Sun Zhiping went on to say, "Zhang Junjie is not only the biggest gangster in Nanxi, but also the most powerful gangster in Nanxi’s history. Everyone knows that Hu Yonghua?" Is he awesome? But he is far from mastering Nanxi. Zhang Junjie is much more powerful than him, and he has almost incorporated the entire Nanxi organization department. Do you think he is powerful? "
"True or false? What about Hu Yonghua? I am still the boss of our Nanxi in Hu Yonghua. "
"Hu Yonghua? Hey hey, I said don’t tell anyone. I heard that Hu Yonghua was killed by Zhang Junjie. "Sun Zhiping said with a jerk.
Who is the boss
How many students have heard a little about Zhang Junjie and have roots? After all, this is not a face and there will be no news reports.
Sun Zhiping’s psychology has also been greatly satisfied to see that his classmates have expressed strong shock at this.
"Although many entertainment industries can’t all make money in Zhang Junjie’s pocket, if he wants anyone who can’t make a penny in one sentence, then he can’t make a penny. Plus, many industries fell into Zhang Junjie’s hands and now Zhang Junjie can make a fortune." Sun Zhiping continued to publish his long speech.
"That is to say, he is really the best among our classmates, but his money is always gross, and he is not afraid of what happens when you do it properly." A classmate still praised Sun Zhiping.
"That’s true, but I really envy him when I think about it. It’s really annoying to make more money in just a few months than in our company for more than ten years." Sun Zhiping sighed with emotion.
The thin classmate was also excited. "I don’t want the 500 yuan that Zhang Junjie lent me. I hope that when I have something to ask him for help, he can reach out and give me a hand, so I can have everything."
Sun Zhiping disdainfully said, "Cut your five hundred dollars. People may have forgotten to go to the horizon long ago. Why don’t you talk much today?" I think your condition among our classmates is relatively good. By the way, you and Zhang Junjie used to be good. Recently, it seems that I heard that you are not going back and forth much. "
Zhuo Qiang smiled and said, "Yes, we haven’t met recently."
"Alas, old classmates should walk around more. If something happens, they can also help each other. It’s wrong for you to do so. No, I’m not saying that although your family conditions have just improved a little, don’t pick up girls all day. You should also think more about this aspect of your career." Sun Zhiping is a well-meaning person.
Christie endured for half a day and finally could not help but giggle.
Sun Zhiping saw Christie laughing. Although he didn’t know what she was laughing at, he asked interestingly, "Miss Christine, what are you laughing at?"
Christie turned pale and said angrily, "My name is Christie, a great and glorious adult, not Christine."
"Oh, I’m sorry I was rude just now, but you said you were a great and glorious adult? Are you royalty? But how can you be called an adult if you are a lady? " Zhi-ping sun some trepidation to ask
Judging from her demeanor and temperament, Miss Christie seems to have a natural majesty. Maybe she is really a royal family.
"The royal family? The royal family deserves to lick my shoes, "Christie said indignantly." I shouted my name wrong in front of me, and everyone except you was killed on the spot. I won’t care if I look at my husband today. If there is a second time, don’t blame me for being impolite. Besides, you’d better take my words as true. "
Seeing that the beauty changed her face and said such nonsense, several people suddenly felt that the atmosphere around her had dropped a few degrees. They couldn’t help but secretly guess what the foreign girl came from and had such a powerful aura.
Zhuo Qiang’s face sank. Maybe Christie let out some secrets, but she’s not afraid of arousing suspicion when she says such things on this occasion?
"Christie, have you forgotten what I said?" Zhuo Qiang gently warned her
Christy Ma made a innocent girl look again and leaned on Zhuo to strengthen her body, but she still said, "Come on. I hate it when people call me by the wrong name."
The atmosphere in the room was a little awkward when I saw the only beautiful woman in the field. Several students all picked up the table cups and sent them to their mouths to hide something.
"Why hasn’t Zhang Junjie come yet?" A classmate said to himself to break the depressing atmosphere.
Sun Zhiping said naively, "The higher the position of this person, the bigger it will be."
"Who are you talking about?"
Everyone looked at the door. Zhang Junjie finally came.
Zhi-ping sun didn’t expect that his words were just heard by Zhang Junjie and said, "Where are you?" Your coming has given us a big face. If it were really a fight, you wouldn’t have come. "
Zhang Junjie saw Zhuo Qiang busy greeting him as soon as he entered the door. "Brother Qiang, you’re early."
Zhuo Qiang smiled and said, "Junjie, it’s true that you are too big to wait for you, but we are starving."
"Brother Qiang, you can blame me for everything. You can’t blame me for this today alone. I’ve gone to do something for you." Zhang Junjie said hello to everyone and then looked at Zhuo Qiang while looking at Christie. It seems that he wants to understand something.
I haven’t seen Zhuo Qiang for a few months and found that Zhang Junjie has matured. Many looks always show a kind of confidence and majesty.
"Do things for me? I haven’t seen you yet. What can you do for me? " Zhuo Qiang asked
"What else can I do?" Zhang Junjie took off his coat and hung it up, then sat down beside Zhuo Qiang and said, "Those troublemakers in your company, I dragged them all out of the hospital and broke my legs. It’s pure death to ask your eldest brother for trouble."
Several old classmates, including Bi Jian and Sun Zhiping, gasped in a gasp.
I haven’t seen this Zhang Junjie for a few days, but he has become so cold-blooded and difficult. Even though he has entered the hospital, he has been dragged out and broke his legs. He really has to go.
But what surprised them even more was that Zhang Junjie did it not because Zhuo forced him to do it, but because Zhuo Qiang took the initiative without knowing it.
Although they don’t know what the specific situation is, they can generally understand something from their words.
Someone went to Zhuo Qiang’s home company site to make trouble and was injured in the hospital. It is reasonable to say that Zhuo Qiang took advantage of this aspect and the matter should be stopped.