After Gao Shunyao received the ball, the horse kicked the ball and charged the Inter Milan backcourt.
His impact didn’t cause any confusion among Inter Milan players. Their defense was well organized. Seeing Gao Shunyao approaching Cambiaso, he greeted him at the first time and tried to intercept his impact in midfield.
It’s a pity that Gao Shunyao can still make some reactions in the face of Cambiaso. He knows that his skills are far from perfect. Facing Cambiaso to intercept him, he accelerated his feet. When he was close to Cambiaso, he suddenly stepped up his pace, waded the ball past him with one foot, and then his body suddenly hit forward and pushed hard against him.
Gao Shunyao’s passing is not a skill but a body. His passing style is quite effective. Although Cambiaso’s physical quality is not weak, he still didn’t take precautions in the face of Gao Shunyao’s fierce kicking.
But Cambiaso, after all, is also an experienced player. Although Gao Shunyao’s breakthrough is sharp, Cambiaso is still very clever. His body put pressure on him from the side. Gao Shunyao’s breakthrough is aimed at a positive breakthrough, but after a confrontation, he can think about running in the left front.
The confrontation made him stumble a little, and this stumble was enough for him to break through the defense line. Lucio saw it and rushed to try to break his ball.
In the face of his grabbing Gao Shunyao, he seemed to panic. He quickly stabilized his steps and kicked the ball out. On his right side, Hiroshi Kiyotake had quickly inserted Gao Shunyao’s ball and it just fell into his foot.
This time, the attack is no longer a one-man attack, but two people attack Gao Shunyao together. Waiting is this opportunity.
Hiroshi Kiyotake rushed forward to make Lucio change his position. He ran to Hiroshi Kiyotake to stop him, but he didn’t expect that the football didn’t stop at Hiroshi Kiyotake’s foot, but it was sent straight behind him.
Behind him, Gao Shunyao has cut in quickly and he runs very fast because he knows that this is his only chance-Lucio likes to cut in front of him and usually needs a wipe-up. If Samuel is the most suitable partner there, but Samuel is injured, this is Gao Shunyao’s chance!
Ask teammates to distract Lucio, then you have an opportunity!
Cooperate with Hiroshi Kiyotake to enter the restricted area. This is the best way that Gao Shunyao can think of. To break through Lucio, he believes that he can definitely do something.
His idea was that after he got the ball correctly, he hit Cordoba to meet him, but Gao Shunyao wouldn’t be polite, just like Gao Shunyao did to Lucio just now. He suddenly raised his foot and shot the ball and pulled it out towards the goal!
Cordoba’s defense is not as good as Lucio’s. He can watch Gao Shunyao’s shot fly towards the goal.
This shot is almost as beautiful as the one just shot. The only difference is that Gao Shunyao hit it right this time.
"Shoot! Well done, the goal is scored! "
Cheers rang around the stadium-even Tokyo fans will score high and cheer for beautiful goals and courage at this moment. These people deserve applause!
Section DiErYiQi New era
When the footsteps hurried away in January, when the Asian media reviewed the World Club Cup in January, people found that Gao Shunyao’s goal was the only bright spot in this World Cup Asian football.
Of course, Gao Shunyao’s goal didn’t save Tokyo’s losing fate more than because his goal aroused Inter Milan’s offensive heart. Instead, they attacked again. Both Stoudemire and Motta, the substitute, scored goals, making the score 41, and the number of Tokyo’s losing games increased.
Moreover, although Gao Shunyao played brilliantly in this game, he failed to score a goal against Brazilian international Gao Shunyao in the next scene. Perhaps it was because he lost to an African team. Brazilian international also broke out with unprecedented strength in the final three or four. It goes without saying that they played this game more seriously than they had dominated the technical level of a Brazilian team from the beginning of the game, and they played hot enough because of the angry game. This way, Tokyo was restrained and let Tokyo kick their hands and feet in a direct defeat.
In the World Club Cup, he played three games and lost two games. In Tokyo, he was still fourth. However, Tokyo lost miserably, but Gao Shunyao still made a name for himself by scoring goals.
It is not easy for a weak team to score a goal in the face of a strong enemy. The gap between Asian and European football is very large. It is very rare for top Asian football stars to have a place to play in European giants and score a goal.
What’s more, it’s not a goal difference to score a goal in a football match. There is also a momentum problem. Losing the game is likely to mean that the team has been beaten and smashed, and 14 lose the game, even if it is lost, it will always belong to the team or attack. It is very rare for the team to keep such a spirit.
This goal proves that Tokyo has not lost its courage, and this courage is given to Tokyo by Gao Shunyao.
Breaking the door of Inter Milan is not a particularly big thing for many European players, but it is quite difficult for Asian players to do this. Gao Shunyao scored a goal for Inter Milan and was more able to show his face in front of European scouts than winning the AFC Champions League. His name is beginning to be known to Europeans.
The one-year-old striker led the team to win the Asian championship, and his personal ability was quite sufficient. He didn’t lose courage in the face of such a strong team as Inter Milan-Gao Shunyao’s strength was quickly known and attracted a lot of attention.
In the past two years, Asian football has been playing well, and many good players have emerged. Park Ji-sung has proved himself to be a good player at the level of giants, and Kagawa Shinji has played a leading role in the Bundesliga for half a season. Some people have begun to recognize him as a world-class player, but these players have not played as well as Gao Shunyao in Asia, and now he is even better in Asia. What achievements Gao Shunyao will have in Europe will also interest the media.
It was at this time that Wolfsburg officially announced that they had signed a contract with Gao Shunyao. From half a season, Gao Shunyao will play in Wolfsburg.
Wolfsburg has been negotiating with Tokyo for some time, but now it has been announced. Obviously, they have their own considerations. They have timed the news just right. While the popularity of the World Club Cup is not as hot as it used to be, it can also be a stimulus for their fans. Wolfsburg has been playing badly for half a season. Their fans need some excitement, especially this winter, when the transfer of Zhe Ke has been completely suppressed, the team also needs to make some moves.
Of course, Gao Shunyao can’t be compared with Zhe Ke in strength or fame, but what the team needs at this time is to show the fans that they have the initiative to bring in Gao Shunyao to show their confidence while he is now famous.
As expected by the management of Wolfsburg, the news of Gao Shunyao’s transfer has really caused a discussion. Now Gao Shunyao has made some achievements in Asia. Although he is not the most famous player in Asia, his potential is also unanimously valued. His transfer has really caused a wave.
The German media began to report the news of Gao Shunyao, and in China, Gao Shunyao’s preparation was also compared with Park Ji-sung’s transfer. People also predicted whether he could go further. After the news of’s Gao Shunyao’s transfer came, the China media was also very excited. In the past two years, there have been no players in China who have traveled to Europe. Even if they go to Europe, it is difficult to adapt. It is a heart disease for the China media, and now there is a player who can travel to Europe. This has to be said to be a good thing.
German, Japanese and China media are all paying attention to Gao Shunyao at this time. Many media are reporting his news, and more media want to contact him for an exclusive interview.
These media are eager to know everything about Gao Shunyao at this time. They want to know more about Gao Shunyao, know his strength, personality and love everything about him.
It was Gao Shunyao who didn’t give them too many opportunities. During this period, he almost refused to interview the World Club Cup. After that, he went back to Japan to discuss the contract there. Then he met himself in Japan, and his friends thanked them. Then he returned to China and reunited with his parents for a few days. After that, he left for Germany. During the whole process, he didn’t contact any media. He was very low-key about media interviews and notes.
This attitude makes the media don’t know what to say for a while. Is he too arrogant to pay attention to the media? Or do people keep a low profile and don’t want people to know their own things? Various statement have also come out.
But actually Gao Shunyao knows in his heart that he did it neither because of arrogance nor because of low profile.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to spend a few more days with his friends in Japan before he leaves, nor that he doesn’t want to stay at home for a few more days and spend more time with his parents. When it comes to media interviews, he is also very willing to take turns to be interviewed by the media if possible, and he doesn’t mind that all the media at home and abroad take him as the cover.
But time waits for no man, and he doesn’t have the time to move to Europe in the middle of the season. If he drags his feet and doesn’t go to Europe early to prepare, his chances of playing in the future will be even more slim.
Gao Shunyao still has a little pride in his heart. He hopes that he can play better in Europe and become a real European striker instead of showing off his identity as a European traveler. He knows that he needs more efforts to stand in Europe.
He is not one of those talented Brazilian players, even if he wastes his talent, he can play a famous game. He is an Asian player who doesn’t have that kind of talent. He must start from dribs and drabs and devote himself to football games when others come to have fun.
Only in this way can he play well.
When relatives and friends get together, one day they will play well by themselves and earn more money. After that, they can take their parents to their side and help Li Ze find a coaching opportunity in Europe. If they don’t play well now and are driven back to Asia, they will have no face to see them again. Similarly, if they want to play well, they will never worry that no media will interview them. If they don’t play well now, no one will understand themselves in the future.
Isn’t the famous man who moved to Manchester United much more famous than him? But he can’t play well for a long time, and his career is restless. Where is the heart? Who is he? Media heart is the strength of players, not individuals.
Climbing from the bottom step by step, Gao Shunyao knows all about this. It is foolish for the media to pay attention to sacrificing their future.
Therefore, he can say sorry to his friends despite the complaints from the media in China and Japan. He must come to Europe to start his new life here at this time.
He needs to get familiar with life here as soon as possible and get familiar with European football habits as soon as possible. He needs to learn the language, understand the coach’s words and adapt to the rhythm of the game here and the intensity of training.
These things need a lot of energy. Fortunately, it is still the winter break. When Gao Shunyao comes here, there is no competition for the team. Gao Shunyao can also arrange his own life here.
And just when he settled down everything, he started training in Europe, and there was news from Wolfsburg.
Zhe Ke officially moved to Manchester City this winter, and his total value reached 350,000 euros, setting a record for the value of Bundesliga players. The top striker coveted by many giants left Wolfsburg to strive for higher goals.
For him, maybe in the future, he can pursue more Champions League titles, a giant grow up, and the golden boots with high salary are the Golden Globe Awards. These things are all in front of him.
But for Gao Shunyao, his transfer means one thing. He left Wolfsburg, so it has been an era since Magat coached Zhe Ke and Grafite to form an offensive body and completely disintegrated Wolfsburg.
And I will get a place in the new era of Wolfsburg, which is also my new era.
Section 2 Training Standards
Although Gao Shunyao believes that his arrival will usher in a new era in Wolfsburg, it is embarrassing that when Gao Shunyao moved to Wolfsburg in January, his player meeting did not attract much attention.
The most striking thing about the whole Wolfsburg at this time is obviously that Zhe Ke’s transfer to Manchester City and the departure of a top striker have aroused discussion in German football circles. People’s interest has obviously been diverted by that incident, and some people were interested in Gao Shunyao’s transfer. However, before Zhe Ke left, the news of his transfer will be dwarfed. His players’ meeting was sparse, and several media had some basic knowledge about him, so there was no more interview.
Their attitude doesn’t surprise Gao Shunyao. Although he is the top player in Asia, he really needs to start from scratch when he arrives in Europe. The strength of European football is not comparable to that of Asia. He may not be able to play the main force for a short time here. These media are mainly interested in themselves because of the World Club Cup some time ago, but the World Club Cup is not so important before Zhe Ke’s transfer.