It’s a pair of eyes with a circular ring, which makes people unable to see the details. Even when they are white, they feel his pressure. It’s a different feeling just now, and now he feels that he has seen through everything.
"You leave me alone to deal with it." Long-lost battle * * made Bai Zai make a bold decision and waved to Deidara and Sai. The body quickly fell to the ground and stared at the eyes.
"But …" Deidara hesitated.
"There’s nothing to be proud of, but you let us fight more and win less. Besides, he won’t kill people with his hands, will he, sir?"
"Of course, you are very bad."
"It seems that it is not so easy for us to become your department." A flash of the body has reached the other place, and Qian Sakura waved straight to the left arm again.
I have already taken precautions, and I have never stepped back just now. My fingers quickly twisted the "fire dragon inflammation bomb …" I have spit out a roaring dragon in my mouth, and it is rapidly approaching the white one that just landed.
There is no threat to attack nature like this. The body suddenly flashes again and I don’t know where it is.
Suddenly, I found a red petal coming here against the fire dragon. I don’t understand why there are petals here, but that psychological hint told him the importance of avoiding it.
So it just flashed and didn’t pay much attention.
Tear … When the strong sword wind hangs down again and the body is bright red, everyone can’t help but stare big eyes, especially when it’s the first time to see the members of Xiao Organization facing such a battle.
"You are very strong and a little hard to accept," replied the landing discovery method very frankly after stopping the bleeding.
"Thank you. So are you going to throw in the towel?"
"No, of course not. It’s just a reincarnation. I just realized it."
After another puff of smoke, there were five people around me, five people with different bodies but the same eyes.
"If you can beat us, then even if you win …" Without further nonsense, six people actually acted at the same time.
"Busy? Or something about him … "Bai zai feels that the pressure is not decreasing, but the nerve tension is getting tighter.
"Ah, pulling this thing so quickly is worthy of destroying a village combination. This arrangement is a bit too much, so I’m afraid of getting up." I can’t be seen talking to myself in the dark … Please remember that your support is our greatest motivation!
№4 battle chapter ()
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№4 battle chapter ()
The fighting continues, but the situation has already changed because of Ninjutsu …
"Boom" loud noise splashed up the clouds of smoke. It’s hard to believe that the instantaneous step was solved like this.
"How did you do it?" Bai Zai asked, breaking free from the rock and stabilizing his surging efforts.
"I have seen your eyes in every attack, and now my eyes are used to it." The speech is still the man covered in brilliance.
The expression of moving a few steps forward didn’t show much surprise. "Really? Well, look at this … The fingers of "Breaking the Road and Four White Thunder" immediately burst out of the sky with a little blue light and kept bending like a flash in a thunderstorm, almost tearing.
"It seems that it is difficult to beat me in such an attack." It seems that a chubby figure has rushed to the front of Bai Lei and tried to put his mouth in a big way without fearing the impact of Bai Lei, and absorbed it into his body bit by bit. It seems that nothing happened when he closed his mouth and returned to his side.
Good terror defense Bai zai forehead can not help but drop a drop of cold sweat. Just now, Bai zai has experienced another guy’s vitality, and now this fat man can’t find a flaw in Ninjutsu’s ghost defense, so he lost? The brain is running fast, constantly seeking breakthrough opportunities.
If we can make double singing now, it would be nice to have a black moon and a six-foot light prison. Everything can be solved, but now the body is not fully recovered, so it is not so easy to make double ghosts, and he is not so good at binding attacks. It is not so simple to attack three people at once, I am afraid.
Thinking once again swayed an attack, and Bai Zai’s heart rose a little bit of resistance to speed, strength, attack and defense. This man has achieved almost the peak of mankind. Trying to get rid of these is often beyond the reach of ordinary people, and all the sources seem to be those eyes that can always understand …
In the theory of eye circle, Ootutuki Hagoromo is the most powerful pupil surgery in the world of eyes, but it has never appeared and is gradually forgotten by people. It has been introduced in the literature of various villages, and it has been formally established. But I don’t know that this thing is now out of such a pair. I really don’t know what level people’s parents are giving birth to such a powerful child.
Seeing that the big fist is about to enter the body, I don’t know how to dodge the instantaneous step. I have been surrounded by a sturdy glove. It’s really a little difficult to resist it in the instantaneous past. People come from two directions with fists and four hands. There is a 30% chance of success.
After such a hesitation, I didn’t do anything. The fist is as hard as steel. Suddenly, I have such a feeling of vomiting blood. I feel that I know that I am careless. I will quickly stop the knife to a body and set it up again.
The spirit has been unable to make ends meet, and at the same time, I feel tired. The sweat has been dripping and drenched. Bai Zai’s dead bully is slightly gasping and looking up. It seems that he is complacent and indifferent. All his faces suddenly become a little more calm. "I am afraid there are not many people in this world who can make me so down and out. You are strong. There is no doubt about this."
"So you chose to surrender?"
"No, of course not, although I’m a little unwilling, I still have to get it. If you can resist it, I’ll join you." Bai Zai is a person who doesn’t want to fail. He worked hard since childhood to surpass it, and later he was called the Instant God Four Maple Gardens, and then he surpassed it. He seemed to have forgotten the fact that he had not finished recovering.
The expression "Come on then" has not changed, but it quickly forms its own defensive formation. Generally, everyone has his own trump card, and the strength of this thing is a person’s peak level …
Pulling out a thousand cherry blossoms from the ground, still spotless, staring at it, the flashing strange light will lay flat on the chest, and the blue light will flash instantly and turn to reverse in the air, which makes people feel a little scared. "Is chakra talking together?" What a wonderful little "in the dark, the mysterious man’s eyes once again emit a limited light.