I ha ha laughs "what novel are you reading? Recommend one? "
Yida said, "Oh, I’m reading a novel called" I’m a competitive villain ",which is quite well written and updated by LOL every day."
I was surprised. "Really? Then I’ll have a good look when I find a time. "
Then I stopped bothering them with their hands resting on their heads and thinking about important things about me.
I don’t know when I can go to YG headquarters in Wuhan to see it.
It’s really interesting to say this YG club. Generally, the headquarters of other teams is the general training base, but this YG is different. Members of their home team usually train in Wuhan headquarters to participate in some line competitions, and then it’s not too troublesome to go to the training base of Haizong in the key period of competition.
YG boss Wang Niancong’s development is not only a competitive industry, but also a thousand family businesses. It is the best choice for the most wealthy team in the competition circle to come to their team just for the purpose of making money.
I don’t know which leader took a fancy to it. Is it a woman? Covet my masculine color?
I can’t think of any reason why I will be suddenly transferred to the home team for training except because I am handsome.
I fell asleep thinking about it at night. Anyway, it’s easier these days. Just train for an afternoon and play qualifying in the morning. After all, it’s impossible to organize training together now that people are not together.
A few days later, on a long afternoon, I was absorbed in playing RPG with Bao Yida, and my eyes were suddenly covered by a pair of soft, warm and jade hands.
"Guess who I am?" The man behind jiao way
"Cui Cui?" I wondered
"Guess again!"
"Is it … lily …"
"Li, you big head ghost!"
"Sister Hee Hee Poetry, don’t play this kind of children’s game with me." I turned my head and laughed.
Ai Shi has also added new clothes, such as a waterfall, jade face, pink cheeks and thin lips, and apricot eyes have matured a lot after a year.
Ai Shi turned angrily and snorted and said, "It took so long to guess who I am. Did you have a good holiday?"
I shook my head and said, "Good is good, but without poetry, my sister always feels that there is something missing in life and she doesn’t feel much fun."
Ai Shiqiang smiled and said, "Come on, you don’t know how many girls have been fooled by this mouth."
"Where did you spend the New Year, Sister Shi?" I asked doubtfully.
Ai Shi said angrily, "I don’t know if I’m calling to ask?" Ask me now. "
Damn it, this girl is so full of bitterness.
"Wow, elder brother is coming across." I quickly changed the subject and looked at the screen carefully and said to Yida.
Ai Shi didn’t good the spirit replied, "Of course I went home with my brother for the New Year. Their family has taken me as a copy. Who told me that I look like his sister?"
I nodded and said, "Well, Ashley, we are playing RPG. Would you like to join us? It’s interesting!"
Aishi glanced at the screen and said, "What RPG?"
I laughed "troll elves! It’s fun. Come on, we’ll refund it, and you can add one. "
Ai Shi quickly replied that he loved the No.3 machine and hit his heart and said, "Well, although I have never played it, I believe that with my talent and cleverness, I will learn it soon."
"Haha, don’t smash the machine when you cry." I laughed.
At this time, there was another knock at the door.
"Who? Love into "Lin elder sister knocking at the door is usually a small knock two and then directly push the door and entry outsiders obviously not Lin elder sister.
"Hi Boy and girl" turned out to be Yu Mu, the youngest son.
Zhou Ru helped Yu Mu with something behind her, and the goods came back with a lot of things.
I got up and took a look at the goods. Yumu must have eaten a lot during the New Year. His face was a little round, and his face was full of spring scenery. He was very happy with his success.
"Why did you come today?" I asked Yu Mu
"Ah, haven’t you seen me for a few days? I can’t help it. Who calls me Xian Yi for both men and women? Don’t worry, don’t worry, big brother. I’ll solve your lovesickness in front of you. " Yu Mu grinned.
"God damn it, can you not disgust me when you come?" I said angrily
Yu Mu patted me on the shoulder and laughed. "Oh, why is the anger so big during the New Year? What can’t young people say well? Of course, I am spending the New Year with you, Zhou Rujie, which is not like you. I am so happy to be at leisure. I really envy you! "
This idiot! Talk ten times more than before!
Chapter 213 Encounter body of work team
We chatted with each other for a while and played an RPG one day.
In the afternoon, we agreed to arrange a row together.
"I haven’t played together for a long time. I don’t know how your skills are with Wang Tong," Yu Mu said to me with a smile.
"It’s no big deal. I can barely beat ten of you, right?" I can’t say.
"But it’s time for you to see the power of a pig king. My pigs are all across the street," Yu Mu said.
"You can also raise pigs in platinum sections." I laughed.
A few of us stayed in the ranking interface for a long time, and finally we were ranked.
We first BAN Dao Mei.
Opposite BAN dema
We two BAN foxes
Opposite BAN ice