Yu-fang mei eat a smile "big? Tiger’s back and bear’s back? Mr. Hai really looks like himself-you are very humorous! "
The waves said, "Miss Mei must be a southerner because she is small and exquisite."
Mei Yufang said, "Yes, it’s still Shanmei coming out of the mountains."
The waves laughed. "No wonder Miss Mei’s skin is so good. It turned out to be Sister Shan."
Mei Yufang said, "How is my skin? I don’t think so! "
The waves pretended to carefully examine Mei Yufang’s skin and showed a bedroom expression, saying, "White, tender, greasy and slippery, of course!"
Mei Yufang chuckled and said, "I think this sentence of yours is white and tender, but it’s right to see it visually, greasy and slippery, but it’s only when you touch it by touch. Have you ever touched it?"
The waves laughed. "Have you touched it? I’ll touch it now …"
As he said, he stretched out his hand.
Mei Yufang glanced at the waves and said, "How dare you have so many people watching you?" She doesn’t hide, she doesn’t hide from the waves, she reaches out.
When the waves came into contact with Mei Yufang, they suddenly turned a corner and reached for the table glass and laughed. "Dare to dare, but it’s a bit unsightly."
On the contrary, Mei Yufang took a look at the waves with bitterness as if she was disappointed that the waves had no courage.
The waves didn’t seem to see the disappointment in Mei Yufang’s eyes, holding the glass and savoring the red wine. "Let’s see who is impatient first. Anyway, ten women have had enough to eat in the old day! I’m full, but I’m afraid you’re hungry? Can the old man Chen Jinqiang feed you? "
Mei Yufang also picked up the glass and slowly tasted the heart, but she was wondering how to get close to the waves.
At this time, a master of ceremonies waved to the central platform of the courtyard to stop the music, and then Qian Dazhuang made a speech to thank everyone for joining us and let everyone enjoy themselves.
The MC finally announced the first dance tonight!
There were people dancing in the courtyard.
The waves looked at Mei Yufang and smiled. She stood up and held out her hand to show a gentleman’s smile and said, "I want to ask Miss Mei to dance. I wonder if Miss Mei will attend?"
Mei Yu’s heart was full of joy, but she slowly got up and put her hand to the waves and said, "It’s a great honor!"
The waves gently hold the palm of Mei Yufang’s hand, and suddenly, Mei Yufang suddenly jerks, exclaiming that her whole body has turned two times * * * and the waves are spinning in her arms. The other hand holds Mei Yufang’s waist to support her body, and her ear gently smiles and says, "Is it exciting?"
Mei Yufang’s shock was slightly fixed. She looked up at the commanding waves and stared at her. Her eyes smelled the smell of the waves. Listening to the deep and magnetic sound of the waves, her face turned red.
The waves hold Mei Yufang’s hand and hold her around her waist. As soon as she holds Mei Yufang’s hand, she straightens up and then turns two * * * upright, like a snail’s toe supporting point. The red evening dress flutters and looks good, which attracts applause from onlookers.
By the time Mei Yufang’s dizzy brain rose and settled down, the waves were already in an elegant posture, holding her hand in one hand and putting her waist in the other, hugging her and dancing.
Mei Yufang glanced at the waves and said, "You are so rude. You just …" before I was ready.
The waves laughed, "I like to surprise others!" "
Mei Yufang laughed. "Surprised or surprised?"
The waves are smiling and staring at Mei Yufang without talking, and Mei Yufang immediately feels happy-the waves originally put her waist and palm slowly backward and almost covered her whole hip, and the sour and itchy feeling made her feel a sense of excitement and stimulation.
Two people don’t talk is looking at each other’s eyes are almost dripping water-a lewd than a!
When they dance, they move to a sparsely populated place and come to the edge of the dance floor, so that no one notices what they are doing.
In the evening, the waves were awakened by a cell phone bell.
It was Cheng Fang who called and invited the waves to the party.
The waves got dressed and looked at Shao Xuetong, who was still asleep. She didn’t wake her up. She quietly covered the quilt and went out.
The waves can now be sure that Cheng Fang must have been sent by Chen Jinqiang to approach him, and that Mei Yufang was also instructed by Chen Jinqiang to deliberately lose his appetite to win him over.
If you don’t eat delicious food for nothing, hey hey, it’s also for nothing-what else can you do to me, Chen Jinqiang?
The waves came to the parking lot and started their cars to drive out of the "rosin villa"
Waiting for the waves outside the villa of Cheng Fangzheng, Cheng Fang’s identity is not enough to wait for the waves outside the gate, so that Cheng Fang can take a car and leave.