When the imam touched this door, he slowly knocked on it, and there appeared a world that the imam had never expected but had heard of …
"Here is …"
Show that there is a vast wasteland in front of the imam. The huge blood-red roller hangs high in the imam. Here, you can clearly see the terrain and hills of the roller, and there is another smaller red roller around. They look at this land like a pair of eyes.
On the other hand, there are a lot of strange creatures wandering on the ground. They look like half-rotted corpses, but they run around and wander around.
This is in fear.
The imam knows that this place has an Atlan to maintain the appearance of this fear, so it looks like this.
Maybe we can find Lynn here.
This is the only imam who agrees with Maya’s idea of finding Lin. It is best that Lin has a way to wake up and it can discuss its plans with Lin.
But Lynn is not necessarily here, and this place looks quite dangerous. The dean doesn’t want to look here …
Goo!’ Just as the imam thought so, something that looked like Atlan’s rotting corpse dozens of meters ahead noticed it, and it suddenly gave a strange cry and ran to the imam.
The imam immediately retreated back to the back of the entrance door and squirmed the door.
"It’s really dangerous there …" The dean felt that he shouldn’t look for Lin in fear, but what should he do?
Hum-when the dean hesitated, he suddenly heard a strange sound. Where did this sound come from?
….. at the same time, the other side.
"What happened to them?"
A corner box in the second control room of Muketu regular hemispherical building was bitten off by a brain monster. At this time, an image screen pops up showing the connection cabin.
There are a group of brain monsters around Maya and Imam Mktu in the connecting cabin. I didn’t expect the Imam to fly in at the last minute, which made it even more unexpected that Maya agreed to the Imam’s suggestion and sent a message calling for the creation of the sea.
Although the information was modified by the imam, it was full of risks, so Maya always disagreed.
Maya suddenly agreed. It must be because the imam said something to it, but because it was quietly talking, Mktu didn’t know it, but it knew Maya agreed by looking at the start-up of the connection module.
It is reasonable to say that it takes no more than 60 seconds to see what the reaction is after sending the information, whether it is the call success or the discovery of the brain core, but now it has passed and there is still no reaction for 600 seconds, which means that they are stuck halfway.
The information was not sent out … Mktu recognized that they stayed at the initial stage of entering the dream. This stage is a strange stage. If it is this stage, the brain will not find them immediately.
Maya originally planned to stay at this stage and then look for Lin in her dreams, but now the imam has stopped …
Is it because the brain worm is not enough to send three messages that will not be sent to the core in the dream? Or what is the reason?
But the most important thing is that Mktu found that the connection module now shows that it has received a large number of’ startup signals’. The startup signals will only be detected when a brain worm sends out a call to create a sea, but these signals are not Maya or imam, but those … brain-making monsters.
"What’s the matter with you?" "Do you sleep?" "Do you want to bite me?"
Those brain-makers have been around the connection module and sending messages all the time, which may affect the imam in the dream …
Meanwhile, in the dream …
"What’s the matter?" The imam found himself flying and flying rapidly in one direction …
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Rapid flight
"This is … what’s going on?"
The imam is now in a changing environment, and it feels as if he is flying by himself, and everything around him is rapidly retreating.