After arranging the new project of the research department, Yun Nie received Chu Xiaoxiao’s message
After confirming that the prospective mother-in-law is ten kilometers away from herself, a face of Shan Shan Nie Yuncai reappears in front of Chu Xiaoxiao.
"Ha ha … well, this is a small technical mistake. I promise I will definitely investigate the enemy first!"
Time? You want another time? !
Chu Xiao Xiao blushed red and gave Yun Nie a hard white look. That little charming amorous feelings made Nie Yun feel another swing and couldn’t help but stretch out An Lushan’s paw …
"Don’t … stop that now! I am looking for you to have business! " Grasp that strange hand with his waist, Chu, and feel a little weak.
"business?" NieYun hand stopped to face suddenly became a little serious.
Is it …
"Rest assured! I’ll be in charge of it, and I’ll go to Aunt Chu for employment one day! "
"You … what are you talking about! I am only 1 year old! " Chu Xiao Xiao is angry and funny.
"no? What do you think it is? " Yun Nie doubt way
"It’s a binary trade problem." Chu took a raining white Yun Nie and woke up.
"Double star trade?" Yun Nie reacted quickly and waved his hand very unexpectedly. "Isn’t that handed over to your business department? Of course, professional things are done by professionals. This is not good. You are shirking your responsibility."
Chu looked at Yun Nie in raining language.
What do you mean, pass the buck? Which responsibility is bigger than being a boss? If you want to be the shopkeeper of cutting, stop it!
"We have a plan, but we need some commercial communication between the two stars, but you know I have no diplomatic limit," said Chu Xiaoxiao Nai.
"Oh!" Yun Nie this just to react.
In order to keep our own mystery … Ahem! In fact, in order to prevent the leakage of the earth, it is necessary to lay a good cover for "everything will be returned for a while", so Yun Nie has always prohibited people from connecting with binary stars except themselves
"What plan do you say first?" Nie Yunlai asked with interest.
"Well …"
Then Chu Xiaoxiao spent a whole hour explaining the foreign trade plan drawn up by Atlantis Commercial Department …
Thanks to Nie Yunqiang’s great scientific and technological background, Atlantis has now become a shame, and the business tycoon has tentacles all over the energy, minerals and high-tech industries.
But Chu Xiaoxiao seems that Atlantis has reached a bottleneck for development!
Going too far and not letting such a behemoth continue to expand will squeeze his business group to form an excessive monopoly, which will eventually suppress its competitive enthusiasm.
Atlantis company mainly focuses on rallying all forces and guiding the rational distribution of the earth’s resources by commercial means to avoid resource waves caused by their respective wars.
This is also the situation that Yun Nie most wants to see.
Therefore, a hundred schools of thought contend, which is the most suitable business pattern for the present situation of the earth.
At present, the market development of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Earth is close to saturation, and the development continues to be limited.
As the saying goes, do you need enough external demand to gather together? Chu Xiaoxiao, the head of the commercial department of Atlantis, turned his attention to the star long ago …
In addition to being too far away from Woolf Empire, Chu Xiaoxiao’s eyes naturally stared at only Karavin’s double star text!
It goes without saying that only the essence of literature has been packaged and acquired by Yun Nie, and now the parasitic immortal body is self-contained and it is a white market
However, the poor and white population is only over 20 thousand, and the purchasing power of Kara people is far less than that of a small town on earth
This market can’t arouse Miss Chu’s strong appetite.
But the binary text is different!
The huge population and territory represent poor purchasing power and several rare goods.
Even if it’s hostile, it doesn’t prevent the two sides from fighting to the death while benefiting each other.
It has been Chu Xiaoxiao’s recent focus to pry open the gate of double stars by commercial means, expand the interstellar market and introduce external resources to accelerate the development of the sun.
This is the first trade combination between the two stars, which was facilitated by Chu Xiaoxiao.
The most important trade in China is the "white crystal exchange industry"!
After Yun Nie obtained the crystal charging technology, the binary star initially reached a deal of exchanging white crystals for energy crystals.
Recently, the first batch of 30,000 tons of white crystals of Double Star is about to be delivered to Kara Star, but Chu Xiaoxiao’s interstellar business plan is not limited to crystal trade.
Crystal trade is only the first step in her plan, and its most important thing is to lay a "foreign exchange" foundation for further trade between the two sides!
The foreign trade of two countries is the same. If you want to trade, you need a "foreign exchange" that both sides can agree on as the basic equivalent.
Energy crystal is precious and scarce. High-density energy materials are of great value to both the people and the military, and are also an important strategic reserve material, which is suspected of having this "foreign exchange" characteristic.
The opportunity of white crystal exchange can foresee that a large number of energy crystals will soon become Yun Nie’s wealth.
However, except for a small amount of military demand, the whole market has not reached the level of large-scale energy-saving crystal
Therefore, a large number of energy crystals are about to become temporary precipitation assets!
This is a huge resource wave for Chu Xiaoxiao, a business elite who values liquidity more than money.
"The sun is in the period of great development. We lack spacecraft, rare minerals and all kinds of civilian technology and equipment!
It is absolutely cost-effective for us to purchase these energy crystals and accelerate the development of various resources if we can conduct a certain degree of commercial exchanges between the two stars, "Chu Xiaoxiao said seriously."
After listening for a long time, Yun Nie probably understood Chu Xiaoxiao’s meaning. He touched the bar
"Well, good! The money is not as good as a bowl of beef noodles, but it is better to bring it to the noodle restaurant first … "
"Uh …"
Although it means that …
I have to say that Yun Nie’s "beef noodle economics" is still so unique …
Chapter five hundred and sixty-seven Black and white double evil spirit
"In this case, it is really necessary to set up a special communication channel for the commercial department alone …" Yun Nie mused.
Chu raining this requirement, although Yun Nie seems a little early, is not too abrupt.
In fact, Yun Nie has long known that the white earth language cannot be isolated from the real world