Imperial day smiled for hand decoration is not very seriously.
The shopkeeper smiled and said with praise, "This public eye is really good. Three girls are beautiful and beautiful, and it’s just right to take this gold hairpin."
Yutian threw an ingot of gold and said, "Let’s go!"
Wang Jiantong looked at the corners of the mouth of the store with a hint of anger. "Although it is a treasure of the town store, it is only so expensive. Are you cheat people?"
Wang Jiantong’s face was red, and she wanted to pay for the gold fork herself, so as to thank the Imperial Heaven for saving her life. However, these three gold hairpin were worth 1,200 silver.
Wang Jiantong Nai store is ha ha a smile. "It is said that this is a palace object in the previous dynasty, but the grandson and queen object is a rare treasure!"
Wang Jiantong’s gaze has gone out and the sky has hurried to follow.
The streets of Luoyang are more playful than the bustling Li Qiushui Wuxingyun Li Canghai, and they are even more smiling.
This appearance is also regarded as the great change of Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun’s personality in the most original works of the three people. It is estimated that this indecision of Cliff is also harmful.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven stares at one person in front of him.
Wang Jiantong looked at the man and said, "Xu Shu, why are you here!"
The man spat heavily for a long time. "Master Jiantong asked you to hurry back. It seems that the matter has been investigated!"
Voice down Wang Jiantong eyes some redness corners of the mouth is a murder.
"Brother Yu Tian is disappointing you today. I have something important to do in the gang. I’ll go back first!"
Yu Tian casually said indifferently, "It’s time for us to go back after just playing for a long time."
Words fall aside three women also nodded his head.
Soon, Luoyang Beggars’ Guild Commander.
At the moment, a big fellow in the helm stares sharply at the square people.
The man knelt on his knees and shouted respectfully, "Wang, I have checked that the robbers are Heifeng Village, a robber in Taihang Mountain and a robber in Liangshan Mountain … A total of more than a dozen forces are composed. Although they belong to the origin of these people, they have not checked what these people came to rob the robbers, but they can gather more than a dozen forces together. This is definitely not something that ordinary people can make. It seems that a big man has directed them to find some letters belonging to these people’s bodies."
At this moment, guoyan’s brow slightly wrinkled and he couldn’t help shaking his head. "Who in the end is sorry for my beggar? My teacher just died and I haven’t held a ceremony to inherit the leader. The beggar is in the white age. Who is going to humiliate my beggar if I know that I will be dismembered!"
Guoyan’s chair edge in his angry hand was crushed directly.
At the moment, Wang Jiantong couldn’t help but say, "Master, although these dozens of forces in the Jianghu are notorious, their strength is not weak. It seems that the people behind them are not simple, and the route of our Beggars’ materials is confidential. Will this person bury thieves in our Beggars’ Sect or say that there is a traitor in our Beggars’ Sect?"
In a word, it makes people around you shake again and again. These people are the top leaders of the Beggars’ Sect. Now they are fidgeting in the face of Wang Jiantong’s words.
Wang Jiantong some scarlet eyes constantly scanning around in an attempt to see something.
Guoyan stared at Wang Jiantong with a long sigh and said indifferently, "Tonger won’t retreat!"
Wang Jiantong eyes with unwilling and then slowly stepped aside.
At this moment, guoyan apologized and smiled at the side and said, "Brother Xiaoyao will let you see a joke then!"
Xiaoyao is a long smile and says indifferently, "Don’t worry about it, but you should handle it yourself!"
Free and unfettered just say that finish aside royal day is eyebrows a wrinkly corners of the mouth emerge a murder "teacher can’t do this! Although we didn’t mean to meet these robbers, I was very upset about insulting three school sisters in my words. If I kill these people, I will forget it. But after these people, there are thieves, so I have to bear the wrath of our field. "
Words fall a murder slowly rising.
Free and unfettered is slightly one leng stare at the moment the royal day rises with a kind of nai and bitterness "Tianer, you …"
Free and unfettered nai sigh Guo Yan is a shocking sight, because the imperial heaven is only congenital triple, but this murderous look makes the congenital heavy person feel a danger.
I have to say that the sword that kills the sky is a killer’s sword, and I can make you look good no matter how high it is. After all, this is a sword, not a sword. Even if the sky will die, the enemy will never live.
Guoyan shook his head and looked around at the already silent hall, especially when he saw Wang Jiantong.
Chapter 13 Mu Chui
Silence is better than silence.
Cold as ice.
Awkward. What an embarrassing scene.
Guoyan fondle black beard bright eyes glanced around.
Wang Jiantong eyebrows a wrinkly don’t understand looking at the royal day.
Free and unfettered corners of the mouth emerge bitter smile eyes look at the side of the imperial heaven.
The crimson pupil of the Imperial Sky is shining with murder, and a faint curl of the corners of the mouth contains cold meaning.
Wu Xingyun, Li Canghai, Li Qiushui, opened her eyes wide and looked at Yutian with emotion.
Imperial heaven is so justifying a fault, or it is so sexual to one’s own people.
Words insult the Imperial Heaven. Now I know that there are people behind these people, and the heart of the Imperial Heaven is ignited again. Don’t say those words that insult the three women behind them!
After a long silence, I finally said, "Don’t blame Laodao for getting angry, although he has lived a carefree and ethereal life all his life, but now others will pay attention to hitting my apprentice!"
Words fall into a vicissitudes of life, ethereal meaning rises, and a little cold rises in the big room.
Guoyan was very grateful to see this scene.
Guoyan knows that now he is free and unfettered in this beggar’s sect.
Wang Jiantong is also with a hint of excitement, but also with a hint of joy in his heart. Maybe the death of those brothers makes Wang Jiantong feel bad.
Free and unfettered repose, imperial brow, sharp breath, slowly hidden scarlet pupil, seven colored beads and six color circles.
Imperial Tianmu light scanned the whole room with colorful colors, and everyone stayed.
Erotic inflammation is the flame of the jade girl’s heart sutra. Now the flame is more powerful than before after being broken and quenched, and it is even more powerful for grasping people’s hearts
Imperial heaven eyes staring around the heaviest stay a person.
Remember this person’s figure, close your eyes slowly, and the colorful colors will slowly disappear.
The bright moonlight falls at night.
The royal roof welcomes the moonlight.
Li Qiushui walked to the Imperial Heaven with clothes in his hand, and with deep friendship in his eyes, "It’s a little cold in the Imperial Night."