Because the main tentacle, including this one, has a lot of contact when fighting Phoenix, some arms can stick to the tentacle’ skin’ and follow it here.
What the hell is this place?
Obviously, this is normal and it is close to Phoenix.
But this location is still a long way from the definition of "star edge" in Phoenix, which is about 10 billion kilometers.
And here is an atmospheric tumbling, and there are also a lot of dust and debris in the air.
Obviously, all kinds of explosives caused the result. Lin, some micro-arms have drifted to the middle and high places to watch the war.
Both sides of the war … are creatures that Lynn knows.
That is, the phoenix star’ dust particle creature’
Most of them are shaped like an ellipsoid and surrounded by all kinds of things … In short, their limbs are very similar to pitaya. Of course, if they are sharp, they are like durian.
These creatures are all about two meters in size, and they are all wearing all kinds of armor and weapons at the same time.
At the same time, they are divided into three camps, each of which is constantly fighting each other.
What stands out in this war are those large-scale war weapons, which are all as high as 30 meters, like tall towers and semi-infantry groups, and there are many barrel weapons sticking out of the tower.
But it’s not a motionless building. Taryn found that they still move.
The infantry kept shooting at the opposite side while making these towers bunkers. It seemed that it was difficult to tell the winner at the moment.
Because their weapons are so weak, it seems that it is difficult for infantry weapons to even shoot through the armor of the other side.
The tower shelling is very powerful, but it can’t beat the other tower.
So every time the enemy shelled, the infantry had to hide in their towers.
This battle was deadlocked until …
The ground trembled.
Because of the shaking of the earth, all the shooting dust creatures froze and then turned their attention to the source of the shaking.
With the spread of several cracks, the main tentacles … also emerged from the ground.
Seeing a huge object drilling dust particles from the ground, the creatures immediately stopped fighting with each other but … turned and ran away.
These dust creatures all jumped into the battery and sailed far away on the battery. Those who didn’t take it ran on their own ground.
After a while … they are all gone.
Lynn thinks these creatures may not really hit them, maybe they are … practicing something.
And waste the main tentacles also slowly pull the whole body out from the ground.
At this time … The artillery fire was flying again.
Lin found that the troops who fled to the distance did not know what to do, and turned around and tried to shoot at this tentacle.
Their attack didn’t cause any damage to the tentacles, but it made Lin see a special phenomenon.
Chapter two thousand four hundred and fifty-one Legacy species
So that’s it. This is its … body.
Lin is now observing … this kind of creature called waste master.
Its tentacles have completely emerged from the ground and lie prone on the ground.
At present, it has not done anything but simply lie here, and Lin has found its place.
Or … it’s probably a body part.
This part is very small compared with the whole tentacle. From the outside, it is a dark sphere with a diameter of about 10 meters
But this sphere is not a solid.
It is a way to be perceived … The area seems to make all kinds of perception methods see through things in the dark from the outside.
But it’s very simple if you go straight in.
Lin now let a miniature unit float into this small dark area.
After entering, the scenery seen by the micro-arms is not dark, but … colorful.
It feels a little like entering the colorful comet department, but the color here is not the complicated color in the comet, but the meaningful … picture.
In the picture, Lin can see the scene of the war between the former waste owner and the Phoenix. From the end to the end, the waste owner was blown up by the Phoenix, leaving this tentacle.
Then there is the scene that this tentacle is attacked by this large group of dust particles after it arrives here.
Besides … there are many other scenes that feel very interesting. This should be the abolition of the main memory.
The reason why the tentacle came here is also known from this picture that the tentacle actually escaped the explosion because it built a solidification tunnel itself.
But because of the urgency, this tentacle escaped, and as a result, this place … seems to have something to do with this waste owner.
….. Lynn knows what this place is.
Because Lin just also slightly investigated a.
This is mainly a world where many dust particles thrown out by the phoenix gather.
Phoenix once threw out some cultural dust particles, such as’ dragon fruit’, which is also a kind of cultural relic. As a result, those phoenixes left their babies who knew nothing on satellites, while adults were put out of the stars by flying machines.
Phoenix seems to have dealt with more than one cultural relic species in this way. They have also made many other species by stuffing them into an aircraft and floating them in the air.