He talks with his hand in his mouth, but his body doesn’t stop. It seems that the four arms of the giant can be broken.

"Come here!" Big Buddha thundered with one arm and suddenly buckled this demon city, and then suddenly forced it to pull the giant city with a bang and vibration! Among all the demon countries, there are millions of subjects in all the demon countries. It can be said that these demon families are keeping food […]

As soon as he relaxed, he spat out half a breath, and Dai Ruoxi’s body suddenly jumped up and down, and he reached him in one step. He held the stick in double Y and N, shook his hip with his shoulder, threw his arm up, and the stick entered with people, and the left stick head directly stabbed him in the other.

Yagyu cocoon machine is not surprised, but he is also a quick-witted. At that time, he was able to paddle across the other, and when he fished it out, he actually grabbed the club head with one hand, and immediately took advantage of it to hold Dai Ruoxi’s club head, blocking the club head and […]

Cloud blood, which gives birth to broadband or banded joints, is named like a stripe of blood and a plum blossom blood image like a cloud in the sky.

Bloodstone mine form It is extremely rare for bloodstone cinnabar (mercury sulfide) to penetrate into kaolinite to form a natural gem in which the two are integrated and symbiotic. character The composition of chicken blood is mercury sulfide stone, which is the hardness of ground stone or kaolinite-3-degree stone often has mercury spots, and a […]

This door is a wooden door, which is rare for the dean. It has been seen in the historical process of studying random monsters that few creatures benefit from wood to build doors.

When the imam touched this door, he slowly knocked on it, and there appeared a world that the imam had never expected but had heard of … "Here is …" Show that there is a vast wasteland in front of the imam. The huge blood-red roller hangs high in the imam. Here, you can clearly […]

Qing Liu seriously said that "such as supermarkets, Japanese department stores, shopping malls, etc., this is always a land that has not yet developed great business opportunities."

Mu Yurou squinted at Zi Cong and said, "I see. You mean lack of popularity?" "Popularity is one thing," Qing Liu said with a faint smile. "The most important thing is the lack of basic living assistance measures here, such as the Japanese department store I just mentioned." "You have a point." Mu Yurou nodded […]

Xiahou Chaojun hasn’t woken up yet and Monsieur beaucaire Ling has struggled to reach Xiahou Chaojun and hugged his head.

Mrs. Yang Lao gently gasped and lay still. Lan Yao hesitated to cut a finger, and then Mrs. Yang ordered several acupuncture points to relieve the pain of her wound, and then got up and walked beside Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Xiahou Chaojun. After bending over, Lan Yao cut lightly and said, "Don’t be angry […]