Paused his thin lips gradually with a cold arc "how saint really have no feelings for the nangongshan too? Or did you generously give him happiness and choose to help him a lot? "
Redjade’s face changed, and the corners of her mouth began to smoke awkwardly.
Why doesn’t this smelly emperor have any manners? Is it nice to expose a girl’s heart to her face?
Fortunately, it was night at the moment, and her cheeks flashed away and her blush was not noticed.
"You’re wrong again." She boldly raised a brilliant smile and casually pointed out, "It’s not that I want to obstruct it, but-if I don’t show up, you can’t walk out of this palace."
Phoenix’s shallow eyes suddenly lit up. If she had just returned Redjade, it would be an obstacle, then now she understood Redjade’s meaning-if she didn’t come to herself and Jun Moying, she couldn’t get out. Does her coming mean they can go out?
"So you want to help us?"
"Well, maybe." Redjade nodded.
But in a sense, she really helped Nangong Che.
"But you can’t go now," she said, pointing to the faint smile they had just left the palace. "Why don’t you go back first? It’s a cold day. Don’t always let me blow outside. "
Jun Moying squinted at her for a long time and immediately gathered her eyes and said, "Why should I believe you?"
"You should know that I don’t need to be hypocritical." Redjade shrugged her shoulders.
"Although the pursuit of magic can be the best in South Vietnam Palace, if it is really bad, even a wounded person and a woman with limited strength can’t stand it. It is estimated that he will have to die in the next day. Can you believe me? 83 Before Chapter 83, you have to believe me.
Your eyes are dark and dark, and your eyes are like a net, which makes Redjade feel as if she is hiding.
It was not until he turned around and walked back with Feng Shao in his arms that she relaxed her tight heartstrings slightly, and then suddenly found that she had consciously clenched her palm.
Some people are born to be emperors. It is expected that one look will make people feel afraid.
Jun Moying returned to her room with Feng Shao in her arms, and her eyes sank slightly. When she saw that her face was a little white, she grabbed a blanket from the couch and covered her. "Is it cold?"
"It’s okay." Feng Shao shook her head and couldn’t tell whether she was satisfied or expecting more, or she was afraid that Redjade couldn’t help them. Her face and expression were not very happy, and her eyes were still red as if she had been greatly wronged.
"Don’t worry, since she dares to come, there is little chance of success. There is still me without her, isn’t there?"
There’s one thing he hasn’t said-don’t be afraid that you are not alone at any time.
Phoenix shallow stupefied at him for a while.
When Redjade stepped into the door, the sudden warmth made her cringe, and then she saw that the two people waiting for her inside were playing the drama of love and love again. She "tut" said, "Are you bullying me?"
"What?" Phoenix shallow one leng.
"Ignore her, she’s jealous that I like you." Jun Moying grabbed Phoenix Shallow Bus and pulled her out of sight.
Behind him came a sneer. "Are you kidding? I don’t like you. Why should I be jealous? "
"Who said you like me?" Jun Mo Ying’s eyes were faint, but he didn’t look back at Feng’s shallow sight, so he told her a gentle joke, but he said to Redjade behind him, "You are jealous of all two of a kind people."
The room was empty at once.
Chicken shallow corners of the mouth twitched for the first time, realizing that the original man’s mouth was poisonous but so sharp. It seems that although Redjade was going to help them, she just appeared inexplicably and blocked their way, and by the way, she made a few sarcastic remarks, which finally caused the emperor’s strong dissatisfaction …
Redjade coughed a little, then walked up to them as if she didn’t feel embarrassed at all. "Let’s get down to business."