"Why are you here?" Saw his one eye Yan cool attitude is still cold.
"I’ll pick you up when I know you’re coming out today." Looking at Yan Liangshuo’s face is somewhat sad.
"Master, are they out?" She didn’t know anything about the others.
"The fourth martial brother has come out, and the master brother and the second martial brother haven’t." When it comes to this new moon face, the sadness is even more obvious
"Hold your face? It’s not that I can’t get out. "Twist my eyebrows slightly, but she looks a little weak.
"I don’t have anything. I have a few of you to back me up-all of you have been put in prison. I want to calm down, but I can’t calm down. Later, I was also called away. Adult Xing asked me a lot of questions. Where do I know what the third martial brother has done?" If he is not afraid, he doesn’t know what he should do if several of them are really convicted.
"If you don’t know, you don’t have anything to do. Let’s go." Shake his hand and step forward, and his back is still strong
New moon bowed his head and followed Yan Liang away from the prison of punishments.
Back to the house, the sun is also west.
Zhong Ya and Zhong Mi, who are always out of sight, are relieved to see Yan Liang coming back.
"Let’s take a bath first. I’m sure we haven’t taken a bath these days." Zhong Ya has already prepared water and waited for Yan Liang to come back.
"I’ll give Master Zhu Xiang first." Take a deep breath. If it’s really deep, it’s estimated that you will jump with anger.
Shuo pouted and followed Yan Liang to the back of the hall, where the deep memorial tablet was served.
I’ve been perfumed with incense, so I’ll take a shower, strip off my clothes and soak in water, and I’ll see a big bruise on my heart as soon as I bow my head. No wonder it hurts. I haven’t gone to this print yet.
She and Jiyue are out, and Liu Tianzhao must have gone home that day. Zou Qitai and Hu Guqiu are still in prison.
Zou Qitai will definitely refuse to believe that Li Zhao’s rebellion will surely give him reasons. The more he does this, the longer it will take.
After this, Zou Qitai’s six-door doctor is not going to do it, and they may also suspend all case investigations.
Close your eyes and lean against the edge of the bath bucket. I have never encountered such a thing since I entered the punishments department.
I don’t know what happened to Weiyuan’s negotiation with Xiaoli now. Both of them have a strong desire for revenge. This time they suffered a big loss, which is even bigger than the second one. They won’t stop until they retaliate.
But obviously, the people behind the scenes are more cunning. If they don’t plan well, it is estimated that they will suffer more next time.
After bathing, Yan Liang went straight to sleep. I haven’t slept much in prison these days, and my brain is full of thinking about these things.
Now I think it’s all in vain to think about those days.
The next day, Yan Liang woke up at three o’clock, and she woke up at the same time every day, rarely sleeping for so long.
Get up and wash, then go out of the yard and walk in the direction of the hall. Before you get there, you hear the sound. It’s not someone else Zou Qitai coming out.
Walking quickly to the hall, I saw Zou Qitai sitting in the main seat with red eyes and wiping away tears.
New moon also don’t know how to comfort Zhong Ya to bring tea, but she advised a few words, but nothing.
"Master Brother" came over and Yan Liang shook his head and knew he had to do this.
"Sister!" Looking at Yan Liang, Zou Qitai’s tears came out again. "I’m sorry, Master!" When he came, he went to give Taoxiang incense, and then he couldn’t help crying.
Turned to sit Yan Liang glanced at Zhong Ya and New Moon and asked them to go.
Two people from here Yan Liang hand patted Zou Qitai shoulder "and you are not his own choice"
"It’s my fault that I didn’t teach well." Zou Qitai sighed and his eyes blurred with tears.
"He’s nearly forty years old, so I don’t need you to teach me and Fourth Martial Brother his friendship for more than ten years. He said to give up and give up regardless of our life and death. He chose this road and gave up all of us. Since then, don’t cry. You are a great master. Didn’t you teach me very well?" Relieve Zou Qitai Yan Liang at pulling herself, even though her sex was created in a previous life.
"alas!" With a sigh, Zou Qitai turned her head to wipe her tears and was still sad.
Raise my hand and cover the back of his hand. I understand very well that Zou Qitai has regarded himself as a parent since the death of Tao, and he has never become a family himself. He has always been proud of them, and he has done well in the past few years, which has been greatly appreciated by Wei Tiankuo.
Now suddenly the situation has turned sharply and a traitor has emerged. It is strange that he can accept it.
"School sister, are you hurt? You and Jiyue are both seriously injured. "It’s a comfort that they can come back alive.
"Well, it’s almost the same. The fourth martial brother needs to recuperate. His shoulder bone is broken." His weapon is a broadsword. If he doesn’t recuperate well, he can’t even use a broadsword later.
Zou Qitai nodded and turned to wipe tears from the corner of his eyes. "I went to rest for a few days and didn’t sleep."
"The new moon sends the elder brother of the master to rest" and Yan Liangyang shouted a new moon outside and rushed in.
He kept a straight face, but his eyes were red. He heard both of them talking in the hall.
Holding Zou Qitai away from the prison these days, he really didn’t have a good rest, and his steps were somewhat vain when he walked.
Zou Qitai didn’t come out until the second day after he was released from prison. It was like sitting in prison. He didn’t shave and looked very sloppy.
The first thing I did when I came out was to give it to Taoxiang, and then I announced that Tongshang had confessed to the punishment order.
Zou Qitai’s six-door doctor was removed and six doors were temporarily banned from accepting cases. The case of Li Zhao is still under investigation by seven doors.
I knew this would happen long ago, and Yan Liang was not surprised. They were able to get out of prison and said that Wei Tiankuo still believed them in the end.
However, it’s really hateful to be a traitor, even if it’s one of our own. What’s worse, it’s always heavy.
This matter has caused ears for a while, and not only the people are talking about it.