She is poisoned, and every time I see her, she will be poisoned deeper than the previous one.
The nangongshan che closed his eyes and pinched his eyebrows. He stopped looking at her heart and others stopped thinking about these things.
"What happened?" He took a slightly impatient look at the doctor too much.
"This young lady Hui Tai is really fine. She needs to take medicine on time every day and recover soon."
"Well, get out."
Doctor Tai left Nangongche and stayed in the room for a while. Feng Shao didn’t mean anything at first. Later, he probably felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward, so he turned around and asked, "Nangongche, how did you find us?"
She remembered that although the place where they fell was not far from South Vietnam, Jiangnan was actually in Donglan, and it was impossible for them to give up looking for the cold night and the shadow moon. How could they be rescued by Nangong Che so skillfully?
Smell speech the nangongshan face a slight change.
He gazed at her and withdrew his eyes from her. He just happened to tunnel.
Feng Xiao frowned. What a coincidence? But seeing that he didn’t want to say more, although she felt strange, she didn’t ask much. After all, it was the Nangong Che who saved them, and no matter what the process was, it couldn’t change this fact.
"Well, thank you very much." She nodded. "Could you please help us inform a sovereign?"
Nangong Che frowned crossly. "Shallow, do you have to be so polite to me?"
Paused before phoenix shallow mouth added, "you stay here. Someone will send something to me at dinner. I have to leave in advance."
"Oh …" Watching him turn away from his back to his mouth, he thanked her and swallowed it back.
What can you say if you don’t say thank you?
Now that you have made a choice, it is far better to keep your distance than to be ambiguous.
"Jun ink shadow you wake up quickly … 817. 817 You seem to have forgotten your identity.
Nangongche pushed the door and the line of sight fell inside. Otherwise, he saw a woman sitting in his room for tea and looked up and smiled at him when he came back.
At the sight of her seemingly casual and carefree appearance, Nangong Che felt angry.
Walking over to the table, he sat down with a smile on his face and said, "You’d better leave here now or you’ll be angry. It’s said that Gong has a bad temper."
Redjade glanced at him in disgust. "It’s like this every time I see Feng Shao. What if I don’t let you vent here-what if you cripple yourself?" She poured a cup of tea and handed it to him. "Here, have a cup of tea to extinguish the fire."
The nangongshan che lowered his eyes and took two sips from the teacup.
The hot temperature seemed to burn his throat, but he narrowed his eyes
Redjade looked at his Adam’s apple and rolled with the tea. Yeah, a good-looking man really looks good at everything.
"Nangongche, what do you want?" She gathered a smile and asked 1 quite seriously.
The man squinted at her and waited for her to write.
"I don’t know anything in the palace."
Redjade took a glance at the tip of her eyes, revealing a coquettish gesture, as if there were thousands of charming customs flowing.
"Don’t you find them earlier than Donglan people because you know their whereabouts like the palm of your hand? You know that even the phoenix boy was robbed and that mysterious man threatened Emperor Donglan to go to the cliff, don’t you? "
The nangongshan che slightly twisted eyebrow.
He still said lightly, "Where is it?"
"So I ask you what do you want?"
Redjade finally got up and walked up to him, and finally bent over his face.
She narrowed her eyes slightly and focused on his face, which was a bit more meaningful and profound.
"You had a chance to give them to Donglan people that night, but you’d rather take them all the way back to the South Vietnamese Palace. In addition, Donglan people have been looking for them for two days, which is enough time for you to send someone to inform them, but instead of blocking the news, Nangong Che, what do you want?"
Or it’s not hard for her to guess what he wants to do, because she wants to listen to him with her own eyes.
She couldn’t believe that it would be as she guessed.
The Nangong Che was in a trance at this close-by absolute beauty’s face for a moment. He raised his hand and held her slender bahongyu eyelashes with two fingers, so his heart beat faster but he tried not to move.
"Redjade, you seem to have forgotten your identity."
It is the warmest look, the most tender feeling and the most tender tone, but it is the most hurtful words.
Redjade looked at his thin lips, and his fingers were rough and slightly warm, which gave her an illusion of tenderness.
"I’ll do everything the palace promised you, but it’s not your business."
Pinch her a little bit, push her back and don’t want to say anything to her.
Redjade picked her eyebrows and resumed that casual and casual smile.
She dialed his hand to take a step back and cheerfully tunnel "in that case, it’s good for the Nangong Taitai."
The red shadow door disappears in the room. Don’t you feel bad about the fact that there is a trace of complexity in the dark phoenix eyes?
It’s a bean candle flickering at night