The goddess smiled and said, "It is the palace."
Xiao Yusen suddenly said, "Bitch will kill you sooner or later!"
Goddess face zheng is can’t believe Xiao Yu incredibly dare to scold her for a while to react without angry light way "young you can die!"
She raised a finger as white as jade, fairy light fills the air and doesn’t smell of fireworks. Xiao Yu’s body is slightly separated directly.
Moment Xiao Yu front virtual crack a huge white finger appears like an ant to Xiao Yu body.
This finger falls on Xiao Yu’s body like a peek at Wanjun Mountain, and Xiao Yu’s body falls to the side with a bang, and a boulder is directly crushed and vulnerable.
He will Xiao Yu firmly according to the ground square number flame toward Xiao Yu body burning and shout a parcel Xiao Yu.
However, Xiao Yu’s physical strength is beyond the imagination of the goddess. She can directly press Xiao Yu to death. I didn’t expect to just shoot it down.
Her eyes were cold, her fingers kept pressing, and Xiao Yu’s bones kept ringing, crushing each other and encountering unimaginable force.
Xiao Yu’s body was firmly pressed to the ground, and half of his body was caught in the soil. The veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his body was almost unbearable.
His body became dry and thin, and his flesh and blood all clung to his bones like a bamboo pole, and barbs grew on his knees and shoulders.
In an instant, his physical strength increased by four or five times.
The goddess felt that the finger had become harder, which was like melting a piece of gold, so that her fingers ached faintly and still didn’t explode.
Goddess show amazing color, "no wonder you can compete with the monarch and practice it well in time. This physical strength is not inferior at all."
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ten Mirror Fairy How am I?
Xiao Yu was gently pressed by the goddess’ finger like a copper pea, which could not be burned or crushed, but she firmly held Xiao Yu down and let Xiao Yu have no resistance.
Even a finger of a goddess seems to contain more power than a powerful one.
Xiao Yu’s body became dry and shriveled with barbs, and each barb was sharp-edged and shining with dark golden fairy mans.
He struggled violently, held his hands on the ground, and roared with terrible strength. His mighty goddess’s finger was constantly floating by his top.
His voice was deafening, his veins stood out, he suddenly roared, the rocks exploded, and the whole body was like a rolling sun.
The goddess showed surprise and suddenly laughed. "Young people can’t think of your potential, but it’s a pity that the palace will be destroyed after all."
Her white jade finger tips suddenly emerged a group of sen white fairy light with a terrible breath and pressed against Xiao Yu’s body again
In an instant, this white jade finger directly penetrated Xiao Yu’s body and crushed all his bones and flesh on the ground.
The whole white jade finger becomes more unfathomable, and the fairy light fills the air like the most terrible magic.
Buzz, buzz!
At this time!
The bloodthirsty black ant mosquito suddenly abandoned monarchy, and a flash of black flashed quickly towards the goddess.
Almost instantly, it rushed to the crowd, like a black light, which made people catch it and turned around the white jade finger for more than a dozen times.
Goddess felt a stabbing pain to the body, and the essence rushed out, and hurriedly recovered her fingers, only to find that the whole right index finger directly became shriveled and skinny, and even the whole right hand became dry like a moment of aging for tens of thousands of years.
This surprised her heart.
"What kind of monster is this?"
She lost her way.
Originally, he hit the ground and his body was almost torn apart. Xiao Yu suddenly burst into a harsh golden body, and then he regrouped and roared out.
The bloodthirsty black ant mosquito vibrates its wings and hums, but it will continue to rush to the goddess Xiao Yu and suddenly shout "come back!"
Whew! qR1
Bloodthirsty black ants and mosquitoes turn into a raven, and Xiao Yu’s feet hold it high.
Heaven and earth suddenly shook, and the monarch’s huge body was broken with all the magic gas, and finally came here, with a terrible smell.
The goddess quickly calmed down in her heart, and her body was clean, white, shining and shriveled. Her arms became full again, and the glow shone like suet jewels, smiling at the monarch and saying nothing.
The monarch’s face was gloomy, and the magic gas swept through the horror.
The whole valley finally calmed down.
All the people in the valley are cautious than their faces flashing.