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Except for Yang Tianwai, no one likes Liu Yang to play singles, but he still runs away and takes his opponents aside.
After everyone dispersed to both sides, an absolute avenue appeared at the three-point line. After seeing the basket, Liu Yang turned his eyes back to Zeng Feiyang, lowered his waist and slowly carried the ball.
Come on!
Ever flying god alert will Liu Yang every move all eyes low.
Liu Yang suddenly smashed the ball to the backboard with a cold eye.
“! ?” The audience was puzzled. Why did Liu Yang do this? Was he giving up on himself? Just when the audience was full of question marks, what Liu Yang took over made the question mark become an exclamation mark.
See Liu Yang suddenly launched a super explosive force and extreme speed through Zeng Feiyang. At the same time, Zeng Feiyang had guessed what Liu Yang was going to do next. When he turned around and wanted to chase Liu Yang, Liu Yang had jumped high from the restricted area, picked up his right arm with one hand, bounced back to the basketball, and scored the ball into the basket with a strong and simple overbearing tomahawk dunk.
"bang!" After the basket made a loud noise and landed, Liu Yang turned and looked at Zeng Feiyang quietly. The eyes seemed to say, "This ball is for you."
Quiet! Absolutely quiet! Everyone in the place held their breath and their faces looked stunned. It seems that they have not recovered from the buckle just now.
You can also dunk at this level. Zeng Feiyang came to his senses for the first time, shook his head with a wry smile and murmured, "This little guy is trying to prove to me that I can do it. Can he do it?"
"The wife is amazing!" At this time, I don’t know which one came to my mind first, and the audience shouted excitedly, and other audiences screamed excitedly.
This shocking record once again made the audience’s blood boil. Many girls cheered more crazily in Liu Yang. Some bold girls were already shouting "handsome boy, I love you" and so on.
"defense!" Liu Yang ignored the surrounding audience and ran back to the backcourt with his teammates.
Yang Tian ran to Zeng Feiyang and said, "Wow, boss, he is demonstrating to you!"
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "What’s wrong with that? Only in this way can a strong opponent ignite my fighting spirit. Stop talking and go back to defense! "
"Oh!" Yang Tian should run back to the backcourt.
Zeng Feiyang looked at his teammates. They all looked ugly. It was obvious that the ball just gave them a very huge impact, which seriously hit their morale. Liu Yanlei, who was still contemptuous of Liu Yang, looked the most gloomy.
Wu Hanku laughed. "Oh! The old three (Liu Yang), the small boss (Zeng Feiyang) technology is really strong enough to deal with the boss! "
Aside Li Leiqi looked at Liu Yang after hearing this sentence, and then turned to look at Zeng Feiyang and said to himself, Zeng Feiyang, what would you do? Let me have a look!
Zeng Feiyang clapped his hands and smiled at everyone. "Well, let’s hurry back and defend!" Cheer up and we can win, "paused and said," even if we can’t dunk like that, we can beat them in other ways. "
After hearing this, they looked at each other, nodded and ran to the frontcourt in succession, but in their hearts they were still wrapped in the shadow of Liu Yang.
Cheng Shifei walked to the sideline and took over the basketball from the referee. Naidi shook his head and was about to give the ball to Liu Yanlei, only to find that Zeng Feiyang also reached for the ball in front of him.
Does the boss also want to be a point guard?
Cheng Shifei was puzzled by what Zeng Feiyang was going to do, so he asked Liu Yanlei, looked at Liu Yanlei and smiled. Zeng Feiyang said to Cheng Shifei, "Give him the ball!" Then he turned and ran to the frontcourt.
Zeng Feiyang got the chance to control the ball, and the audience noticed that this small forward is now a tall boy who is a point guard.
Are you finally going to control the ball? Come on!
Liu Yang coldly stared at every pore of Zeng Feiyang’s body, and it was imperative that Zeng Feiyang had no chance to break through.
After half time, Zeng Feiyang smiled at Liu Yangxiao and suddenly accelerated the dribbling speed and broke through his own limit speed.
Hum! Think about me like this? How naive!
Liu Yang hurriedly blocked Zeng Feiyang’s attack route with Zhang’s arms. Just when Zeng Feiyang was about to enter the three-point line, he suddenly stopped, took a take-off and threw the ball. The arc of the ball was not big, but it entered the basket quickly and accurately.
"every!" The familiar goal sounded, and the referee chased the whistle and extended three commands to indicate that the effective score changed to 4743A, leading by 4 points.
"What? I have to break through to the restricted area! It turned out to be a three-pointer What a chat! " A girl complained about Zeng Feiyang’s goal just now.
"That is, that handsome guy who dunks is awesome!" Another girl fits the bill.
"Yes! The handsome guy will deduct another one to let them know that you are good. "A girl who was listening in shouted, which led most of the audience to shout in line."
"A group of idiots don’t know how powerful the goal was just now." Wu Leng’s eyes scanned those layman’s hearts and scolded them for knowing.
Li Leiqi looked at Zeng Feiyang’s face and raised a very satisfied smile
Just now, this three-pointer looks ordinary. In fact, it is a difficult and high-level three-pointer to stop the jump shot, not to mention that Zeng Feiyang actually added a backward tilt. To achieve this level, it requires a strong sense of physical flexibility and balance. Moreover, the throw of the three-pointer is small but very fast, and it almost rushes into the basket in a straight line. Just like a bullet accurately hits the target, people want to cover the ball, but it is impossible to cover it-the speed is too fast. The basketball has already entered the basket when reaching for the block. This is the reason why Liu Yang wants to stop Zeng Feiyang from throwing three-
I don’t know how much time it took Zeng Feiyang to practice hard with this sharp, fast and flat three-pointer or even himself!
Seeing this goal, all the members of group A’s eyes lit up, and they had no idea of talking to them before flying.
Yeah! What if we can’t dunk like that? We can hit them with three-pointers and CIC! So what if he can dunk? It’s only two points, and we can pull the score with three pointers.
Thinking of the way to win, the low morale of the team members in Group A returned to the backcourt quickly.
At Zeng Feiyang, Liu Yang didn’t speak, turned and ran to get the ball to organize the attack.
Yang Tian ran to Zeng Feiyang and said, "Wow! Boss, you took out the killer cocoon so quickly! "
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "I can’t help A Yang. He is too powerful. It is difficult to break through from his front."
"Oh!" Yang Tianbai nodded and continued, "Okay, boss, I’ll go first." Then he ran to the basket to prepare for this attack.
Liu Yang once again controlled the ball to the frontcourt and scanned it for four weeks. After Yang Tianshen came into contact with Liu Yang’s eyes, he was stunned. Then he immediately ran outside to see Liu Yang and suddenly ran to the right. Zeng Feiyang followed the past, but when he took the first step in defending Liu Yang, he was blocked by Yang Tian, who was by his side.