Zhao Yafang’s cerebellum suddenly replayed the sad pictures of the first lady cleaning up the mistress and touched her smooth and rosy face. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a violent policewoman for a while and explained quickly, "You … you misunderstood the police officer … Mr. Wang and I are … ordinary friends …"
"Ha ha, I didn’t say you weren’t ordinary friends … let’s go and talk …" Qin Xiaowan said with a smile that she wanted to hide what was ordinary, and said that her sharp land cruiser sounded the flute to signal Zhao Yafang to follow.
Zhao Yafang heaved a sigh of relief and clenched his fist, as if he had made up his mind. He turned his back on the car and followed Qin Xiaowan’s car closely. She has never been crazy about a man since she was a child. Throwing caution to the wind today!
In the office of the president of the headquarters of Zhongyiren Company, four people talked about the demolition in the shed area for almost two hours. The general matters were almost discussed, and the financial accounting was finished. After doing this project, there was no problem. Brother Gan glanced at Ouyang Cheng’s desk calendar and said, "Today is the first day of the twelfth lunar month. It is obviously impossible to start construction years ago. First of all, let everyone have a good year. If we don’t get down to others and let the people have no place to stay, it will be a big thing!"
"Well, I agree with Xiao Gan that we should not start construction years later. Just do the necessary formalities well …" Hu Debiao nodded and agreed after listening.
"This is no problem. I’ll just let people go to various departments to run. It is estimated that there should be no problem for three or five days. Besides, there is no one who dares to spoil the mayor Yang’s face …" Yang Feng replied
Finally, the dry elder brother suggested, "I have a suggestion. Can Mr. Biao talk about the compensation for demolition years ago and deal with it clearly? When the year is over, I will demolish it. This is also an explanation for the people in the shed area. It is not too much to ask how much it costs to live in the old house for generations. I will try my best to satisfy people …"
"Yeah, who lives and wants to move? It’s not just a house, it’s a memory room. Once it’s demolished, there’s nothing left. Try to meet the requirements of demolition. Besides, I’m not short of money this time, but I can’t buy it back if I don’t have the emotional card money!" Hu Debiao nodded and said with emotion that he seems to have deep feelings about forced demolition.
"Ha ha, that’s good. Now that Tiger and Brother Gan have agreed, Emoko and I have no different opinions. We will set up a demolition negotiation team to go door to door to listen to the demolition opinions and try our best to meet their requirements and try to reach a demolition agreement before the Spring Festival …" Ouyang Cheng concluded with a smile that somehow since Brother Gan came, the director has been energetic and less aboveboard, and more importantly, he has looked at his brothers one by one with a legitimate business. Maybe plain is a kind of happiness. I really didn’t say that Chapter 51 is sitting in a small six position.
Chapter 51 Sit in the Sixth Position "Well, it’s a deal. Brother Cheng and Brother Huge will work together later. Let our company employees and Zhongyitang brothers form a joint visit group. They will all wear formal clothes to talk about demolition. I will be given a whole tiger without pulling a few times, that is, my attitude will be put right. Anyone who gets rough will see how I clean up the rabbit cub!" Brother Gan finally arranged that this is also a good opportunity to promote Loyalty Hall, and we can’t screw it up.
After hearing this, Chen Hu got up with a tiger’s eye and promised, "Don’t worry about it. If those little guys don’t obey the rules, Chen Hu will clean up their ya!"
"Oh, come on, Emoko, sit down. People in their thirties are still so impulsive …" Ouyang Cheng smiled and pulled Chen Hu to sit down
After hearing what Ouyang Cheng said, I remembered that Chen Hu had been married for half a year, so I asked with a smile, "Is there any movement for Emoko Yanjie?" You must hurry up and strive to give our loyalty hall a second generation as soon as possible … "
"Hey, what’s the hurry? Take your time …" Chen Hu replied with a silly smile and scratched himself.
"Alas ….. how can that work? It’s your fault, Emoko. Which woman doesn’t want to be a mother? Besides, Yanjie, it’s all 30 years late. It’s really impossible to work harder. I’ll get you something good to make up for it later!" OuYangCheng quipped with a smile.
Chen Hu a listen to criticise, "Fuck you, old man, no, you’d better make up for yourself. Why don’t you hurry up and make a fortune after having a female college student?"
"Ha ha, good, good, it’s getting late. Let’s get together and have a meal together …" Brother Gan smiled and suggested that the four of them went upstairs talking and laughing, and their cars drove to a nearby hotel to see four smart cars, especially those sharp cars with a license plate number. When they saw most of them, they avoided guessing that it was another mafia boss party.
In a Starbucks western restaurant, two beautiful women sat opposite each other with a cup of coffee, and no one said anything, so they looked at the beautiful nurse against the policewoman. Unfortunately, Zhao Yafang was still wearing a police uniform. If she wore her nurse out, she would have looked at it. Eventually, Qin Xiaowan couldn’t hold back, or she wouldn’t have come to Zhao Yafang and stirred the coffee in the cup with a spoon. She smiled, "Drink, why don’t you drink?"
By Qin Xiaowan, Zhao Yafang also took a sip and laughed. "I don’t like coffee or juice …"
"Then why didn’t you say so earlier? It’s all sisters’ politeness …" Qin Xiaowan complained and called for a glass of orange juice.
"Oh, no, it’s not so troublesome …" Zhao Yafang was a little embarrassed to see Qin Xiaowan without hostility, but she was red-faced and declined, but she had already gone.
"Hey hey Avon sister, you really don’t like that smelly man?" Qin Xiaowan suddenly smiled and stared at Zhao Yafang’s beautiful big eyes and asked with a few jokes in his eyes.
Let Qin Xiaowan stare at Zhao Yafang naked, a little guilty, and dodge to be stupid. "Which … which smelly man?"
"You said which smelly man gave me Wang Xiaogan!" Qin Xiaowan looked at the little blush, Zhao Yafang left the pie mouth and hit the nail on the head. "Expose" the way without looking at what you are doing. Those wily criminals can’t escape their critical eyes. You little nurse can still hide!
"I … I don’t like him …" Zhao Yafang replied falteringly with his head down, clutching the orange juice cup he had just bought to hide his nervousness.
Qin Xiaowan chuckled and gave herself a look at the little nurse and said, "Really?"
Zhao Yafang gently "well" nodded his head and stopped talking. Qin Xiaowan thought that if I didn’t give you some information, you wouldn’t know that I was powerful, so he sighed and said, "Well, come on, I still want to help you. Since you don’t like that smelly man, forget it …" He said and made a very pity.
After hearing Qin Xiaowan’s words, Zhao Yafang looked up at her doubtfully and inquired carefully, "You … What did you say?"
"Help you catch him up and let him love you …" Qin Xiaowan answered naturally and then waved. "But now it seems that you don’t need it …"
"ah? No … No … I … I like it … "Zhao Yafang retorted immediately, rubbing her skirts with a standard little daughter expression. Qin Xiaowan was a little infatuated. If he met such a stunner, he couldn’t help it. It’s still the case that the man with the bedroom eyes is forgiven for thinking that the original dry brother held her little hand.
"giggle, what do you like?" Qin Xiaowan continued to ask, "I can’t even wipe this face." I thought that I had more power to directly and brazenly seize the site of the first little witch girl. Now I think that I am not ashamed at all, and I am proud of it. There is nothing wrong with fighting for love!
Zhao Yafang has never been so shy since she was so big. Of course, thanks to Qin Xiaowan, she is a woman. If Brother Gan personally kills her, she won’t reveal her true feelings, so she hummed with her head down, "Like … like him …"
"Oh, come on, silly sister, I don’t think it’s a shameful thing to make you hard to love someone. Since you are in this way, be brave, dare to love and hate. Otherwise, how can you make him love you? I can tell you that there are many women who love him. If you don’t hurry up, don’t say that you are a mistress. You can’t even make a small six or seven!" Qin Xiaowan’s careless persuasion is really worthy of being a policeman’s ideological education.
Zhao Yafang seems to have been persuaded by Qin Xiaowan. She also learned something about Brother Gan from her sister. She knows that there are many women and sisters around Brother Gan, and Jie, a good sister, is one. But she hasn’t chased her yet, so she raised her head slightly and asked, "Who are you, sister?"
"I …" Qin Xiaowan was just about to answer when she saw Zhao Yafang snickering while covering her cherry mouth. It turned out that the little nurse took her own rinse and reached out to tickle Zhao Yafang. "You Xiao Ni turned against you and told your sister that he was the only one in his eyes!"
In this way, Zhao Yafang and Qin Xiaowan quarreled for a while until they found that everyone around them was looking at them with strange eyes. They coughed, concealed their embarrassment and recovered their calm. After frolicking, Zhao Yafang also let lives of three women’s mother-in-law chat. "What’s your name, sister?"
"Mr … formally know one. My name is Qin Xiaowan. Just call me Xiao Wan after you are in the public security bureau class …" Qin Xiaowan realized that the little nurse didn’t know herself yet and introduced herself quickly.
Zhao Yafang cleverly nodded. "Well, Sister Wan, just call me Avon … By the way, Sister Wan, how many girlfriends does he have?"
Qin Xiaowan smiled and asked instead, "Don’t you know Avon?"