Mu Yurou squinted at Zi Cong and said, "I see. You mean lack of popularity?"
"Popularity is one thing," Qing Liu said with a faint smile. "The most important thing is the lack of basic living assistance measures here, such as the Japanese department store I just mentioned."
"You have a point."
Mu Yurou nodded and said, "But I think the most important thing here is the lack of popularity. Yulong Village has more than 1,000 people close to 2,000 people. What kind of supermarkets can’t make money with such a small population?"
"That may not be true."
Qing Liu shook his head and paced a few steps. He said, "Now the lowest-level ordinary employees in Shenlong Company earn about 2,000 yuan a month. Everyone made money before and got up to build a new house. Now the company has built a building for them, so their goals have changed."
"They need to buy materials to decorate new buildings, homes, etc. Their needs have changed qualitatively."
Qing Liu stopped and looked at MuYu soft and said, "Besides, what do you think is the popularity of Mu Village Chief? Just too many people? I think how can we gather popularity without good infrastructure? For example, when Shenlong Company went to the county to recruit employees years later, everyone immediately rejected the Yulong Village class, but the actual salary of Shenlong Company was higher than the average salary of the county. "
"In the final analysis, the infrastructure and living conditions in Yulong Village are not as convenient as those in Wenchang County, and everyone is reluctant to come here. I think that if we want to develop Yulong Village, we must start from now on to make everyone feel comfortable and convenient when they live. Only in this way can we slowly gather popularity? Do you think we want to admire the village head?"
After listening to Qing Liu’s analysis, Mu Yurou carefully thought about it and nodded and said, "What are you going to do if you say it makes sense?"
"This needs your help."
Qing Liu hey hey smiled and said, "isn’t there any support for the development of poor rural areas in the county? You see if there are any preferential policies to launch a group of people. "
"It’s right to have preferential policies."
Mu Yurou rolled his eyes and said, "You have to have money, too. Where can I find money if you don’t pay for it?"
"Shenlong Company pays a lot of taxes every month."
Qing Liu smiled at her.
"Yes, a lot of money has been paid." Muyu nodded softly and admitted to spreading his hands and said, "But the money didn’t reach me, did it? I can’t say it. "
"Ahem, ask your master when you go back."
Qing Liu has a dry cough.
"I knew your idea was to hit here."
MuYu soft flipped through beautiful eyes wanted to think and said, "I’ll go back later to see if the master is busy and see what his opinion is."
Qing Liu hey hey smiled and suddenly the words rang. He picked up the phone and looked at it. He hesitated and hung up.
"If you have something to do, you should be busy first. You and I also have something to do."
Mu Yurou waved and said, "I have to take more photos and publish Wenchang Daily later. The topic is called the first step of building Yulong New Village."
"Whatever you want."
Qing Liu shrugged his shoulders. He picked up the words and dialed back after Mu Yu was soft.
"Were you busy just now?"
A charming voice over there is Fan Qingyu.
Qing Liu said, "Well, something happened just now."
I have to say that Fan Qingyu is really a woman who knows a lot about men and women, not only doing men’s and women’s things, but also knowing how to show her charm in her daily life-just like that charm can crisp people’s bones every time she calls Qing Liu.
"You don’t come to see me when you are busy every day?"
Words over there Fan Qingyu mei said, "I haven’t seen you for a long time …" And she whispered, "Come and punish me tonight."
Hear Fan Qingyu that charm sound Qing Liu cried in my heart and felt a little hot and dry. I have been busy with Qingjing perfume for more than a month, and I didn’t think about these things.
The eyes were teased by her words, and the flame in Qing Liu’s heart was immediately lit.
The sales department is busy delivering the goods, and Cui Guosheng, the brewery, is also busy blending and debugging the processing plant. The production is in an orderly way, and Qing Liu feels that he should take a rest.
Life should be a combination of work and rest
"It’s not too late!"
Qing Liu said decisively
"really?" Fan Qingyu obviously didn’t expect that Qing Liu would agree to her. She was also holding the idea of trying to make a word and ask.
"Is that fake?" Qing Liu smiled and said, "Just wait for me to punish you!"
Hang up the phone and go shopping outside. Fan Qingyu immediately drove home and drained the water in the bathtub. He carefully washed every inch of his charming body, put on a delicate light makeup in front of the mirror and specially sprayed some perfume on his body.
After thinking about it, she will buy a set of black sexy pajamas from the Internet. After all this, she glanced at it. An hour later, Qing Liu should almost come.
Then she heard the door ringing.
"Come so soon?"
Fan Qingyu’s beautiful eyes looked at him with watery eyes, and he deliberately stretched himself to show his graceful and charming figure completely. Qing Liu stretched out lilac uvula and red lips in front of him, turned a circle and put a POSS grin. "What do you think of my suit?"
Qing Liu heart flame instantaneous jumped to the highest point, without saying anything, he came and picked up Fan Qingyu and went to the bedroom on the second floor to throw her bed.
Jielai spring scenery is full of houses.
Fan Qingyu took the initiative to cater to Qing Liu until he finally turned into a pool of mud and collapsed bed without any strength, while Qing Liu still showed no signs of being better.
In the end, Fan Qingyu begged for mercy and Liu Qingcai was released vividly.
"Qingjing perfume is selling well recently, isn’t it?"
As the saying goes, it’s true that there are dead-tired cows without plowing. After a while, Fan Qingyu recovered her strength. Jade finger gently Qing Liu turned her shoulders and groped softly and said, "I also bought a set for the second time."
"Did you buy it?"