"good!" That’s what Wu Tian wants. He can still get your two million dollars without sending you away. This is the means. Wu Tian turned and looked at the security guard. The security guard nodded, picked up the walkie-talkie and called, "Come alone to Package 8. There is work here!"
"received! The horse is coming! " A few minutes later, a male technician in a professional suit came in with a playing card and bowed respectfully at the gambling table.
"Hurry up!" Wu day ordered that he didn’t have so much free time to accompany the hillbilly, and quickly sent away his two million to get busy business and went to the two deputy directors of the industrial and commercial bureau, waiting to do it himself!
Of course, the casino technician knows what the boss means. He unpacked the box of poker, and then he cut the cards and put them in front of Wang Dashuai. He was very professional and said, "Sir, please check the cards!"
Just now, the casino technician saw Wang Dashuai see things in a blur earlier. Seeing that he foolishly pulled out a card and looked at it, he didn’t see any flaw. The technician nodded slightly to take back the card and officially … (Dear friends, one more day left today, two more days to make up. Chapter 485 Expert consultation.
As far as Wang Dashuai’s two brushes are concerned, where is Wu Tian, a veteran casino opponent? There are not many games left, and his remaining two million have been beaten to death.
"Ha ha, Mr. Wang, it’s no wonder that I am, please …" Wang Dashuai, who smiled and looked at the cold sweat, said that this was already what he expected, not to mention that two million is twenty million, and he can win it for him with his eyes closed.
Wang Dashuai’s face is tangled and bitter like a nose, not a nose, not a mouth. Up to now, he hasn’t understood how his two million lost. Watching Wu Tian implored, "Old … boss, you … you can’t drive me to a dead end. I don’t have a penny now …"
"What are you fucking waste! Get out of here! " The security guard behind him shouted at him before Wu said, "Don’t play if you can’t afford to lose. Now you want to cheat and don’t look at this place!"
"I didn’t force you to play before, but it was agreed that you won me and I sent you to Macau. If you lost, I wouldn’t let the bar catch you. Now you lost, what do you have to say?" Wu Tianlong asked, seemingly saying that it is all truth.
"I … I … I really can’t go out. I beg you, boss, please give me a chance to live. I’ll make you a cow and a horse!" Security yelling didn’t make Wang Dashuai so afraid. What really scared him was Wu Tian’s cold and chilly eyes.
Wu day cold hum a seems to be Wang Dashuai push your luck angered big scold a way "mom than old didn’t call the police to catch you into the number is good, what else do you want to do? ! Do you want to cheat? "
"No … dare not … dare not boss … I beg you to let me live … I really don’t want to die!" Wang Dashuai said and cried to climb to the top of Wu Day, but when he got to Wu Day a few steps away, he was stopped by the security guard.
"You his niang also want to let the old how to let you live? ! Why don’t I go to jail for you? Hurry up and get out of here, bitch! " Wu day swearing way, although won two million, but got fed up.
Wu Tianyi made the two security guards lift their legs, that is, they kicked Wang Dashuai’s shoulder, and then dragged Wang Dashuai to the frame, wailing and clinging to the gambling table with one leg, saying nothing but refusing to let the two security guards get angry, but the leg lifts just stepped on him holding the table leg.
"All right! Let him go! " Wu day, when I look at this unintelligent goods, I keep trying to figure out what kind of chaos the mainland has caused. It’s best to ask clearly, or else I’ll turn around and don’t harm the two security guards. When I hear it, I immediately stop beating, but I still bet Wang Dashuai intensely.
"Boss, I knew you’d save me. You’re great. I, Wang Dashuai, can’t repay you in this generation!" When Wang Dashuai heard that Wu Tian was going to send him to Macau, he immediately cried and thanked him for almost not calling Wu Tian his ancestor.
Wu Tian ignored this childish fool at his feet, thinking about what he wanted to do all day long before sending you out. He sneered, "Tell me the truth. Who did Dongshan provoke?"
"I … I just killed an old man in our village …" Wang Dashuai worship Nuo Nuo answered, but his eyes kept dodging and didn’t dare to look at Wu day.
After hearing this, Wu Tian nodded his head, saying that his mouth was still so hard that he ordered, "Drag this little one out for me!" "
"Don’t … don’t boss … I said … I said …" Wang Dashuai saw that he couldn’t fool, so he hurriedly grabbed the legs of the table and pleaded frankly.
"That you his niang still dawdle! Say it quickly! " Holding his security guard slapped Wang Dashuai on the back of his head and scolded him. He really didn’t see that this son of a bitch was quite a thief!
"Ouch ….." Wang Dashuai went to cover his head when he was in pain. "I killed the old man. His son is a small bludger leader in Dongshan. He seems to be very powerful. I’m afraid he will come for revenge …" Then I looked at Wu Tian and hoped that Wu Tian would suddenly show mercy and send him out of the mainland.
"Hum small bludger leader? Do you Dongshan punks have that much energy? Do you still have to kill sh? ! Don’t worry about going out, you will be safe if you don’t go to Macau! " Wu tianyi said disdainfully that if even a small town punk is awesome enough to want an opponent in the country, then don’t sh yourself. It’s better to go to the countryside with prospects!
"No … no, boss, you haven’t seen that small strength. Even the helicopter has an armed police. He can’t help it. I beg you, just send me out!" At this time, Wang Dashuai is almost dead. He came to scare Brother Torre and make a soft apology and humiliate him. I didn’t expect Brother Torre not to eat his talent killer.
"You little mouth full of hu said! Give the helicopter back. sh, the underworld is not crazy enough to fight by helicopter! Are you armed police in Dongshan eating soft food? Even a few punks can’t handle it! " Wu day listening to Wang Dashuai’s words is like listening to a big joke. Those two security guards are also full of contempt. When the underworld is so rampant in this country, it will end in self-destruction!
Wang Dashuai almost cried when he heard it. What kind of world is this? To tell the truth, no one believed him, so he quickly explained, "If I want to lie to you, I won’t be surnamed Wang!"
"Your name is a dick tube I bird thing! Listen to your bullshit here when you are old! Get out before I get angry! " Aunt Wu walked out with Wang Dashuai’s stupid goods, and it didn’t matter how they shouted. When the two security guards saw that the boss had left, they should also start work, so they lifted their legs and stepped on Wang Dashuai’s gambling table legs. Then they even dragged and dragged Wang Dashuai and threw him out of the casino through a secret passage.
"Bah! Mom wants to stay here better than a hillbilly! I owe you something! " The two security guards finally kicked Wang Dashuai’s feet and returned to the casino with disdain and swearing.