Now she can’t say how good she is. She doesn’t know that all the guests in Huiwangfu already know that the imperial edict annulled her marriage. This is all a big mouth. He Zhen said it. She is eager to let everyone know that Qingling County is not Princess Xiang now. She is Princess Xiang.
There are many people in Huiwangfu who sympathize with Su Wan. Most people think that the marriage was annulled by the emperor. It must be due to Su Wan’s humble status. Because she was an ordinary girl of Anguo Houfu, she came to the previous imperial decree to seal the Qingling County Lord. They also intended to let the Qingling County Lord and Xiang Wang get married. Now it seems that maybe the emperor didn’t mean this. The emperor granted the Qingling County Lord and must have compensated the Qingling County Lord.
Yes, it must be.
However, it is not easy for many women to think that Hezhen of Yunshan Mansion can actually marry into the Xiang Wang Mansion. First, Hezhen of Yunshan Mansion has declined. Second, Hezhen is really unlovable. They have never seen the Xiang Wang Dian like Hezhen before. Everyone is puzzled about this.
Many people in Hui Wangfu talked about this matter, and the people in Anguohou Mansion naturally knew that Mrs. Anguohou and Su Yue had a wide grin when they heard the news. That woman deserved to help the king to divorce her and see what she was arrogant about.
But Anguohou Su Peng’s face is not very good-looking, especially the courtiers on his side look at him with sympathy. It seems that his family has suffered something, and Anguohou wants to get darker and darker.
Later, he thought that if Xiang Wang didn’t want to marry Su Wan, he could marry Yue. I didn’t expect Hezhen to marry him in the end, which was really depressing.
It seems that now he can put his mind to King Hui and King Ning, but these two princes are much more outstanding than King Xiang, and it’s not a loss to marry them.
Anguo waited and thought about it, so he led people to befriend King Hui Wang Ning.
Things here Su Wan naturally don’t know that she is happy all the way back to Anguo Houfu, but there is no such sadness and loss as others. On the contrary, if she can’t say happiness, she will be handsome and in a good mood. The whole person can’t say how beautiful and moving she is.
But before she was happy, there was a sudden cold airflow floating in outside the carriage. Su Wan picked her eyebrow and didn’t speak. Nie Li drank "what person" coldly.
It’s a pity that this time Nie Li touched not Yu Ge, but Xiao Huang Xiao Huang’s skill was extremely fierce. When Nie Li made a move, he was solved by Xiao Huang. It can be seen how powerful his skill was. He stretched out his hand and ordered Nie Li’s acupuncture points. Then he saw Nie Li fall to the carriage floor and thought it was an eyesore. He directly kicked people out and ordered Yu Ge outside to "catch"reads;

Two people kick Nie Li as a ball.
Su Wan has been stunned for a long time. Is this man a bandit? Take other people’s territory for granted.
Why does she want to kill him so badly when she sees him like this? Her hands itch.
Su Wan cried out "Help 1111" thinking about lifting the car curtain.
Come on, she’s going to call for help in this street to make this shameless man lose face, so that people can see that Wangfu Jing is actually a strong lady carriage in this street, but Xiao Huang saw through her intention and moved to Su Wan’s side, and her hand covered Su Wan’s mouth.
Come to Sue wan and lean on the soft couch. Xiao Huang jumped over to cover her mouth because she was in a hurry and didn’t think much about it. These two people became a gesture. They stared at each other and stared at each other. It happened that the tense atmosphere was so much more ambiguous.
Su Wan’s nose is full of this guy’s breath. She can’t say that she hates it and struggles to shake her head. At the same time, she quickly goes to press the ring, and the peak of the ring flashes out. She raises her hand and pricks it at Xiao Huang’s waist. Unfortunately, this time Xiao Huang has a guard, and she quickly reaches out with one hand and holds down her hand. Su Wan’s feet are also lifted by hidden weapons and kicked it at Xiao Huang. The base man dares to call me beaten and kick you to death.
It’s a pity that she lost again. Xiao Huang lifted her leg and pinned it down. Then two people clung to each other closely. Su Wan couldn’t move a spark. She was so angry that her eyes filled with anger and then she opened her mouth and wanted to bite the poison hidden in her mouth. hidden weapons couldn’t kill you. Don’t you still poison you?
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang knew that there was poison in her mouth when she moved. She quickly covered Su Wan’s mouth and squeezed it, so that Su Wan couldn’t move even the slightest bit, so she was so angry that she was half-pressed against the wall and stared at some big bitch and then raised her eyebrows to indicate, "Get up. Are you going to crush me?"
Xiao Huang didn’t move, so she felt that Wen Xiang nephrite was full of reality. This feeling was really good. He picked a tall eyebrow and said, "Can you try the ancients? Didn’t they say that peony flowers were romantic when they died?"
Su Wan almost vomited blood with anger. When can that sentence be understood as this? Now he is pressing her, not her. Okay, is he a peony? He is a little rotten vegetable, which is more like it.
But now people have to bow their heads in the eaves, and Su Wan’s rage recedes, slowly becoming gentler and blinking lightly, indicating that two people can talk peacefully.
"Let me go and we can talk."
"Are you sure you don’t call? I don’t want to be famous this way. "
Xiao Huang said coldly that Su Wan nodded quickly and said no.
Xiao Huang slowly let go of her hand. She immediately shouted "Help! Someone is strong!"
Xiao Huang quickly covered her mouth again, and her eyes couldn’t say how deep this guy just couldn’t trust her, so she wouldn’t compromise easily. However, Su Wan’s sparkling eyes and sweetness meant that I was just scaring you, and there was no meaning.
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang is still holding her mouth with one hand, and the whole person is holding her down, even her legs are holding her down.
People who come to Su Wan are small and thin, and they are overwhelmed by such a big living person. They shake their heads desperately to show that they don’t scream.
It’s a pity that people don’t believe it, and the coolness makes her "you have no letter."
Su Wan rolled his eyes and stared at him. Did you just float to the carriage and crush me?reads;