Li Qiushui’s eyes are affectionate, Wu Xingyun’s eyes are moved, and Li Canghai directly holds Yu Tian. "Big brother, you are so kind to the sea!"

Imperial day smiled for hand decoration is not very seriously. The shopkeeper smiled and said with praise, "This public eye is really good. Three girls are beautiful and beautiful, and it’s just right to take this gold hairpin." Yutian threw an ingot of gold and said, "Let’s go!" Wang Jiantong looked at the corners of […]

It is not clear why this tentacle came here, but most of its body is buried, and a small part of it is exposed, which keeps it from being surrounded by artillery waves.

Because the main tentacle, including this one, has a lot of contact when fighting Phoenix, some arms can stick to the tentacle’ skin’ and follow it here. What the hell is this place? Obviously, this is normal and it is close to Phoenix. But this location is still a long way from the definition of […]

At the same time, the other two wind blades from the wind Yang blaster in the past, and the power is not diminished. The wind blades across the past and set off a strong wind, which made the wind Yang’s hair float.

In front of Xi Yu, Tang Ning was also ready at this moment. Her fleshy arms stopped for a moment, and the dusty color force was already overflowing the body surface, but it was condensed into a dusty armor in vitro. Generally speaking, Yuan Li’s foreign protection needs to reach the level of Wu Zun, […]

It is this veteran who wants to make up lessons for Li He, but at this time, he shows a face of early elder brother gawking at the door in wait for a while.

"hey!" The woman who picked the curtain came in and shouted softly "Ah?" Zhao Ji just came to my mind. The woman seems to have been teased by Zhao Ji’s stupidity. Bowing her head and covering her mouth is a smile for a while. Zhao Ji, who has just returned to the soul, is once […]

Jun Moying patted her on the shoulder, and one second before, she fell gently. Her eyes suddenly shot sharply at Redjade, and the sound was so cold that a trace of Yinzhi was dangerous in the dark night. "Is the saint going to obstruct me?"

Paused his thin lips gradually with a cold arc "how saint really have no feelings for the nangongshan too? Or did you generously give him happiness and choose to help him a lot? " Redjade’s face changed, and the corners of her mouth began to smoke awkwardly. Why doesn’t this smelly emperor have any manners? […]

In the past, even if she envied that man all her life, the man around her had never been so jealous. It seemed that if she were to show the slightest kindness to that man in front of him, he would feel a surge of anger, and even he himself would be frightened.

She is poisoned, and every time I see her, she will be poisoned deeper than the previous one. The nangongshan che closed his eyes and pinched his eyebrows. He stopped looking at her heart and others stopped thinking about these things. "What happened?" He took a slightly impatient look at the doctor too much. "This […]