly took a breath of the underworld.
Purple Yan only knows that something is wrong with Xiao Wen, but she doesn’t know what he is doing.
When Ziyan looked at it, Xiao asked directly, "I’ll take a break, too."
Then, Xiao asked his upper body to lean back in the chair and directly entered the stone painting.
Quickly called out the "Qi Dian" and slammed it backwards. As a result, it was blank …
"I’ll go! This underworld is really … "
Such a big world, it doesn’t even have a magic weapon made of gold and materials. This is really a pit for him, the stone painting holder. He was originally counting on a semi-artifact or artifact after coming here.
But think about it, too. The spirit of the nether world is the unique advantage of the underworld. Since you can condense any magic weapon with the spirit of the nether world, why bother?
I just don’t know if there are any good mines in this underworld. If there are, it’s all wasted. Perhaps, the underworld situation is special, even if there is no mine …
Quickly out of the stone painting, and waited for a while, ninety thousand also rest about, three people will check out.
In the next few days, Xiao Wen and 90,000 have been following Zi Yan around, which has greatly deepened their understanding of the underworld.
However, the news that ZiYan got was not very optimistic. Although she left the underworld for only five years in total, in the five years since she disappeared, the underworld has been widely rumored that the evil queen is dead. Those adversaries who dare not reveal themselves in Ping Ri all jumped out, and those who had remained neutral also fell to the other side. At that time, her death turned out to be a happy thing …
There are some differences between the language of the underworld and the celestial world. If you look at the text directly, Xiao Wen may not understand it, but you can barely understand it. When he got such news, he could see that ZiYan’s mood was getting worse and worse. In fact, he has long realized that ZiYan is probably a woman with a bad temper, but she hasn’t been too angry in front of him. Now, this woman is about to get angry.
In addition to those voices denouncing her death, there is another bad news. That is, the war demon and her former three subordinates quickly received her hard-fought Jiangshan, everything …
In five years, those people have completely consolidated their position and strength. It’s like a big egg that fits perfectly, which makes her unable to eat at all.
After wandering in the underworld for another month, Ziyan and Xiao Wen finally come to the conclusion that they can’t find the door yet, even if they find any of Ziyan’s former subordinates, let alone fight demons.
Speaking, the three subordinates of Purple Yan are all friends with her, and their strength is not weaker than her. Now she has just returned to the initial level of sub-gods. Xiao asked a pseudo-fairy, how can he be an opponent of others? I’m afraid sneak attack is hard to succeed …
Although Purple Yan is eager for revenge, she is not to the point of being frustrated and rational. Finally, I decided to hide and continue my practice.
Waiting for her to return to the state of the middle-level Asian god, and if Xiao Wen’s strength can go further, then she can attack!
It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years. But if you can report it on the same day. Who wants to wait ten years?
After making such a decision, ZiYan immediately found a hidden place and began to retreat. As for the ghost water Xuan Jing, she had already taken it out.
While Xiao Wen and ninety thousand returned to the fairy space, and later only Xiao Wen was left in the fairy space, and ninety thousand simply entered the sea temple.
After seeing off 90,000 yuan, Xiao asked a man to sit fiercely in that small fairy space, and his heart was filled with emotion.
The opposite of emotion. Nature is purple Yan.
To tell the truth, he can’t wonder what kind of life it is.
But … There is a basic truth that he understands. Whoever is good to him is good to him. Of course, if this kind of "good" is sincere.
Since ZiYan treated him sincerely, he helped him a lot more than once, saved his life and almost put herself in it, so he can do anything for ZiYan to repay her. You can even ask the justice of what Zi Yan asked him to do.
But obviously, none of the four main rivals of ZiYan is a good thing, and Xiao Wen is even less stressed.
Xiao asked regrets that his acquaintance with Zi Yan, becoming friends, and then to heart-to-heart, all this …
If it weren’t for the passage of the underworld, I’m afraid two people wouldn’t have a chance to know each other for eight generations. If he hadn’t happened to be obsessed with the swallow at that time, he and the devil wears Prada like Zi Yan wouldn’t have become friends …
The growth experience of two people, xìng, style, status and so on, the gap is too big.
Simply put, two people are not the same at all.
However, just like now, two people who are not the same person have become good friends. Although they often bicker and despise each other, no one can deny that their feelings are getting deeper and deeper.